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VVMP India's Most Powerful Mentoring Program for CA Students

The only institute in India which has given 7 times AIR 1 in last 10 Years & has the maximum passing success rate for CA exams is here to help young CA Aspirants with VVMP (VSI Victory Mentorship Program).

VMP is specially designed with years of research for CA Students to become the next Chartered Accountant in their first attempt.

VSI Victory Mentorship Program Process

As Chanakya Made Chandragupta the King.
Our VVMP Program will Make you CA.

VSI Victory Mentorship Program Key Features.

SWOT Analysis

Personal Scanning of Individuals. In the VVMP, we identify your Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats.


  • Listing out the things you are good at.
  • Identify things that could help you when you have a problem.
  • See your academic chart for a better understanding.


  • Note the areas where there is a scope of improvement.
  • Identify what you should do to improve your weaknesses.


  • Now that we know your strengths and areas for improvement, we know where you can excel.
  • Listing out all the opportunities that come to mind and then shortlist.


  • List down the things that might come in the way of your goals.
  • Helping you in dealing with the insecurities that will hamper your studies.

Study Plan & Strategy

After doing your SWOT Analysis, we will prepare a customized plan on How, When & What to Study. We will help you in:

  • Finding out your learning style.
  • Structuring your study time.
  • Planning enough time for studying each subject.
  • Planning the subjects & topics on which you will give more time.
  • How to utilize odd hours during the day.

Target Based Study

Making a plan is not enough until and unless you execute it. We develop a simple model to study rules based on targets. We will help you in:

  • Setting realistic study goals.
  • Tracking your progress.
  • How to use a stopwatch properly.
  • Setting targets for each subject.
  • Providing Learning Map.

VSI Mock Test & Analysis

Mock tests are designed based on current CA Exam Questions Trends & Level. CA mock test papers help candidates to do an effective revision of the entire syllabus. Also, candidates get to know about the paper pattern for the upcoming CA exams. Due to Mock tests pressure:

  • Students Covers Complete Syllabus.
  • Improves Your Speed and Time Management.
  • Prevents Nervousness and Boost confidence.
  • Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Motivational & Success Session

Motivation directs behaviour toward particular goals. Motivation will increase your time on task and is also an important factor affecting your learning and achievement. Motivation determines whether a student will pursue a task (even a difficult one) with enthusiasm or a lacklustre attitude. Motivational Sessions will help you in:

  • Staying positive in tough situations.
  • Drawing Connections to Real Life.
  • Gives you an extra push in the right direction.
  • Developing can-do attitude.

Personal Guidance by CA R.C. Sharma Sir

Personal Guidance occupies the most important place in the journey of a student. Every student faces thousands of problems related to studies and life. CA R. C Sharma Sir & his team personally guide you regarding the studies and other problems you face. Personal Guidance will help you in:

  • Overcoming emotional problems which occur in day to day life.
  • On the basics of mock test performance, you get a revised study plan.
  • Understanding various emotions such as fear, anxiety, jealousy, etc. and diverting them positively.
  • To assist the individual in developing a positive attitude.
  • To assist the individual in planning his leisure time activities properly.

VSI Amazing Achievement



Students Mentored



Years of Experience



AIR-1 in Last 10 Years

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VSI CA Final Nov 2022 All India Rankers

VSI CA Final Nov 2022 Rankers VSI CA Final Nov 2022 Rankers

Result of VSI for CA Final May 2022

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VSI Students Only

Total Students Appeared 164
Students Passed 133 
All India Rank 7, 12, 13, 17, 31, 34

More Than 60 Marks

SFM 80 Above marks 4 students
70 Above marks 7 students
60 Above marks 39 students
FR 80 Above marks 7 students
70 Above marks 13 students
60 Above marks 44 students
Audit 70 Above marks 3 students
60 Above marks 12 students
Law 80 Above marks 1 student
70 Above marks 5 students
60 Above marks 21 students
Cost 70 Above marks 1 students
60 Above marks 8 students
DT 70 Above marks 2 student
60 Above marks 9 students
IDT 90 Above marks 1 students
80 Above marks 5 students
70 Above marks 16 students
60 Above marks 28 students
Economic Law 80 Above marks 1 student
70 Above marks 3 students
60 Above marks 37 students
Risk Mgmt 80 Above marks 3 student
70 Above marks 2 students
60 Above marks 17 students

Result of VSI for CA Final December 2021

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Featured In
CA R.C. Sharma Sir has been Awarded South East Asia Business Icon in Dubai
CA R.C. Sharma Sir Felicitated By Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot

We Give Top Mentoring For Every Level

Basic reason of joining of any program is the best result by the best and systematic guidance. We try our best efforts in providing guidance in right direction yielding best result.

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VSI Victory Mentorship Program ( VVMP ) Fees

CA/CMA Final II Series II + III Series
One Group Rs. 2500 Rs. 5000
Both Group Rs. 5000 Rs. 10000
CA/CMA Foundation Rs. 5000 Rs. 7500

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