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Subjects Needed to become Chartered Accountant in India (2023)

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Any education board while planning a syllabus primarily focuses on holistic development of the students or learner. And in order to have a simple structure they divide the entire course into different subjects, stream or papers.

Generally speaking, the subject is a branch of any course that a student studies in a school, college or university.

As can be seen, VSI is the best CA institute in India to help students with CA exams. at At the same time, CA is one of the most searched professional courses after 12th commerce. VSI provides exclusive online CA coaching for students clearing class 11th and 12th exams. In together, we provide CA foundation coachingCA intermediate coaching and CA final coaching all, under one roof.

Becoming CA in India

As we know, Chartered Accountant (CA) is the most reputed course in the commerce stream. It is also the most handsomely paying profession in India. But with the latest MOU signed between ICAI with Dubai, an Australian university, it now also opens the door for many international opportunities, too.

Every year over 10 lakh students enrol for the CA course and commit 5 or more years of their life to become CA. Ironically only 12% students can clear the final CA exam in the first attempt.

Considering the above said point we will say CA is undoubtedly the most lucrative job but not an easy one to master.

Nevertheless, as a pioneer in providing CA Coaching in India, we know the best way to crack this hard nut.

No, this blog is not again tips and advice on how to study, instead it is about choosing what to study to become CA easily.

This blog will help you choose the right set of subjects required for CA in your school, college and university to make a smooth sail on the tough road ahead.

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The subject of CA in School

As soon as, students enter the secondary classes, i.e. 9th class, they become serious about their career and goals. With this in mind, CBSE or other state board divides the secondary curriculum into 3 major groups: principal subjects, optional subjects and language subjects

Subject For Students In Class 9th And 10th,

  1. Languages –  Arabic, Assamese, Bahasa Melayu Bengali Bhutia Bodo English – Language and Literature French, German Gujarati Gurung Hindi Course-A Hindi Course-B Japanese Kannada Kashmiri Lepcha Limboo Malayalam Manipuri Marathi Mizo Nepali Odia Persian Punjabi Rai Russian Sanskrit Sindhi Spanish Sherpa Tamang Tamil Tangkhul Telugu AP Telugu Telangana Thai Tibetan Urdu Course A Urdu Course B
  2. Principal Subjects – Mathematics Science, Social Science
  3. Optional subjects – Carnatic Music (Percussion Instruments)Hindustani Music (Vocal)Hindustani Music (Melodic Instruments)Hindustani Music (Percussion Instruments)Painting Home Science National Cadet Corps (NCC)Computer Applications Elements of Business Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy, Art Education Health and Physical Education School Health

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Best Subjects of CA in class IX and X

  1. Maths
  2. Social studies
  3. English
  4. Computer
Main subjectsOptional subjectslanguage subjects
MathsComputers or applied MathematicsEnglish
Social studiesElements of BusinessHindi
Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancyor students’ regional language.

Maths is not a compulsory subject for CA. But, students who have clear and basic understanding of integration, factors, other main operations easily get through CA foundation level.

At the same time, Social studies subjects brief students about India and other g neighbouring countries. It also sets basic understanding of how a country and gives kick start in understanding economic subjects of CA.

English, on the other hand, is one language that is unanimously approved throughout the CA course. Even though the student has the option to choose between English and Hindi mode of learning, still for exploring opportunities outside India, having effective English writing and speaking skills becomes paramount.

Another key point, coding language is the next language which every millennial student should learn. In this digital era, having smooth hands on computers and basic language is a must. Not only for CA but also helps in other professions like engineers, scientist, researchers, designer, painter, doctor.

To be noted, the recent validating instance is ICAI amending 25E, 25F and 28F of Chartered Accountant Regulations. However, this will allow students of class 10th to register for CA courses under provisional registration. The total CA course duration will be around 7 years, including two years of 11th and 12th. 

Subject For Students In Class 11th And 12th-

As you all know, senior secondary comprises 2 classes; class XI and class XII. A 11th class student chooses his subjects which prevails till 12th std. The CBSE senior secondary exams comprise 5 compulsory subjects and 1 optional subject. Moreover, Students prefer to choose the subject of their own choice among the extensive options of the courses. CBSE has also introduced the skill set subjects, which will help the students to develop and polish their preliminary skills of their choice. Students have to choose their stream from arts, science and commerce.

  1. Languages –  Arabic, Assamese, Bahasa Melayu Bengali Bhutia Bodo English – Language and Literature French, German Gujarati Gurung Hindi Course-A Hindi Course-B Japanese. Kannada Kashmiri Lepcha Limboo Malayalam Manipuri Marathi Mizo Nepali Odia Persian Punjabi Rai Russian Sanskrit Sindhi Spanish Sherpa Tamang. Tamil Tangkhul Telugu AP Telugu Telangana Thai Tibetan Urdu Course A Urdu Course B
  2. Main Academic options– Accountancy Biology BioTechnology Business Studies Carnatic Melodic Carnatic Vocal Carnatic Percussion Chemistry Computer Science Economic Engineering Graphics. Entrepreneurship Fine Arts Dance Geography Hindustani Melodic Hindustani Percussion Hindustani Vocal History Home Science Informatics Practices,
  3. Knowledge Tradition – Practices India Legal Studies Mathematics Applied Mathematics NCC Physical Education Physics Political Science Hindi Psychology Sociology

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     Best Subject of CA in class XI and XII

    Out of all the subjects proposal in senior secondary curriculum, subjects of commerce have similarities with the syllabus of CA. Accounts, Business studies , economics are subject which are extensively taught during CA classes. AlThough many commerce students don’t opt for maths subject, still maths is a subject that can take you edge over other students in CA. Students require some of the subject in class11th and 12th for better understanding of CA subjects are:

    1. Maths
    2. Accountancy
    3. Business Studies,
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. India Legal Studies
    6. Mathematics
    7. Applied Mathematics,
    8. Political Science
    9. Computer Science
    10.  Economic

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    Subjects of CA in College

    After, the class 12th result is out students look for graduation courses. If you have done provisional registration for CA in 10th or 12th std, then you should probably apply for a Bcom or BCA course.

    In case you were a science student and now want to change the stream then also you can register for CA foundation course. Well, it’s possible only if you have gained over 60% marks in board exams. This might be the first most crucial decision where one wrong guidance can leave you to regret your whole life.

    However, Pursuing course after 12th commerce gives you an understanding of various subjects like Accounts, Economics, Finance, Cost Accounting, etc. These are subject needed for CA.

    Now, Students can enrol for CA courses in India, even after completing graduation under direct entry registration. Students Need to submit graduation mark sheet before sitting for CA Intermediate exams.

    Best Subject For CA In College

    Since subject of CA are subjected to commerce subject, hence students enrolled for Bcom and BCA will find it easier to cope with the studies of CA along with the graduation course. Here are some subjects for CA that you required for CA, while you are in college.

    1. Accounting and Finance
    2. Advanced Accountancy
    3. Accounting and Taxation
    4. Financial Accounting
    5. Banking and Finance
    6. Insurance and banking
    7. Banking Management
    8. Applied Economics
    9. Business Economics
    10. Mathematics
    11. Insurance Management
    12. Tax Procedure and Practice
    13. Information Technology
    14. Computer Application
    15. Information Technology and its Application in Business

    Subjects of CA

    CA foundation subjects

    CA Foundation is an entry-level test in order to pursue Chartered Accountancy. The course is much similar to your 11th and 12th standard (Commerce stream). CA Foundation syllabus has four subjects surprisingly all these subjects are also introduced in course.

    The Four subjects of the CA Foundation syllabus are as follows

    1. Principles and Practices of Accounting
    2. Business Law and Business Correspondence and Reporting
    3. Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics
    4. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

    Especially, to complete the syllabus, you need to download the CA Foundation study material and buy some of the most recommended books. You can check out our detailed blog on CA Foundation Course to get more information.

    CA Intermediate Subjects,

    The second level after the CA Foundation will be CA Intermediate. IPC is now CA Intermediate. The last level is the CA Final. It has come into effect from 1st July 2017. The complete guide on CA intermediate can help you know more about CA intermediate level, in brief.

    Apparently, there is some change in the syllabus of CA Intermediate. We now have one new subject at the Intermediate level and two subjects are further split. Although with a new subject ,there will be eight papers as per the revised syllabus. The eight papers are in two groups, each comprising four subjects.

    Subject covered in CA Intermediate course are given below:

    1. Accounting
    2. Corporate Laws & Other Laws
    3. Cost & Management Accounting
    4. Taxation
    5. Advanced Accounting
    6. Audit & Assurance
    7. Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management
    8. Financial Management & Economics for Finance

    CA Final Subject

    Now that, ICAI has revised the old scheme for CA final course and added new elective papers out of which students can choose any one subject.

    According to the new scheme, Paper 6 ISCA is now elective paper. However, the entire CA finance guide in Hindi can help you to know more about CA Final in brief.

    1. Financial Reporting Subject
    2. Strategic Financial Management Subject,
    3. Advanced Auditing And Professional Ethics Subject,
    4. Corporate And Allied Laws Subject,
    5. Strategic Cost Management And Performance Evaluation Subject,
    6. Risk Management Subject,
    7. Financial Services And Capital Markets Subject,
    8. International Taxation Subject,
    9. Economic Laws Subject,
    10. Global Financial Reporting Standards Subject,
    11. Multidisciplinary Case Study Subject,
    12. Direct Tax Laws And International Taxation Subject,
    13. Indirect Tax Laws Subject

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    With the help of VSI, coaching, not only do you identify which subject to choose but also get help in how to study the subjects. For instance, we suggest that you should go for the practical subjects first where chances of the amendment are less hence start with Financial Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, and Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation.

    Moreover, we will also like to help in letting you know the duration of study.

    Ultimately, we will make sure that students have completed all coaching and first reading in  6 months before the exam. We should keep aside six months for the revision only.

    Note–If you want to become CA then, it is important to choose the best subjects when you are in school itself. By doing so, you will buy some ample time for yourself to excel at the necessary skill set.

    At last, we hope you now know how to become a chartered accountant in India after your 12th or graduation.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q. How many total subjects are there in CA?

    A. All in all, there are 25 subjects in the entire CA course. CA foundation has 4 main subjects, whereas 8 subjects are in the intermediate and 8 subjects in the final level. But with new updates in the CA syllabus, some papers are merged or removed, eventually decreasing the number of subjects.

    Q. Which subject is most important for CA apart from Maths?

    A. Generally, Accounts, Economics, Law are the most important subjects for CA, whereas maths is a significant but not compulsory subject for CA.

    Q. Which subjects are essential to clear CA?

    First most, you need to clear all papers to become CA. At the same time, if you have a strong conceptual understanding of taxes, accounts, and corporate taxes, you can make a smooth journey in becoming CA.

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