Download CA Intermediate Taxation- Study Material/Papers/ Tips and More

CA course is one of the most bright career courses in India. We finish the CA course in 3 stages i.e., CA foundation, intermediate and final stages. Intermediate is the second stage of the CA course. You are qualified for this stage after completing the foundation level or through a direct entry scheme after finishing your graduation standard exams.

The CA Intermediate syllabus has eight papers segregated into two groups to study. Paper 4 taxation of CA intermediate course is in the second group and is one of the most illustrative syllabi to learn. Read what should be your study plan for group 1 of the intermediate course.

Taxation is one of the primary subjects of the CA course. The curriculum makes an intermediate-level study plan of the student to solve the taxation queries of business entities. Understanding different provisions available in GST or good and service tax and treating every account accordingly is what a student will understand after studying this subject.

We are here to give you the complete compiler of study material needed when you want to show your best for the 2023 exams. This compiler has marks weightage chapter wise, syllabus, study material, the previous question paper with suggested answers, RTP, MTP mock test paper. It also has a new statutory update for both direct and indirect tax and study guidelines for indirect tax for May 2023.

ICAI has already released the CA Inter date sheet for May 2023 exams. Accordingly, the CA Intermediate taxation paper for May 2023 attempt will be conducted on 10 May 2023.

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CA Intermediate Prime Batch May 2024 Attempt

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CA Intermediate Taxation Syllabus 2023

You should read your CA Intermediate Taxation syllabus completely to notice any new update or revision in law structure. Here, you can download the CA Intermediate Taxation syllabus 2023 useful for students joined with the new course. Students can register for the CA Intermediate level after clearing the CA Foundation Course.

Click here for the CA Intermediate Taxation syllabus

Every year there is some exclusion list in the study material which is in the study guidelines for CA intermediate Indirect tax for 2023 examinations. Download the study guidelines for GST from here.

If you want to know about the CA Intermediate Course Guide, open the link and know the 2023 announcement by VSI Jaipur, the best CA Intermediate Coaching Institute.

    Get all the details about the CA Intermediate Course

    CA Intermediate Taxation Marking Scheme and exam pattern

    CA Intermediate Taxation paper is under 30:70 assessment pattern. So 30 mark’s questions will be MCQ basis and 70 marks will be for the subjective part. The CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting Marking scheme for 2023 is as follows:-

    1. The Question Paper will be in two separates – Part I and Part II.
    2. Part I will be for 30 marks MCQ types and Part II will be of the descriptive type for 70 marks.
    3. You need to complete part I on OMR Sheet and Part II on the descriptive answer sheet.
    4. Part II will comprise section A for Income Tax and section B for GST.
    5. Every section has 4 questions and students need to answer any 3
    6. The duration of the exam will be of 3 hrs, you need to manage your time accordingly.
    7. Submit it on time to the invigilator.
    8. Write answers in the language you have opted for while filling out the CA Inter exam form for May 2023.

    Check the CA Intermediate exam pattern for the May 2023 exams.

    CA Intermediate Taxation Weightage Chapter wise

    With our table of marks weightage of any CA, Intermediate paper can efficiently manage your time and complete the relevant syllabus on time. We should consider the chapters with more weightage as a priority, and students should give those chapters maximum time.

    Income Tax law (marks 60):-

    Chapter Topics Weightage
    Chapter 1-2 Chapter 1: Basic Concepts
    Chapter 2: Residence and Scope of Total Income
    Chapter 5-7 Chapter 5: Income of Other Persons included in Assessee’s Total Income
    Chapter 6: Aggregation of Income, Set-off and Carry Forward of Losses
    Chapter 7: Deductions from Gross Total Income
    Chapter 8-10 Chapter 8: Computation of Total Income and Tax Payable


    Chapter 9: Advance Tax, Tax Deduction at Source and Introduction to Tax Collection at Source

    Chapter 10: Provisions for filing Return of Income and Self-assessment

    Chapter 3-4 Chapter 3: Incomes that do not form part of Total Income


    Chapter 4: Heads of Income


    Indirect Tax (40 marks):-

    Chapter Topics Weightage
    Chapter 6-10 Chapter 6: Input Tax Credit
    Chapter 7: Registration
    Chapter 8: Tax Invoice: Credit and Debit Notes; E-way Bill
    Chapter 9: Payment of Tax
    Chapter 10: Returns
    Chapter 1-5 Chapter 1: GST in India – An Introduction
    Chapter 2: Supply under GST
    Chapter 3: Charge of GST
    Chapter 4: Exemptions from GST
    Chapter 5: Time and Value of SupplyUnit I: Time of SupplyUnit II: Value of Supply bn

    CA Intermediate Taxation Study Material 2023

    ICAI Study Material is the strongest course stuff to push CA students to clear their exams. They are satisfactory by themselves and students need not purchase any better books after that. The terminology is a bit complicated but our teachers will facilitate the students to follow it and increase their competence. The best study material presented here will benefit you by learning the points carefully and even your CA Intermediate result depends on your study material and your study system So, check out the best CA Intermediate Study material by ICAI.

    Paper-4: Taxation

    Sec-A: Income-tax Law

    Sec-B: Indirect Taxes

    Check the complete CA Intermediate study material for the Nov 2022 exams.

    CA Intermediate Taxation Previous Year Question Papers with Suggested Answers

    CA Intermediate is the second stage of exam for cracking CA. The results of Intermediate exams is very demanding and produces a pass percentage of merely 20% and so. If you wish to pull off a good rank, then doing last year’s question papers is the rightest way to identify your level of preparedness for CA Intermediate Taxation paper. Along with that you again need to look at the suggested answer sheet so you can improve the writing competence of presenting the answer in the same format as prescribed by ICAI.

    Students can download the CA Inter Taxation paper of May 2022 and other previous attempts from the table below.

    CA Intermediate Taxation Mock Test Papers for 2023

    Mock test papers are mocking or imagining the exams. It is precisely like the time when you will turn over for your original exams. VSI schedules such mock tests in intervals to keep its students well prepared for the students. ICAI also scheduled such mock tests before exams. It is necessary to appear for such mock tests as you may get an idea about exam style and also about the updated syllabus. Practising ICAI mock test papers, model question papers will help you in your upcoming CA Intermediate exam. You can download the CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers of Taxation from here.

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    CA Intermediate Taxation Revision Test Papers (RTP) for 2023

    If you want to get good marks in CA Intermediate 2022 exams, It is relevant to revise all the subject study material. RC Sharma always requests students to keep Practicing the ICAI Question paper with suggested answers. Watch the video to get an overview of the best study plan for Intermediate exams.

    Download RTP for both Hindi and English medium students.

    1. November 2022 – Hindi
    2. November 2022
    3. May 2022 – Hindi
    4. May 2022
    5. November 2021 – Hindi Medium
    6. November 2021
    7. May, 2021 – Hindi Medium
    8. May, 2021
    9. November 2020 – Hindi Medium
    10. November 2020
    11. May 2020 – Hindi Medium
    12. May 2020
    13. Corrigendum
    14. November 2019 – Hindi Medium
    15. November 2019
    16. May 2019 – Hindi Medium
    17. May 2019
    18. November 2018 – Hindi Medium
    19. November 2018
    20. May 2018 – Hindi Medium
    21. May 2018
    22. Corrigendum

    CA Intermediate Taxation MCQ Questions

    Here are some quick question and answers for your practice for 30:70 assessment paper 4 taxation. The McQ can be from both income-tax syllabus or GST syllabus. The right answer will earn you 1 mark and the wrong answer will deduct 1/4 marks. So be careful while answering it in OMR sheet.

    Sample Questions for 30:70 Assessment – Intermediate Course (New Scheme)

    1. Paper-4 Section-A: Income-tax Law
    2. Paper-4 Section-B: Indirect Taxes

    CA Intermediate Taxation Statuatory Updated for 2023.
    Every year the government makes some changes in the law structure. These amendments need to be updated in the study material and student should prepare according to the new tax slabs or any other prominent changes. We give here the new statutory updates in income tax and GST.

    1. Statutory Update for Sec-A: Income-tax Law for Nov 2022 examination
    2. Statutory Update for Sec-B: Indirect Taxes for Nov 2022 examination

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    CA Intermediate Results 2022

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    CA Intermediate Taxation Tips and Tricks

    1. Break down the subject material into two parts income tax and GST, with all the necessary amendments and updated material.
    2. Whenever you find any new legislation or arrangement or any amendment, you prioritize to update it with your study material to keep you away from any difficulty in the future.
    3. Keep practising MCQ and make small q&a from chapters to underline the entire chapter for McQ exams.

    Try to answer in the same details format as suggested in ICAI prescribed Answer sheets.
    VSI gives the best CA coaching to prepare for all papers With the mock test paper series and continuous revision, students become comfortable with the subject and can score good marks.
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