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CA Intermediate Costing is Paper 3 of CA course. How to find the actual cost of the product or services? How to use the different costing statements to manage and compare the cost?  What can we suggest for controlling the cost? With the proper understanding of the syllabus of this paper, you will answer all these questions. The syllabus establishes an intermediate level preparation of the student to compute, manage and control the cost factor of any business.  Hence it is for students to focus on this subject from day 1 and practice regularly various questions and problems to create expertise in the subject.

We are here to provide you with the complete compiler of preparation material required while you want to give your best for the 2023 CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting exams. This compiler includes the CA Intermediate syllabus, marks weightage of the subjects, study material, the previous question paper with suggested answers, RTP, MTP mock test paper.

About CA course 

Ca course is one of the most promising career courses in India. We complete the Ca course at 3 levels. Ca foundation, intermediate and final levels. Intermediate is the second level of the CA course. You are eligible for this level after completing the foundation level or through direct entry scheme after completing your graduation level exams.

The CA Intermediate course under the new syllabus has eight papers divided into two groups to study. Paper 3 Cost and Management accounting is in the first group and is one of the most advantageous papers to score good marks or exemptions. Read this on how to prepare for the first group paper of CA Intermediate level.

ICAI has announed the CA Inter exam dates for the May 2024 attempt. According to the date sheet, the CA Intermediate Costing paper will be conducted on May 11, 2024.Students can check complete details of CA inter admit card May 2024

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CA Intermediate Costing Syllabus 2023

You should read your CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting syllabus thoroughly, to acknowledge any new updation or revision in accounting standards. Here, you can check the CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting syllabus 2023 useful for students joined with the new course. Students can register for the CA Intermediate level after clearing the CA Foundation Course.

Click here for CA intermediate Cost and Management Accounting

CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Marking Scheme 2023

CA Intermediate Costing paper is a practical paper. They divide the course into 4 basic portions. The CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Marking scheme for 2023 is as follows.

  • The Question Paper will have 6 questions. Total marks=100 marks.
  • You need to answer any 4 questions from which Question no.1 is compulsory and any 3 questions you can do.
  • The duration of the exam will be 3 hrs, you need to manage your time accordingly.
  • Submit it on time to the invigilator.
  • Write answers in the language you have opted for while filling out the CA Inter exam form.

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    CA Intermediate Costing and Management Accounting Weightage Chapter wise

    With our table of marks weightage of any CA, Intermediate paper can efficiently manage your time and complete the relevant syllabus on time. We should consider the chapters with more weightage as a priority, and students should give those chapters maximum time.

    Chapter 1Chapter 1: Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting.10%-15%
    Chapter 2-7Chapter 2: Material Cost
    Chapter 3: Employee Cost and Direct Expenses
    Chapter 4: Overheads: Absorption Costing Method
    Chapter 5: Activity-Based Costing
    Chapter 6: Cost Sheet
    Chapter 7: Cost Accounting System
    Chapter 8-12Chapter 8: Unit & Batch Costing
    Chapter 9: Job Costing and Contract Costing
    Chapter 10: Process & Operation Costing
    Chapter 11: Joint Products & By-Products
    Chapter 12: Service Costing
    Chapter 13-15
    Chapter 13: Standard Costing
    Chapter 14: Marginal Costing
    Chapter 15: Budget and Budgetary Control

    CA Intermediate Costing and Management Accounting Weightage Skill-wise 2023

    Prepare for  CA intermediate costing exams at 2 different levels.
    For,  CA Intermediate the first level make notes of all the questions that can be asked as a list, define, describe, explain, recognise, identify, classify, discuss. These types of questions will assess your knowledge and comprehensive skills. These types of questions weightage in your exam paper will be 20%-30%.
    For, CA Intermediate second level assessment practice the prescribed format of ICAI for application and analysis skills. Practise a lot of questions having calculated, determine, solve, compute, identify reconcile kinds of queries to excel in this skill. For Application and analytical skills, weightage in your marks will be around 70%-80%.
    Subject: Cost and Management AccountingNature of QuestionsWeightage
    Comprehension and KnowledgeDefinition
    Describe the process
    Explain the concept
    Discussing a provision of law
    Listing the Condition
    Application and AnalyticalComputation/calculation/estimation
    Examining Issue
    Reconciling the statements
    Identifying the nature of income and expenditure
    Calculating profit and loss
    solving Problem by integrating the provision

    CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Study Material 2023

    The study material provided by ICAI  is the best study material to facilitate CA students to pass their exams. They are plentiful by themselves and students are required not to purchase any more books after that. The terminology is bit hard but VSI Faculty will help the students to understand it and develop their competence. The best study material for CA Inter Costing paper for 2023 provided here will help you learn the syllabus thoroughly. Even your CA Inter result depends on your study material and your study plan So, check out the best CA Intermediate Study material by ICAI.

    Study Material applicable for May 2023 exams

    Check CA Intermediate study material of all the subjects from here.

    CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Previous Year Question Papers with Suggested Answers

    CA Intermediate is the second level of exam for Passing  CA. The results of Intermediate exams are very strict with a pass percentage of only 20% and so. If you want to score a good rank, then solving the last 3 years’ question papers according to ICAI suggested answers is the ideal way to know your standard of preparation for the CA Inter Costing paper. Along with that you also need to look at the suggested answer sheet so you can develop the skill of answering in the same pattern as prescribed by ICAI.

    In the table below students can download the CA Inter Costing Paper and previous attempts.

    CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Mock Test Papers for 2023

    Mock test papers are mocking or imagining the exams. It is exactly like the day when you will give your real exams. VSI schedules such mock tests in intervals to keep its students well prepared for the students. ICAI also scheduled such mock tests before exams. It is important to appear for such mock tests as you may get an idea about exam patterns and also about the updated syllabus. Practising ICAI mock test papers, model question papers will help you in your upcoming CA Intermediate exam. You can download the CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers of Cost and Management Accounting from here.

    Must Check – CA Intermediate Exam Pattern

    VSI CA Intermediate mock test papers with Answers Keys series for CA aspirants by Vidya Sagar Institute, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Contact at 093514-68666 to join and more details. Best CA Coaching Institute in India – CPT, IPCC, CA Final, CS – VSI

    CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Revision Test Papers(RTP) for 2023

    If you want to succeed in CA Intermediate 2023 exams, It is important to revise all the subjects. DR. CA RC Sharma Sir always requests students to keep Practicing ICAI Question paper with suggested answers. Watch the video to get an overview of the best study plan for Intermediate exams.

    Download CA Inter costing  RTP for both Hindi and English medium students.

    1. Nov 2022
    2. Nov 2022 – Hindi Medium
    3. May 2022
    4. May 2022 – Hindi Medium
    5. November 2021 – Hindi Medium
    6. November 2021
    7. May 2021 – Hindi Medium
    8. May, 2021
    9. November 2020
    10. May 2020 – Hindi Medium
    11. May, 2020
    12. November 2019 – Hindi Medium
    13. November 2019

    *****There are some changes in this revision paper. Please download the updated revision test paper for CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting 2023 paper from here.

    1.  2019 – Hindi Medium
    2. May 2019
    3. November 2018 – Hindi Medium
    4. November 2018
    5. May 2018
    6. May 2018 – Hindi Medium

    CA Intermediate Cost And Management Accounting Online and Pendrive Classes

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    CA Intermediate Costing Tips and Tricks

    1. Better to make a study plan for the entire syllabus of CA Intermediate cost accounts and fix the timetable to you.
    2. Try to adjust your timings for separate modules such as numerical-based papers and detailed type papers.
    3. Make 4 types of notes of chapters coming under 4 major categories.1) overview of Cost and management accounting 2) Finding out cost and cost accounting system 3)method of costing 4) Cost Control and analysis,
    4. Do the self-questioning while revising various topics.
    5. Try to answer in the same details format as suggested in ICAI prescribed Answer sheets.

    VSI gives the best CA coaching to prepare for all papers With the mock test paper series and continuous revision, students become comfortable with the subject and can score good marks.
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