CMA Salary in India 2022: Starting to Highest Packages

In the last few years, CMA has become a popular career option among the 12th students. The primary reason is the high CMA salary in India. The average package of a CMA in India is Rs 10 lakhs per annum. This year, we have also seen a hike of 30% in the average packages offered to CMAs.

The salary of a Cost and Management Accountant depends on many factors such as job profile, location, expertise, and industry in which they work.

In this article, we’ll mention the salary of a CMA in India in 2022 from starting to the highest. Moreover, you’ll also know the scope, the best industries to work in as a CMA, and their job roles.

CMA Salary in India in 2022

What is the CMA Salary in India in 2022?

As per the ICMAI campus placements 2022, the average CMA salary in India is Rs 10 lakhs pa, i.e., Rs 83000 per month in India. The starting salary of a fresher CMA is Rs. 6.5 lakhs pa (Rs. 54,000 per month). Furthermore, the highest CMA package is given by Accenture at Rs 22 lakhs per annum.

The salary of a CMA can reach up to Rs 55 lakhs per annum over time as soon as they develop their skills and get more knowledge in their domain.

The table below mentions the starting to highest CMA salaries in India per month in 2022

ParticularsCMA Salary per AnnumCMA Salary per Month
Starting SalaryRs. 6.5 LacsRs. 54,000 per month
Least SalaryRs. 2 LacsRs. 16,000 per month
Highest Salary of FresherRs. 22 LacsRs. 183,000 per month
CMA Average Salary in IndiaRs. 10 LacsRs. 83,000 per month
Highest CMA SalaryRs. 55 LacsRs. 458,000 per month
Source: ICMAI

The attempts and time needed to complete the CMA course and the rank secured (if secures) in the CMA Final exams will also impact your salary. So try to crack the CMA Final exams on the first attempt with a rank.  

How much does a CMA Earn Abroad? 

Nations worldwide offer a huge salary to Cost accountants in response to the current market need. The annual package of a CMA working in abroad is $85,000 per year.

Pondering can a CMA earn in crores?

Then the figures are apparent. An experienced CMA can make up to $125,000 in management positions.

Particularly in the USA, a Certified Management Accountant enjoys various perks and higher incomes than traditional accountants. Additionally, CMAs are offered more attractive compensation packages than Non- CMAs and have advancement chances in senior financial management jobs.

CMA Salary in India Based on Different Factors

The salary of the Cost Management Accountants depends on many factors such as their job profile, job location, industry, experience and the organization. In the following section, you’ll know the earnings of a CMA on the basis of different factors.  

CMA Salary Based on Different Factors

Cost Management Accountant Salaries for Different Job Profiles

The CMA income varies according to their job profiles. In the below table, you can check the salary of a CMA for various job profiles. 

Job RoleAverage CMA Salary
Financial Analyst₹5.45 Lacs
Senior Financial Analyst₹7.73 Lacs
Finance manager₹11.22 Lacs
Senior Finance manager₹20.48 Lacs
Chief Financial Officer₹36.33 Lacs
Accountant₹3.08 Lacs
Cost Management Accountant₹05 Lacs

The different job profiles for Cost and Management Accountants are:

1. Financial Analyst – They play a significant role in analyzing future abilities and financial value and keeping track of the company’s economic performance. They work in junior and senior positions in the company.

2. Finance Manager – The finance manager’s role is to oversee the company’s financial functions. 

3. Chief Financial Officers – CFO is one of the top positions of the company. They are considered the right hand of the CEO. Their job is to keep a keen eye on financial forecasting and reporting.

4. CMA – CMA’s role is to perform finance services such as pricing of goods, costing, certification, and verification of taxation and cost records.

5. Cost Accountants – Their job role is to analyze and record every profit and cost earn by an enterprise. 

Top Paying Industries for CMA In India

Every industry is different and offers different CMA packages in India and growth opportunities. While the standards have changed after the pandemic, here are what top industries are paying to the CMAs in India:

IndustryCMA Salary
Oil & Gas₹ 19 Lakhs
Engineering/Construction₹ 7.8-8.5 Lakhs
Education & Training₹ 6.3-8.1 lakhs
Clinical research₹ 3.9 Lakhs
Analytics/KPO₹6.6 Lakhs
FMCG companies₹ 5.7-7.3 Lakhs
Financial Services₹3.5 Lakhs
IT services & consulting₹ 10.1 Lakhs
Top Paying Industries for CMA in India

When we talk of abroad, the first country that comes to our mind is the USA. The CMA salary in the USA also varies on the industry, and the same is mentioned below:

IndustryCMA Salary in USD
Educational Industry$103000
Retail and wholesale$106000
Government Sector$94500
Public Accounting Sector$85500

Average Salary of CMA in Various Countries

The work location of a CMA also influences their compensation significantly. Now, over 100 countries recognize CMA as a profession, yet the Middle East and the USA are where it is most popular. The average compensation for employment after completing the course is likewise high in the United States, making it the most excellent location to work as a CMA. 

Now, let us check various top-paying countries for Cost Management Accountants: 

CountryCMA Average Salary
USAUSD $109,119
DubaiUSD $111,000
CanadaUSD $100,000
United Kingdom (UK)USD $69,426
European countriesUSD $81,403
Asian countriesUSD $40,354
The Middle EastUSD $40,722

If you work in a nation that is economically affluent with a huge market for CMAs, you will make more money than it would be if you work in a nation that is still growing with low demand for CMAs.

Before deciding where you wish to work and reside, you must also evaluate each nation’s living expenses and benefits. As it will be the most crucial career choice, ensure that you consider every perspective before making your ultimate decision.

Average CMA Packages in Different Cities of India 

CMA salary in India also varies on the job location. The average package in India is based on the cost of living in the city and other factors.

The below table mentions the salaries of CMA in different cities:

Indian CitiesSalary Per Annum
CMA salary in Mumbai₹2.5-14 Lacs
CMA salary in Kolkata₹6-10 Lacs
CMA salary in Bangalore₹6-9 Lacs
Jaipur₹3-6 Lacs
Delhi₹6.5 Lacs

CMA Annual Package in Government Jobs

Cost management accountants can also work in government jobs. Here is the CMA salary offered by government companies or PSUs: 

Government CompaniesJob ProfileCMA salary
NAFEDManager of Accounts₹6.5 Lakhs
Regional Centre for BiotechSenior Accounts Assistant₹8.5 Lakhs
IWAICFO₹12 Lakhs

Average CMA salary in India in Top Private Companies

The CMA salary in India in Big 4 firms is ₹10.5 Lakhs per annum.

Private CompaniesJob ProfileCMA salary
Hyundai SteelsSenior Cost Accountant₹8.5 Lakhs
Malabar Gold & DiamondsCosting manager₹6 Lakhs
Kanodia GlobalCost Accountant₹7 Lakhs

CMA Internship Training Salary in India

As per the ICMAI rules, the minimum CMA training stipend or salary every organisation has to pay is: 

EmployerPractising CMA / CMA FirmCorporate/Organization
Year – 1Rs. 2,000Rs. 8,000*/Rs. 10,000**
Year – 2Rs. 3,000Rs. 10,000*/ Rs.12,500**
Year – 3Rs. 4,000Rs. 12,000*/Rs. 15,000**

** Metropolitan and ‘A’ Grade Cities

* Other Places

Role of a Cost Management Accountant

As a CMA, he is responsible for keeping track of the company’s finances, including income and expenses. He can work in private, public, or government companies.  The day-to-day tasks of CMA include strategic planning, decision-making, budgeting, recording numbers, and preparing data.

The various roles of a CMA are:

1. Cost Management – Their responsibility is to manage and control the planned budget. They help businesses with expenditures, control them, and minimize the risk of over-budgeting.

2. Performance Management – Analyzing the financial sector and the firm’s performance in the market and improvising the performance. Their role is to assign responsibilities according to the organizational structure.

3. Internal Control – They are responsible for ensuring financial integrity and accountability and averting fraud. CMA’s role is to manage conformity of laws and regulations and thwart employees from committing fraud or stealing.

4. Analyze Profitability – CMA’s role is to conduct analyses by determining specific ratios. They determine profitability by dividing equivalent values or profits by assets, expenses, and revenues. The knowledge of profit margin, equity return, assets return, and capital returns is a must.

5. Investment Decision – They are also responsible for making financial decisions and allocating funds to business/investment opportunities. Their job is to look for investment proposals that will benefit the company in the long term while analyzing the potential risks and uncertainty of the proposal.

Different Job Profiles of CMA
Source: ICMAI

Areas for Recruitment for CMA

The demand for CMAs is increasing rapidly worldwide, especially in India. Most companies prefer to work for them as they are skilled in their sectors. CMAs can be found in various industries and fields. Some of the flourishing industries are-

  • Finance
  • Research
  • Management
  • Accounting

Various Types of CMAs in India

There is a range of subdisciplines from which students may select to become qualified management accountants. A Cost management accountant is a viable job option for college students. The subdisciplines that comprise a profession as a Cost management accountant are listed below.

Types of CMAs in India

1. Financial Advisor

A financial manager is accountable for assuring the financial viability of proposed investments. He is also responsible for advising corporations on issuing corporate bonds and doing financial analysis and research that provides insight into a company’s profitability, stability, and liquidity.

2. Management Accountant

The management accountant is an important subcategory for a career as a CMA. This profession demands students have planning and strategy skills. Yet, accountants will require budgeting, planning, and strategic thinking skills. Further, it will assist management in making long-term financial choices for the organization.

3. Chartered Accountant

Like Cost Management Accountant, Chartered Accountant is also a respected profession. Furthermore, it is one of the most recognized professions in India. The position includes auditing financial accounts, preparing business tax forms, and providing financial guidance.

4. Cost Accountant

The role of a cost accountant is to monitor and analyze all costs incurred by a business. This enables the organization to uncover the areas incurring losses and enhance its financial management.

5. Chief Financial Officer

A CFO position is regarded as a prestigious position that everyone would desire. A person may excel in business and be considered the CEO’s right hand. Usually, the CFO is responsible for all financial reporting and forecasts. It is a profession that can help you get a high CMA Salary in India.

Top Companies for CMAs in India 

All prestigious organizations seek CMA professionals. Compared to businesses with and without CMA experts, those with CMA professionals often have excellent financial planning.

So the top companies that are hiring CMA including the top four big firms like:

  • Deloitte
  • EY India
  • PwC
  • KPMG 

Some other leading companies where CMA professionals can work are:

  • Amazon
  • HPE
  • Accenture
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Wipro
  • Cyqurex

CMA Campus Placements List 2022

Check the list of companies that took part in the CMA campus placement 2022:

  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • Tata Motors
  • Accenture
  • CEAT Ltd.
  • CAPITA India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dupont
  • ICICI Bank
  • Tata Motors
  • GAIL Limited
  • Invenio Solutions

Check the full list of CMA campus placement 2022, here.

Top Recruiters of CMA in India 2022
Source: ICMAI

CA vs CMA Salary in India

CA VS CMA Salary in India

Even though both CA and CMA are accounting-based qualifications, CA is centred on taxation, auditing, and accounting, while CMA is based on management accounting. The main focus of the CMA program is strategic management accounting.

The average CA salary in India ranges from Rs. 8-9 lakhs per annum, which grows with experience and skill. On the other hand, the average salary given to CMAs in campus placement is Rs. 10 lakhs per annum. 


Ques 1. What is the salary of a CMA in India with experience? 

Ans. The average yearly compensation for a CMA with an experience of 4 to 9 years is 21.8 lakhs.

Ques 2. What are the top skills required by a CMA? 

Ans. The top skills required by a CMA in India are:

  • Knowledge of accounting fundamentals, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and tax fundamentals
  • Theoretical understanding and practical use of cost accounting
  • Excellent knowledge of financial concepts 
  • Knowledgeable in topics like capital investment, operational structure, and core risk assessments
  • Soft skills like presentation and communication abilities, writing, and interpersonal skills

Ques 3. Can CMA earn in crores? 

Ans. Yes, CMA can earn in crores. Further, your chances of earning crores increase when you work as a CMA in foreign countries like the USA.

Ques 4. What is the US CMA salary in India? 

Ans. The average US annual pay for a CMA is approximately $85,000 in India.

Ques 5. Can CMA become CFO?

Ans. Yes, a CMA can become CFO. He has to complete the three levels of the CFO exams. Furthermore, it will be easier for the CMA candidate as he has good knowledge of finance.

Ques 6. Can CMA do a tax audit in India? 

Ans. No, according to section 288 of the IT act, 1961, a CMA is not an authorised person to do the tax audits.