Commerce vs Science: Which Stream is Better? Salary, Scope, Courses (2022)

Is your mind also fiddled with the most debatable topic ‘commerce or science which is best’?

Do you want an honest comparison between science and commerce so you can select the right path for your career? Between commerce vs science, deciding which is best is a huge decision. But VSI Jaipur will help you see the detailed comparison and answer your question about—science or commerce, which has more scope.

This article is a step-by-step guide exploring the difference between the science and commerce stream. By the end of the article, you will have a better insight into science and commerce as a career. Every point will help you choose the right stream. Without delay, let’s dive into the comparison between commerce and science.

Commerce vs Science Stream: A Quick Comparison

Subjects in class 11-12Accountancy, Business Studies, EconomicsPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
How are subjects in studyLess technical as compared to scienceMore technical as compared to commerce
Eligibility to Shift StreamCan shift to arts stream, but cannot opt for science courses in the future.Can opt for commerce and arts courses in the future.
Fee of UG/PG CoursesLess expensiveVery expensive
Professional Courses/CareerChartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Manager jobs, Investment Banker, etc.Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Pilot, Forensic Expert, etc.
Commerce vs Science Career ScopeAbundant opportunitiesExcellent opportunities but limited

Most students often believe the myth that science students are smarter than commerce background students. Don’t pick science just because you are good at academics. People often overlook the fact that science as a subject only includes basic knowledge till class 10th. The dynamics of the subjects change when you come to class 11-12th.

Commerce students have amazing potential and are doing well in commerce-related careers. See the surrounding examples, don’t be biased towards a field based on hearsay.

In the following sections, we will discuss the commerce vs science fields in detail.

What is Commerce Stream, and who should choose it?

Commerce as an education stream covers business, economics, accountancy, and these will be your core subjects if you choose commerce in Class 11-12.

The commerce stream is best for students who want to start a business or launch a startup. However, even the students who want to be involved in accounting, business management, economics, or other administrative jobs should take the commerce stream in class 11th and 12th.

Students who are good in management, decision making, evaluating profit loss will do well in the commerce stream careers.

What is Science Stream, and who should choose it?

Science as an education stream deals with physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology at the core.

The science stream is best for students who are fascinated by natural sciences. Students who are keen to pursue a career in applying natural sciences in any form should opt for science in Class 11th.

Commerce vs Science in Class 11th-12th

The commerce stream and science stream are worlds apart. From the subjects to the complete learning experience, everything is different.

Difference between Science and Commerce Subjects in Class 11th-12th

In class 11th commerce, you will only get to choose one optional subject, while in science, you have to choose one core subject and one optional subject.

When you select the commerce stream, you will have three main subjects: AccountancyEconomics, and Business Studies. The optional subjects in

When you select the science stream, you have two main subjects, i.e., Physics and Chemistry. Then, for the third core subject, you have to choose between Mathematics and Biology.

Commerce vs Science: Which is Hard?

Commerce subjects are comparatively easier than science subjects. But are equally important like the science subjects. It is important to realize that students who are interested in their subjects and take proper classes can make any subject easy for themselves.

Here is an overview of the commerce vs science subjects and study experiences for students.

Commerce in Class 11-12Science in Class 11-12
All the subjects of the commerce stream need conceptual clarity and practical implication.Likewise, all the subjects of the science stream need conceptual clarity and experimental study.
Accountancy and Economics are the two core commerce subjects where students need coaching. But Business Studies is more of a self-study subject.Therefore, students need coaching for all the core subjects of the science stream.
Accountancy is the most time-consuming subject of commerce, while Economics and Business studies require less time.However, all the subjects of science require a significant amount of study time.

Which is Better Science or Commerce After 12th?

To evaluate which stream is best, we need to know science or commerce, which has more scope after 12th in terms of courses, career opportunities, and remuneration.

UG, PG Courses for Commerce vs Science Students

Both commerce and science stream offers abundant of courses after class 12th.

Courses After 12th for Commerce Students

After class 12th from the commerce stream, you can choose different types of courses as per your interests. For example, some popular courses available for commerce stream students are CA, CS, BBA, B.Com, BHM, BMS, etc.

Another key point is the fees for commerce courses. Most of the commerce UG or PG courses are done in 1-2 lakhs. Even if you take admission in top institutes, the fees are as high as 5-10 lakhs on average.

In the commerce stream, you can even take up courses in Finance and Banking. In addition, commerce students even have the eligibility to take humanities courses.

The best thing about commerce courses is that a degree enhances your profile, but it does not limit you to a specific field. For example, you can do your graduation and simultaneously pursue the CA course. After doing CA, you don’t have to do a job necessarily; you can start your own CA firm. If you have done a management course, you can still give banking exams.

Courses After 12th for Science Students

After class 12th, you can pick medical or non-medical courses for yourself. For example, some of the popular courses available for science students are B.Sc in Nursing, B.Tech, MBBS, B.Sc in Life Science, BDS, etc.

Most of the science UG or PG courses can be done in 3-5 lakhs on average. But if you take admission in top colleges, the fees are as high as 15-20 lakhs.

In the science stream, students can also take up courses in Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, Architecture. Science students also have options to take courses in commerce or arts fields because most institutions don’t have rigid criteria.

But the drawback of science courses is that it is difficult to switch fields. For example, a student who takes a course in medicine cannot easily switch to engineering.

Commerce vs Science Salary

Here is an overview of the remuneration you can earn for your knowledge and skills in different commerce or science background careers.

Salary Commerce Students can Earn After Professional Courses

Commerce stream jobs enable you to earn a good salary package. Although, remember the below-given data is on an average basis, so you may make below or above this salary bracket. Not only that, but if you become an entrepreneur or business owner, you can earn more. Jobs have a limited pay scale, but entrepreneurs and business owners have unlimited potential in earning.

CA Salary: 5-8 lakhs p.a. and up to 30 lakhs or even higher

Investment Banker: 9-10 lakhs p.a.

HR Manager: 7-15 lakhs p.a.

Chartered Financial Analyst: Around 12 lakhs p.a.

Certified Public Accountant: 7-9 lakhs p.a.

Company Secretary: 6-7 lakhs p.a.

Hotel Manager: 4-5 lakhs p.a.

Salary Science Students can Earn After Professional Courses,

Science stream jobs enable you to earn a very high-paying salary package. It’s the reason why there is so much craze for the science stream amongst students. Although, note that the below-given data is on average. You can expect such high salary packages only if you have the best skills and job at a highly reputed organization.

Engineering Courses- 20-25 lakhs p.a.

Architecture: 40-50 lakhs p.a.

Computer Science: 8-20 lakhs p.a.

Commercial Pilot: 40-50 lakhs p.a. and can go as high as 90 lakhs p.a.

MBBS: 50-70 lakhs p.a.

BDS: 20-40 lakhs p.a.

Nursing: 29-34 lakhs p.a.

Commerce vs Science: Which has more Career Scope?

We have seen how both science and commerce stream provide many courses and how the salary is higher in science. But the scope of a career in commerce vs science streams is a point often overlooked by students. Yes, the salary is excellent in the science stream, but that should not be the only thing to consider. You need to see how much competition is there in each stream and the scope of future growth?

Career Scope in Commerce Field

The commerce field is as growing as ever. The future of commerce background students is bright indeed. As a commerce student, you will have multiple career options. With the economy growing, the number of jobs is increasing in the public and private sector, presenting new opportunities to commerce students.

On a more positive side, commerce students have the knowledge to start a business or startup. So you can be a ‘job creator’ instead of a ‘job seeker’.

Career Scope in Science Field

As you have read above, you can pursue many courses in the science stream and even earn well from high-paying jobs. But the competition is so much that not everyone from a science background makes a good income.

Reports show that more than 70% of science students remain jobless after completing education because of a lack of job opportunities.

That is a major reason why student dropouts are highest in science students. Many of the science students move to commerce or arts to find new career options. The science stream may look successful, but the reality is far from it.

To make the right decision about their career, students can check the detailed article on career guidance after 12th.

How VSI Jaipur helps Commerce and Science Stream Students?

It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen science or commerce in class 11; VSI Jaipur helps prepare for competitive exams as a CA, CS, and CMA. We know these streams are for commerce students, but even science students who want to shift to commerce can pursue these courses. VSI Jaipur will help you throughout your journey.

Whether you are a class 11-12th student or a graduate, we can help you prepare for a successful career as a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, or Certified Management Accountant.

VSI Jaipur aims to provide the best coaching to students for CA, CS, and CMA courses. So if you choose to take do CA, CMA, or CS course, connect with us for the best guidance.


Summing up here, we would say that the former is the best option between commerce vs science. The commerce subjects are easier, even though they require equal exam preparation. Both science and commerce have good career scope, but commerce gives you more freedom to choose and switch to another thing. You can lead a more promising career if you choose commerce.

But one thing you must remember is while choosing the best field for yourself, keep your interests and passion in mind. Don’t blindly follow anything; choose what subjects interest you and what has more career scope.