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VSI CA Final Result JAN 2021(New scheme)

VSI CA Final Result Nov 2020

VSI CA Final Result Nov 2019

vsi ca final nov 2019 result

All India Rank 11th from VSI in CA Final Nov 2019

CA Final Topper Nov 2019

2 times All India 1st Rank in CA Final in 2 Years 2018 & 2019

VSI CA Final Result in Last 3 Attempts

Once again VSI has proven that it is the best institute for CA throughout India by giving All India First Rank in CA Final May 2019. VSI has beaten its own record by giving 7 All India 1st Ranks in the past 10 years. It indicates that VSI is the best CA Coaching Institute.

Again VSI has proven that nothing is impossible if studied in proper guidance by giving 2 times All India First Ranks in CA Final after giving hat-trick of AIR-1 in CA IPCC and tow AIR-1 in CA Intermediate. Where everyone is running just to crack this exam, VSI is preparing each and every student for the All India Rank. It says that “Until and unless your dreams are bigger, you could not plan them to achieve. VSI spreads a positive attitude among students which motivates them to be India’s next CA topper.

The director of Vidya Sagar Institute R.C.Sharma Sir said that if students study with a proper planning and under proper guidance then every student even an average student can also be India’s next Topper in CA Final Examination.

May 2019 Results

VSI CA Final May 2019 Result Chart
Ajay Agarwal AIR 1 in CA Final May 2019

November 2018 Results

VSI CA Final November 2018 Result Chart

Sona Dangayach AIR 48th in CA Final Nov 2018

May 2018 Results

VSI CA Final May 2018 Result Chart

Atul Agarwal AIR 1 in CA Final May 2018

Who Should Join VSI?

Join only if you are passionate about CA , want to be a Ranker & Pass Exam in 1st Attempt.

How to Join VSI?

You Can Join VSI in 3 Ways.

At Jaipur CenterOther than Jaipur CenterAt your Home
Face to FaceVideo ClassesVideo Classes

Admission Open

Sr. No.Batch forStarting DateCourse DurationStatus
1.CA Final (New Scheme)16th August 20215 MonthsOpen (Limited Seats)

Our Study Pattern for CA

Jaipur CentreOther than Jaipur CentreOnline Classes

(Study at your Home)

Expected Role in CA Results
(i) ClassesFace to faceVideo ClassesVideo Classes10%
(ii) Mock TestConductedConductedConducted40%
(iii) Personalized GuidanceProvided TelephonicallyProvided TelephonicallyProvided Telephonically50%

How VSI Gives Best Results in CA?

Know How

IPCC/Intermediate Exam में Appear होने के बाद Students का Target होता है CA Final Exam First Attempt में ही Clear करना | लेकिन CA Final के Past Results को देखने पर यह डर रहता है की CA Final Top करना तो दूर इसे Pass भी कर पायेंगे या नहीं | आपको डरने की आवश्यकता नही है क्योकि अभी तक CA Final का जो Low Result रहता है उसका कारण यह नही है की Students मेंहनत नहीं करते, उसका एक मात्र कारण यह है की उनको Proper Guidance नही मिल पाता है | गलत दिशा में मेहनत करने का मतलब Wastage of Time होता है |

VSI ने गहन Research करने के बाद ऐसा Strong System तैयार किया है की उस System को Follow करने पर Result आयेगा ही आयेगा |

VSI ने System तो तैयार कर दिया अब जो Student उसको जितना Follow कर लेता है उसके उतने ही Marks आ जाते है |

May 2018 तथा  May 2019 में CA Final की परीक्षा में VSI ने All India 1st rank दी है, तथा पिछले 6 वर्षो में CA IPCC/CA Inter में 4 All India 1st Rank दी थी|

जो यह दर्शाता है की VSI का System तथा Guidance इतना Strong है की Students इसे Follow करके Top पर पहुँच सकता है जबकि India में ऐसा कोई और Coaching Institute नही है जिसके CA IPCC में एक से ज्यादा बार All India First Ranks आयी हो जो By Chance ही होता है |

तथा ऐसे कई Students जिनके IPCC/Intermediate में काफी कम मार्क्स थे उनको भी All India Rank पर पहुँचाया है जो अपने आपमें एक चमत्कार है |

अगर आप भी Top करना चाहते है तो हम आपका स्वागत करते है, आप VSI System को Follow कीजिये एवं CA Final Top या Pass कीजिए |

With profound regards,
CA Ramesh C. Sharma

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