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ICAI CA Intermediate Corporate & Other Law 2024- Study Material, Papers & Tips

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CA Intermediate Law Paper is the toughest paper in the CA Intermediate Level with the objective of gaining knowledge of branches related to business laws, transactions, certain bodies, and matters related to commercial situations. Students appearing for CA Intermediate laws need to work on these topics at most to get rankable marks. For this, they have to focus on their study based on the major case laws’ legal provisions and need to understand their practical implications. Besides, the important thing is to study the CA Intermediate law syllabus, CA Intermediate law study materials, and many more. This article will help you to give lots of details on the CA Intermediate Law. Read ON!.

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CA Intermediate Corporate & Other Law Syllabus 2024

You need to check your CA Intermediate Law syllabus very carefully to acknowledge every single topic in detail. Here, you can check the CA Intermediate Corporate and Other Law syllabus 2024, which is applicable to students registered with the revised scheme. Students can easily register for the CA Intermediate just after passing the entrance level, which is the CA Foundation Course. To review the CA Intermediate Law syllabus, click on the link.

Syllabus Modules
Chapter 1: Preliminary
Chapter 2: Incorporation of Company and Matters Incidental Thereto
Chapter 3: Prospectus and Allotment of Securities
Chapter 4: Share Capital and Debentures
Chapter 5: Acceptance of Deposits by Companies
Chapter 6: Registration of Charges
Chapter 7: Management & Administration
Chapter 8: Declaration and Payment of Dividend
Chapter 9: Accounts of Companies
Chapter 10: Audit and Auditors
Chapter 11: Companies Incorporated Outside India
Chapter 12: The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
Module-3 (Part-II Other Laws)
Chapter 1: The General Clauses Act, 1897
Chapter 2: Interpretation of Statutes
Chapter 3: The Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999

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CA Intermediate Law Marking Scheme

You need to consider some marking schemes of the CA Intermediate law paper before taking the main exam. Below are some CA Intermediate Law Marking Schemes; go through them carefully.

  • The Question Paper will be of two parts – Part I and Part II.
  • Part I will be of MCQ types, and Part II will be of descriptive type.
  • The Question Paper will have 70 marks for each part; you need to manage your time accordingly.
  • The duration of the exam will be 3 hrs. You need to complete Part I on the OMR Sheet and Part II on the descriptive answer sheet. Submit it on time to the invigilator.
  • Part II will comprise 5 questions, from which Question No. 1 is compulsory and any 3 questions you can do.
  • You can only write in the same language that you have to opt for. For example, if you have to opt for English and are writing in Hindi, then your answers will not be evaluated.

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CA Intermediate Law Weightage

Check the weightage of any CA intermediate paper is the primary key, as this may help you manage your time accordingly. The more weightage is given to any part; you should make it the first priority to go forward and give the maximum time. To check the CA Intermediate Law Weightage, click the given link.

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    CA Intermediate Law Study Material May 2024

    Study Material for the CA Intermediate Law Paper is the most important thing to be considered carefully before appearing for the exam. The best study material will help you to understand things carefully, and even your performance depends on your study and the material that you are studying. So, check out the best CA Intermediate Study material by ICAI by clicking the given link.

    Part I: Company Law

    Part II: Other Laws

    To know the complete CA Intermediate Syllabus, students can go through the given link.

    CA Intermediate Law Question Papers 2024

    CA Intermediate is the second level of exam for cracking CA. If you want to score a good rank, then solving CA Intermediate question papers is the best way to know your level of preparation for the CA Intermediate law paper. Students can download the CA Inter Law Paper and previous attempts for practising. Articleship in CA and Its Importance in the Course; click on the link to read more!!

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    CA Intermediate Law Results Nov 2023

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    CA Intermediate Law Tips and Tricks for May 2024

    It is better to make a study plan for the entire syllabus of CA Intermediate Law and fix the timetable to allocate to each subject on a daily basis.

    You should try to balance your timing for various subjects, such as numerical-based papers and descriptive-type papers.

    You have to Overview of the chapters to understand the broad contents and sequence of various topics & sub-topics.

    Do the intersection while going through various topics and ask various questions and queries to yourself.

    Read every single chapter slowly and calmly to ensure that you understand every bit of it if need be, read twice with complete concentration and then do the exercise on your own.

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