CA Foundation Maths – Syllabus, Weightage, Solutions, Study Tips (2023)

CA Foundation Maths is paper 3 of the CA Foundation course. The mathematics paper in the CA Foundation exams is more difficult than other papers. To score good marks in the CA Foundation maths exams, you need a regular practice of all the topics.

The CA Foundation Paper 3 is divided into three parts: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics. The marks distribution or weightage of the CA Foundation Maths paper is as follows:

  • Business Maths – 40 Marks
  • Logical Reasoning – 20 Marks
  • Statistics – 40 Marks

The regular practice of question papers and mock test papers will help the students to score well in the CA Foundation maths exam. According to the ICAI CA Foundation Date sheet, the CA Foundation maths paper for May 2023 attempt will conduct on June 28, 2023.

Check out the complete article to know about the CA Foundation syllabus, paper pattern, solutions, chapter-wise weightage, study material, and study tips and get the CA Foundation papers with their solutions.

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CA Foundation Maths Syllabus and Study Material May 2023

CA Foundation Syllabus has been revised by ICAI under the new scheme. Check out the latest CA Foundation mathematics syllabus applicable for the May 2023 exams:

Part-A: Business Mathematics

Chapter 1: Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms
Chapter 2: Equations
Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities
Chapter 4: Time Value of Money
Chapter 5: Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 6: Sequence and Series – Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
Chapter 7: Sets, Functions and Relations
Chapter 8: Basic Concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus
(A) Differential Calculus
(B) Integral Calculus

Part-B: Logical Reasoning

Chapter 9: Number Series, Coding and Decoding and Odd Man Out
Chapter 10: Direction Tests
Chapter 11: Seating Arrangements
Chapter 12: Blood Relations

Part-C: Statistics

Chapter 14: Statistical Description of Data
Chapter 15: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
Unit I: Measures of Central Tendency
Unit II: Dispersion
Chapter 16: Probability
Chapter 17: Theoretical Distributions
Chapter 18: Correlation And Regression
Chapter 19: Index Number

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    CA Foundation Mathematics Paper Pattern 2023

    It is important for all the students to know the paper pattern for the CA Foundation Maths exam. An overview of the maths exam pattern is mentioned below.

    • Paper pattern: objective
    • Total questions asked: 100
    • Total exam duration: 2 hours
    • Maximum marks got: 100 marks (40 marks for Business Math; 20 marks for Logical Reasoning, 40 marks for Statistics.

    Acquired skills: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Skills.

    CA Foundation Dec 2022 Papers Solutions

    ICAI CA Foundation Maths Chapter Wise Weightage for May 2023

    ICAI has given weightage to particular chapters according to their implication on the real-world and level of difficulty. It is important for students to plan and prepare for the maths exams according to the chapter-wise weightage of topics.

    Topics Maths Topics Weightage
    Chapter 1-3 Ratio and Proportion, Indices and Logarithms Linear Inequalities: Linear
    Inequalities in one variable and the solution space and optimal solution
    Chapter-4 Time Value of Money 30%-40%
    Chapter 5-8 Permutations and Combinations Sets, Relations and Functions Sequence and Series Basic
    applications of Differential and Integral calculus

    Topics Logical Reasoning Topics Weightage
    chapter 9-11 Direction Tests Seating Arrangements Number series coding and Decoding
    and the odd man out
    Chapter 12 – 13 Blood relation 10%-15%

    Topics Statistics Topics Weightage
    Chapter 14-15 Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion: Mean Median, Mode, Mean
    Deviation, Quartiles and Quartile Deviation, Standard Deviation, Coefficient
    of Variation, Coefficient of Quartile Deviation Statistical Representation of Data,
    Diagrammatic representation of data, Frequency distribution, Graphical
    representation of Frequency Distribution –Histogram, Frequency, Polygon,
    Ogive, Pie-chart
    Chapter 16-17 Probability: Independent and dependent events; mutually exclusive events.
    25% Total and Compound Probability; Bayes’ theorem; and Mathematical
    Expectation Theoretical Distribution: Binomial Distribution, Poisson
    distribution–basic application and Normal Distribution – basic applications

    How to attempt the CA Foundation Maths paper 2023?

    Firstly, students must be aware of the CA Foundation exam pattern. Now, they need to attempt all 100 questions in 2hours. The questions asked are MCQ, i.e., four options are provided to students. Students need to circle the suggested answer in the OMR sheet provided to them in the examination hall. Students need to be careful while marking as every wrong answer will deduct 1/4 mark from the total score.

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    CA Foundation Paper 3 Maths Solutions

    CA Foundation Maths Solutions

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    ICAI CA Foundation Maths Mock Test Paper with Solutions 2023

    Mock test papers are mocking or imagining the exams. VSI schedules such mock tests in intervals to keep its students well-prepared for the students. ICAI provides 2 mock test papers for free to the students to practice. You can download the CA Foundation Mock Test Papers of maths from here:

    1. Mock Test Series-I

    2. Mock Test Series-II

    • Questions
    • Answers

    3. Download the CA Foundation mock test papers and revision test papers of past attempts from this link.

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    Study Tips to crack CA Foundation Maths Exam May 2023

    • Note down all the important CA Foundation maths formulas and concepts and pinboard it for quick reference.
    • Keep practising regularly to get great marks in Maths subjects.
    • Make three registers individually for Maths, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics and add their respective syllabus, weightage, and study material on it.
    • Learn the short keys of the calculator for fast and accurate calculations.

    So, now you know about the CA Foundation Maths syllabus, paper pattern, study material, chapter-wise weightage, question papers, and tips to crack the exams.

    FAQs on CA Foundation Maths

    Ques 1. Is the CA Foundation Mathematics exam difficult to clear?

    Ans 1. Yes, CA Foundation mathematics is slightly difficult. At the same time, it is also a scoring subject. So, students need to give proper time to this subject and practice daily.

    Ques 2. How to clear the ICAI CA Foundation Maths paper?

    Ans 2. To clear the CA Foundation maths paper, you need to make your concepts strong and practice daily. Furthermore, you need to practice mock test papers to get an idea of the maths paper pattern.

    Ques 3. Can a non-maths student clear paper 3 easily? 

    Ans 3. Students who don’t have maths in their 11th and 12th might face some difficulty. However, if you give enough time and attention to this subject, then you can clear this paper. Also, Maths is only part of paper 3. Non-maths students can focus more on statistics and logical reasoning.

    Wish you all the best for the CA exams.

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