CA Course Fees in India (2022) – Foundation, Intermediate, Final


Today, we will discuss the CA course fees in India briefly for all the levels i.e. Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. Chartered Accountancy is an affordable and most reputed course in India. The student from the commerce stream mostly dreams to be a successful Chartered Accountant. If you are dreaming too then scan the given below article. Here we are sharing with you the CA fees structure in India for registration at every level.

Chartered Accountancy is basically divided into three steps and each step has to be cleared by the candidate in order to become a CA. The steps to becoming a CA in India  –

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final

For students who want to know how many years does it take to become a CA, then they can read our blog on CA Course Duration.

Important Announcement for Students(15/9/21): 

ICAI has decided to exempt the CA Course Fee for those students who lost any of their parents in this Covid-19 Pandemic. This scheme is applicable for 3 years i.e., 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2023.

ICAI Announcement regarding CA Course Fees

Check the complete details here: ICAI Announcement

Complete CA Course Fees for Foundation, Intermediate and Final

CA Course FeesIndian StudentForeigner Student
CA Foundation₹10,900$1065
CA Intermediate- Single group₹28,200$925
CA Intermediate- Both groups₹33,400$1500
CA Intermediate- Direct₹33,600$1500
Articleship Fee₹2,000
CA Final₹39,800$1550

CA Course Fees in India for Foundation Level

CA Foundation is the entry-level test in the Chartered Accountancy Course. The students can register in the CA Foundation course after appearing in the 12th Examination conducted by a recognized board of education. The total CA foundation course fees will be rs 9800 if you are doing it in India and if you are doing CA outside Indian it will cost you 780$ in total. You can check the proper ca foundation fee structure in the below table.

S.No.Details of FeesRupees (For Indian Students)US$ (For Foreign Students)
1.Cost of Foundation Prospectus20020
2.CA Foundation Registration Fees9000700
3.Subscription Fees for Student’s Journal (Optional)20020
4.Subscription Fees for Member’s Journal (Optional)40040

To get detailed information about the CA Foundation fees, students can visit the link.

CA Intermediate Fee Structure

After CA Foundation, the next step you will going to face is CA Intermediate in Chartered Accountancy course. Once the student passed CA Foundation, he will become eligible to get himself to enroll in the CA Intermediate course.

The CA Intermediate Fee structure is as follows-

S.No.Details of FeesBoth Groups (Rs)Single Group


Both Groups


Single Group


1.CA Intermediate Registration Fees1500011000
2.Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate20002000*
3.CA Intermediate Registration Fees as an article assistant1000
Total CA Intermediate Fees18000130001000600

* to be paid once*

There are two groups in CA Intermediate. The students pursuing the Chartered Accountancy course from the normal route have an option to register themselves either for a single group or both groups at a time.

ICAI has facilitated students who have done graduation or post-graduation or those who have cleared the Intermediate level of ICSI/ICMA that they can enroll themselves directly to the CA Intermediate without appearing in CA Foundation. Such students have to pay the fee of the prospectus at the time of their registration and they also have to get register for both groups at a time.

CA Final Course Fees in India

CA Final is the last stage from which a student has to go through. A student can register himself for the CA Final, once he cleared both the groups of CA Intermediate.

One has to make the payment of CA Final registration fees Rs 22000/- (Indian Student) or 1100US$ (Foreign Student) to get himself enrolled for the CA Final Course.

VSI students who got AIR 1 in the CA course exams

Articleship Training Fees

Beside the above courses, students also have to complete 3 years of Articleship training. Candidate can get themselves register for articleship training on completion of either single or both groups of CA Intermediate.

The registration fee for the 3 years articleship training has been set by ICAI is Rs 2000/-.

ICITSS Fees in India

Before the commencement of articleship training and after getting registration into the CA Intermediate course, one has to undergo ICITSS which consists of Information Technology and Orientation Program.

The fee for such courses are as follows –

Information Technology Program – Rs 6500/-

Orientation Program – Rs 7000/-

AICITSS Fees in India

Candidates have to complete AICITSS in their last two years of Articleship training which consists of the Advance Information Training program and Management and Communication Skills program.

The fee for such courses are as follows –

Advanced Information Technology Program – Rs 7500/-

Management and Communication Skills – Rs 7000/-

Hope this article helped you in finding the exact ca fees structure 2021 at every step starting from the registration to the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the charges of a Chartered Accountant?

Ans: The charges of a Chartered Accountant depends upon their job profiles, and upon their working experiences. 

Q2. How many years does a candidate require to become a CA?

Ans: To become a CA, candidates are required to devote their 5 years. CA course duration increases with the increase in attempts. Candidates should try to clear the CA exams in the first attempt so that the duration of CA courses does not exceed. 

Q3. What is the total fee for the CA Course 2022?

Ans: The total fees for the complete CA course that candidates have to pay in India have mentioned above on this page. 

Q4. What is the minimum amount charged by a CA?

Ans: The minimum amount charged by the CA in India is a minimum of Rs. 5,000. The minimum amount charged by the CA depends upon the work they do for their clients. 

Q5. How much does a fresher CA earn?

Ans: A fresher CA earns around 7 lakhs per annum.