CA Final Examination Full Course Guide

CA Final Examination Full Course Guide

Are you attempting CA for the first time? Do you have a number of questions in your mind about it? Here we show you certain ways which can help you to crack the CA final exams. This could be very beneficial to crack the CA final exams and get a good rank in 3 months.

How can the CA Final Course help a candidate to excel in exams?
To crack the CA final exams students can follow some easy tips and in this way they can surely succeed in their exams. The tips are stated as follows:-

  • In the CA Final course, one gets all the updated information about the new edition.
  • A link is provided for the students of CA Final by the ICAI so that they can revise and learn.
  • Sections are made and everything is categorized and divided.

What are the relevant facts that one must know about the exam of CA Final Course 2021?

The relevant facts that one must know about the CA Final Course 2021 are as follows:-

  1. Those students who have yet not attempted the old scheme even once must complete the following trainings in CA Course before they appear for the CA Final exams:
    1. An articleship of 3 or 3 ½ yrs
    2. ICITSS 
    3. AICITSS 
  2. ICAI changed the CA Final old course to CA Final new course in July 2017. The last attempt for CA Final old course is in May 2021, after which it will be compulsory for all Chartered Accountancy students to register under the new scheme to appear in CA Final.

Important Dates for CA Final Registration 2021

The CA Final registration form can be filled by the candidates just after they pass groups.-The IPCC level and the CA Intermediate. Candidates must finish their articleship which is compulsory according to guidelines of the Institute and also by the 2021 new scheme. Registrations open for those candidates that are eligible to give CA Final Exams of 2021 year. One can register by seeking the dates given below:-

Events Dates 
Issue of the registration form of CA final 202131 March 2021
Issue of CA final 2021 exam form  31st March, 2021 to 16th April, 2021
Last date to fill the CA final exam form (without late fees)13 April 2021
Last date to fill the CA final exam form (with late fees)16 April 2021
Correction Window Reopen-I17 April 2021
Correction Window Reopen-I closed19 April 2021
CA Final exams date Group I

  • OLD
  • NEW

6th, 8th, 10th & 12th July 2021

6th, 8th, 10th & 12th July 2021

CA Final exams date Group II

  • OLD
  • NEW

13th, 15th, 17th & 19th July 2021

13th, 15th, 17th & 19th July 2021

CA Final Admit Card Release Date21st June 2021

How to know if you are eligible for appearing in the CA Final Exam?

You will be eligible to appear in the May 2021  CA Final Exams, only if you meet all the blow given criteria: 

  • Candidates should have cleared both the groups of the CA Intermediate Exam or its older versions.
  • You must have registered on or before 16 April 2021 or converted registration from CA Final Old Course to CA Final New Course on or before Feb 1st, 2021. 
  • Your registration number should be valid on the date of filling application for the CA Final. (Validity Period- 5 years from the date of registration)
  • You must have completed the 3 years or 3 ½ years CA articleship or due to complete it before 30th April 2021.
  • You should be in the last 12 months of service on May 1st, 2021 and due to complete the 3 year articled training before April 30th, 2022 (for PE-II students and PE-II converted to IPCC/IIPCC) 


You should be in the last 6 months of articled training on May 1st, 2021 and due to complete 3 ½ years on or before October 31st, 2021 (for PCC student)


You should be in the last 6 months of articled training on May 1st, 2021 and due to complete 3 years on or before October 31st, 2021 (for Intermediate/IPCC/IIPCE student)


You should be in the last 12 months of service on May 1st, 2021and due to complete the 3 year articled training before October 31st, 2021 (for students converted from PE-II to PCC or converted from PE-II to PCC and then to IPCC/IIPCC)


Candidates who have opted for termination should be in service as on May 1st, 2021 and complete their balance period of articleship on May 1st, 2021 and on or before October 31st, 2021 .

What is the exact method to register for the CA final level of 2021 online? 

For registering in the 2021 CA Final exam all the applicants must visit ICAI’s official website. The registration steps are as follows:-

  1. First of all one must click on the website.
  2. With the allotted password and registration ID the students can complete their registration and then can easily make a login. Then for registering one can select the portal of SSP.
  3. Two options that appear on screen are ‘Student Cycle’ and ‘Article Cycle’.
  4. After that ‘Student Cycle Option must be selected.
  5. From CA final levels one can choose courses.
  6. CA Final registration will appear on-screen.
  7. Automatically the basic details get updated in form as they were already during registration of CA Intermediate.
  8. Re-correct option is also available if you need to correct something.
  9. According to the given size and formats one must upload necessary documents as per information.
  10. After registration gets completed then with the help of Net banking / Debit Card / Credit Card one can pay fees.
  11. One can print and save CA Final 2021 for future reference.

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Registration Fee for CA Final Course

For Indian StudentsRs. 22,000
For Foreign StudentsUS$ 1100

During the registration procedure of CA Final Course, you have to pay for the registration, no other fees are charged unlike CA Foundation and CA Intermediate Registration. The overall CA Final course fees is very less as compared to the fees of other professional courses.

Exemption: 75% fee concession has been given by ICAI in the registration fees for the CA candidates from some specific states which are listed below:

  1. Newly formed Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir
  2. Ladakh
  3. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Assam
  5. Manipur
  6. Meghalaya
  7. Mizoram
  8. Nagaland
  9. Sikkim
  10. Tripura

This benefit can be availed by students till 31st March 2022. Under this benefit students will only have to pay Rs. 5500* as CA Final Registration Fee.

* Registration fee – 75% Concession = Registration fee to be paid (Rs. 22000 – Rs. 16500 = Rs. 5500)

Filling Application Form for CA Final Exam

This is an important step in the process before appearing in the CA Final Exam. Before the exams start, students Chartered Accountancy Candidates who wish to appear in a particular attempt are required to fill the CA Final Exam Form/Application before the last date given by ICAI or wait another six months for the next attempt. 

Show me CA Final Application Form Details

Students must make special note of the documents required for filling the CA Final Exam Form, procedure, rules and instructions, and the Exam Form/Application Form fee. If you make any mistake in the application form and want to make the changes, then you can edit those details whenever ICAI opens the correction window. However this facility has some criteria which you must remember is open for a limited time. Therefore, you must be careful while filling your application form/exam form.

You can find all the details, other facts and information regarding the CA Final Application form/Exam form on the link given above.

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    ICAI Syllabus and Study Material for Revised CA Final Course Papers (2021)

    The CA Final consists of mainly eight papers. ICAI has revised the Syllabus for CA Final course and made changes in the CA Final Course.

    The CA Final study material is provided by ICAI for each subject. Students who are registered under the new scheme have to refer to the new study material while the students registered under the old scheme have to refer to the old syllabus.

    To help students prepare for exams effectively, the ICAI has given the marking scheme in two sections of the CA Final course: based on sections and skills.

    Weightage of skills assessment 

    On three major skills, the assessment of skills is based:-

    1. Comprehension and Knowledge
    2. Analysis and Application
    3. Evaluation and Synthesis

     Weightage according to sections

    Under Education and Training revised scheme one can download for all subjects of CA Final with their Section-wise weightage. This CA Final Exam Pattern further explains the question paper type and pattern along with the detailed skill-wise distribution.

    One can get informed about ways to crack the paper of CA Final 2021. And this CA Final Course helps a lot to prepare a person for an exam. One must go through the below link to get relevant information and full details about the exam.

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    CA Final Papers

    Chartered Accountancy candidates must practice different revision papers, mock test papers and previous year papers. It is an important part of your practice and preparation before the exams. Click on the link below and download the complete collection.

    Get the ICAI Mock test paper, VSI revision test paper, CA Final Previous year papers Collection

    Smart Tips through which one can Excel In CA Final Exam 2021

    By following the given relevant points one can excel in exams effortlessly:-

    1. Manage the efforts with the schedule: Students can design a proper time table or schedule keeping the syllabus in mind. In this way, one will get more time for the revision process.
    2. Master in the calculator: If students have good command over their calculators then they can fastly do calculations which can save their time too.
    3. Be relaxed: One should relax and take short breaks while studying. This can increase the concentration.
    4. Equal focus on every subject: Equal attention must be given to each subject so the candidate must plan in this manner.

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    Books that can be referred for CA Final

    At the registration time, only the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI) provides the study material. One can online purchase some of the most recommended reference books. Some widely used books are given below:-

    1. CA Munish Bhandari (Hand Book
    2. CA Munish Bhandari (Full Book
    3. Allied Laws HANDBOOK By Kamal Garg.
    4. ICAI Supplementary Study Material.
    5. Handbook on CA Final Law by G.Sekar B Saravana Prasath 

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    CA Final Result

    CA Final Results are announced around 2 months later from the CA Final last exam. A merit list is also released after the result announcement. There are various methods to check the CA Final Result—online, through SMS, and email. For students who want to seek verification of marks facility, have to follow a procedure. Get all the details at the link given above.

    Analysis and Percentage data of candidates who passed last year

    The accurate information can be provided by the CA Final Course. In this one can easily view the last three papers of CA Final that were held in the months Nov2018, May 2019, and Nov 2019.

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    For the CA Final Course special Pendrive classes

    Complete study material is effectively covered in the CA Final pen drive classes by the VSI Institute to students of CA. These classes can be enjoyed by the medium of both English and Hindi students.

    Some awesome advantages that one can have by taking pen drive classes are as follows:-

    1. Traveling time can be saved.
    2. One can have flexible timings
    3. The concept can be replayed
    4. As per comfort one can play
    5. Classes can’t be missed
    6. No-load of Classes Clashing

    What is the exact way for cracking the CA Final Exam-Coaching Classes or Self-study

    Nothing can beat self-study for getting success in a particular exam. But if you are still not content with your method of study then you can take CA coaching. VSI Institute in Jaipur is an excellent CA Coaching Center for CA Final preparation. One can get coaching at this place by enrolling here. VSI Jaipur always gave the best results for CA Final. It gives the highest rankers. For CA Exams one can prepare here well. The VSI Institute helps the aspirants to get top positions as it provides:-

    1. A study environment that is compatible with all
    2. Under one roof one can cover all subjects
    3. Learning skills can be enhances
    4. Materials with a comprehensive course
    5. Teaching methods that are versatile
    6. Problem-solving tips and tricks
    7. Mock tests by which one can self assess
    8. Recapitulation Sessions for revision
    9.  Library and support for web
    10. Placement for job

    Students can efficiently crack the main exams of CA Final 2021 with the help of the CA final course. This course provides the exact relevant information about the CA Final Exam. It is convenient for students to score well in CA Exams after taking this course. It’s very essential for the aspiring CA students that want to achieve success in ICAI’s forthcoming exams. Through 2021 CA Final Course students can get updated about the exam dates and other relevant information.

    VSI also has special CA Online Class batches for students. This is a great opportunity for students to learn from the comfort of their homes. These classes are as effective as the regular classes. 

    See the complete details of VSI Online Classes.


    Ques 1. Are there any specific valid criteria to appear for the exam?

    Ans. One can consider the  which comes under Student’s section Board of Studies Announcements.

    Ques 2. When a student can fill the form of CA Final exams?

    Ans. The application forms are made available on the ICAI portal a few months before the CA Final Exam. The dates are announced on the ICAI website Announcements section.

    Ques 3. For CA Final Exam how many attempts can a person give?

    Ans. For the CA Final exams, ten attempts one can be given.

    Ques 4. Can a person manage to clear the CA Final Exam?

    Ans. Yes, the commerce students can actually clear all papers as they are already acquainted with the exam criteria.

    Ques 5. Can I get the CA Final Admit Card through offline mode?

    Ans. There is no option to obtain the admit card through offline mode. You will have to download it online from your personal dashboard only. 

    Ques 6. How many times can I download the CA Final Admit Card?

    You should keep in mind that the admit card can be downloaded only three times. We suggest you take a few photocopies to avoid any problems later.