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CA Intermediate Coaching Classes – Complete Details for Nov 2024 Exams

Best CA Intermediate Coaching in India

If you’re looking for CA Intermediate Coaching classes, then your search is ended here. With quality teaching from experienced teachers, frequent practising with the CA Intermediate papers based on ICAI patterns, and personalized guidance to each aspirant, VSI Jaipur has become one of the best CA Intermediate Institute in India.  

The CA Intermediate Classes of VSI Jaipur are conducted in offline and online modes. In the 5 months course duration, we’ll cover the complete the CA Intermediate syllabus on time and afterward also conduct 3 Mock test series for each subject. 

With the disciplined efforts of VSI students and teachers, 5 VSI students got All India 1st Rank in the CA Intermediate and IPCC exams. In the CA Inter result of Nov 2023, our 8 students achieved All India ranks.

To get the details about VSI Jaipur’s CA Intermediate Coaching, check out the full page. 

VSI Attributes for CA Intermediate Classes

  • Timely Completion of the CA Foundation Course
  • Exam-Oriented Classes from the Experienced Teachers
  • Regular and Quality Mock Test Papers
  • Personalised Guidance to each student based on their performance
  • Frequent Doubt-solving sessions
  • Healthy and Competitive Study Environment
  • Provides English Classes Only  
  • VSI Provides Live | Recorded | Offline classes
CA Intermediate Prime Batch Nov 2024 Attempt

Details About the CA Intermediate Coaching

ParticularsCA Inter Coaching Details
EligibilityFoundation/Graduate Cleared or Attempted
  • To Develop the understanding of the subject according to ICAI Pattern.
  • To improve answer pattern according to the exam.
  • To indicate the missing and leakage from exam pattern.
  • Students can improve 20 marks per subject by appearing in Mock Test.
MediumSeparate Batches for Hindi & English Medium Students.
Course Duration5 Months
Course MaterialEnglish Module  provided to Students by VSI
Mode of ClassestLive | Recorded |Offline Classes
Offline Classes atDurgapura, Shastri Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Mock Test3 Mock Test series for each subject
Batch DatesFor CA Intermediate Sure Success Batch Nov 2024 – Admission Open

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All India Rankers from VSI CA Intermediate Nov 2023 Exams

CA Inter Rankers Nov 2023 CA Mobile banner 2024

CA Intermediate Nov 2023 Results

(Total Students Passed – 495)
View All Students List
80 Above marks4 student
70 Above marks47 students
60 Above marks247 students
Corporate and Other Laws
View All Students List
80 Above marks2 students
70 Above marks32 students
60 Above marks198 students
Cost and Management Accounting
View All Students List
80 Above marks9 students
70 Above marks27 students
60 Above marks113 students
View All Students List
70 Above marks4 student
60 Above marks30 students
Advanced Accounting
View All Students List
80 Above marks7 students
70 Above marks54 students
60 Above marks198 students
View All Students List
90 Above marks1 students
80 Above marks2 students
70 Above marks8 students
60 Above marks39 students
Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management
View All Students List
80 Above marks2 students
70 Above marks4 students
60 Above marks41 students
Financial Management & Economics for Finance
View All Students List
80 Above marks12 students
70 Above marks51 students
60 Above marks152 students

VSI CA Intermediate Nov 2023 Rankers Interviews 

Interview of CA Inter Nov 2023 All India 7th Ranker - RISHABH BANSAL with Dr. CA RC Sharma Sir
Interview of CA Inter Nov 2023 All India 27th Ranker - Harsh Agrawal with Dr. CA RC Sharma Sir
Interview of CA Intermediate Nov 2023 All India 37th Ranker - Tanya Pratap with Dr. CA RC Sharma Sir
Interview of CA Inter Nov 2023 All India 46th Ranker - Vansh Modi with Dr. CA RC Sharma Sir

    Get all the details about the CA Intermediate Course

    VSI Study Pattern For CA Intermediate Classes

     Jaipur CentreOther than Jaipur CentreOnline Classes

    (Study at your Home)

    Expected Role in CA Results
    (i) CA Intermediate ClassesFace to faceVideo classesVideo Classes10%
    (ii) VSI CA Mock TestConductedConductedConducted40%
    (iii) Personalized GuidanceProvided TelephonicallyProvided TelephonicallyProvided Telephonically50%
    Girish Aswani CA Intermediate All India 1st Ranker

    VSI also Provides CA Intermediate Online Classes

    Best Online Classes for CA Intermediate for a complete syllabus of the Institute of Chartered Accountant course. We developed our online classes for CA Intermediate by using the best and latest technology. We are dedicated to rendering our proven teaching methodologies in the most user-friendly interface that will help our students to save time and enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience. Thus, helping students in getting the best CA Intermediate Results.

    You can easily download CA intermediate study videos for 2024 exams along with a free pdf of the Mock test paper, MCQ test, online question paper for practice, and free demo sessions at regular intervals. Our dedicated schedule helps our students prepare for CA intermediate examination in less than 7 months.

    Our CA inter-online classes will cover the entire 2024/2025 syllabus of ICAI for group 1 and group 2 papers. We provide CA Intermediate online coaching for all subjects at affordable fees. Enrol now for CA Intermediate online classes of:

    • Paper-1: Advance Accounting
    • Paper-2: Corporate and Other Laws
    • Paper-3: Taxation
      1. Section A: Income Tax Law
      2. Section B: Goods and Services Tax
    • Paper-4: Cost and Management Accounting
    • Paper-5: Auditing and Ethics
    • Paper-6: Financial Management and Strategic Management
      1. Section A: Financial Management
      2. Section B: Strategic Management
    CA Intermediate Online Coaching Classes

    Enrol now to get the best online or face-to-face classes for CA Intermediate for record-breaking performance.

    How Can You Join VSI Institute?

    To join the CA Inter Coaching from VSI Jaipur, students can choose any of the 3 ways mentioned above. Students living in Jaipur can take offline or online classes. However, students who are living elsewhere can take the VSI Jaipur’s online lectures. For more information, you can contact us by clicking on the given link. 

    You Can Join VSI in 3 Ways

    At Jaipur CenterOther than Jaipur CenterAt your Home
    Face to FaceVideo ClassesOnline Classes

    Admission Open: Face-to-Face and Online Classes

    Batch forAttemptDate
    CA Intermediate Sure Success BatchNov 2024Admission

    What is the CA Intermediate Coaching Fee?

    The CA Intermediate coaching fee of VSI Jaipur is Rs. 1,00,000  (In Lumbsum) and 1,05,000 (In Installment). Group 1 Fees is Rs. 55,000  and for Group 2 Rs. 50,000.

    CA Intermediate LevelCoaching Fees
    Both GroupRs. 1,00,000 (In Lumpsum)
    Rs. 1,05,000 (In Installment)
    First GroupRs. 55,000
    Second GroupRs. 50,000

    Additional Charges:

    S. No.Gateway Payment Mode by StudentCharges Debit Rs.
    1.Net Banking18 per 1000 rupees
    2.Debit CardNone
    3.Credit Card1.2% per 100 rupees

    VSI Got 19 All India Ranks in CA Inter and CA Final
    Nov 2023 out of Top 50 Ranks

    CA Inter or Final Rankers Nov 2023 New Website banner 2024 New Updated

    How VSI Gives the Best Results in CA?


    What Students Say About VSI CA Intermediate Classes…

    *Source – Google Reviews

    CA Intermediate Demo Classes of VSI

    All India rankers of CA Inter May 2019
    Interview of Akshat Goyal
    Interview of Anjali Goyal

    VSI congratulates our Champions Akshat Goyal and Anjali Goyal for securing All India 1st and 3rd rank in CA Intermediate May 2019 exams. Akshat Goyal has scored Ever High Marks 740 marks out of 800. VSI has again proven to be the Best CA Intermediate Coaching Institute in India. VSI is proud of giving the highest CA results in India. 


    Till Now VSI JAIPUR’s More Than 4046 Students Have Cleared CA Intermediate and IPCC exams.

    CA Inter May 2023 Result of VSI

    In the CA Intermediate May 2023 exams, our students Harshika Khandelwal, Ashmit Jain, Sahil Harwani & Dev Kumar Aidaswani got All India 16, 25, 30 and 45 AIR respectively.

    VSI Intermediate Result May 2023 Toppers

    CA Inter Nov 2022 Result of VSI

    In the CA Intermediate Nov 2022 exams, our students Yash Gupt and Rupali Shivratan Karnani got All India 20 and 31 ranks respectively.

    VSI CA Inter Nov 2022 Rankers

    VSI Intermediate May 2022 Results

    In CA Inter May 2022, our students Aksh Garg and Mehul Garg got AIR 5 and 7 ranks respectively. Moreover, Aarthi C also got AIR 49th in the May 2022 exams.

    CA Inter Rankers May 2022

    In Dec 2021 

    In CA Intermediate Dec 2021 Result, our student Nikita Tinker secured All India 7th Rank with 652 marks out of 800. Moreover, our student Astha Agarwal secured AIR 17 (632/800), Yauwan Jain secured AIR 22 (625/800), Chirag Banka secured AIR 33 (610/800), Unnati Gupta secured AIR 40 (600/800), Bhavya Gupta and Shivam Gupta secured AIR 46 rank (594/800).   


    In Jan 2021

    In Jan 2021 attempt our student Girish Aswani secured the All India First Rank  (689/800). 

    Girish Aswani CA Intermediate All India 1st Ranker

    In Nov 2020

    In Nov 2020 attempt our student Ankush Sanjay Chirimar secured AIR 5(688/800). Our student Tikendra Kumar Singhal has secured AIR 8Rohan Garg has secured AIR 27(645/800),  and Vikas Kalani secured AIR 44 (625/800). 

    CA Intermediate Rankers OF Nov 2020 and Jan 2021

    In May 2019

    In May 2019 attempt our student Akshat Goyal secured the All India First Rank with Every Highest Mark (735/800). Our student Anjali Goyal has secured AIR 3, along with this our students have also secured 9 other All India Ranks in the top 50 Ranks.

    All india rankers of intermediate may 2019 img

    In Nov 2018

    Our Student Gaurav Garg secured All India Rank 7th, along with our 3 students in the top 50 All India Ranks.

    VSI CA Intermediate May 2018 and Nov 2018 Rankers

    In May 2018

    Our students Surendra Pal and Saloni Mittal have secured AIR 5 and AIR 10 in CA Intermediate May 2019 and our students have also secured 9 All India Ranks in the Top 50 All India Ranks.

    CA Intermediate May 2018 AIR banner

    In May 2017

    Our Student Gaurav Sarawagi secured All India Rank 1st, along with our 3 students in the top 50 All India Ranks.

    CA IPCC Result May 2017

    In November 2016

    Our 1 student ranked in the Top 10 All India Ranks Meenu Jain ( AIR 7 ), along with our 5 students in the top 50 All India Ranks.


    VSI IPCC Nov 2016 Rankers

    In May 2016

    Our 2 students ranked in the Top 10 All India Ranks Amit Dadhich ( AIR 5 ) and Arpit Chittora ( AIR 7 ), along with our 10 students in the top 50 All India Ranks.

    IPCC May 2016 result

    In May 2015

    VSI Again Made a Record of Being The Only Institute Giving 2 Students Tanu Garg (All India 1st Ranker) and Gunjan Garg (All India 2nd Ranker) with 7 other All India Merit Takers.

    IPCC Rankers of May 2015

    In May 2014

    VSI JAIPUR was the only Institute to Give 4 All India Ranks Together in May 2014. Our Institute has always Given Top ranks in All CA –IPCC Attempt, because we know learning is only based on the understanding of each topic clearly and completely. That is why our focus is always on our students they understand each topic completely and take additional classes to solve their problems.

    CA IPCC May 2014

    VSI India’s No. 1 CA Coaching Institute

    Summary of VSI CA Intermediate Coaching results
    VSI Intermediate Result Comparison
    VSI Intermediate result-comparison



    Ques. Should one take coaching for CA Intermediate or do it themselves?

    Ans. There is no substitute for self-study. However, CA Intermediate Coaching is crucial as they will learn the concepts properly from experienced teachers. Also, the guidance, study material and mock test will make your preparations even better.

    Ques. How many months should I dedicate to CA Intermediate exams?

    Ans. It totally depends on the student. In general, 7 months study period given by ICAI is sufficient to clear the CA Intermediate Exams.

    Ques. When will CA Intermediate examination be held?

    Ans. Examination for CA Intermediate is held twice a year, i.e. in May and in November. The next exams will be conducted in the month of May 2024. 

    Ques. Which is the best CA-Intermediate coaching in Jaipur?

    Ans. VSI Jaipur is one of the best CA Intermediate Coaching in India. It has provided 7 All India Rank 1 in the last 10 years. It provides complete guidance for the CA intermediate syllabus and detailed study material for students.

    Ques. What are the fees of VSI Jaipur?

    Ans. The fees for VSI are as follows: CA Foundation: Rs.53,000 CA Intermediate (Both Group): Rs.1,00,000 is (Lumpsum) and Rs. 1,05,000 (In Installments)  CA Final (Both Group): Rs.100,000

    Ques. Which group is most difficult in the CA Intermediate examination?

    Ans. The most difficult group in the CA Intermediate examination is Group 2, Advanced Accounting, which includes taxation, financial reporting, cost and management accounting, and auditing.

    Ques. Can I join coaching for CA Intermediate, or can I do it alone?

    Ans. There is only an option for self-study with CA Intermediate. Coaching is crucial as they will learn the concepts properly from experienced faculty. Also, the guidance, study material and mock test will make your preparations even better.

    Ques. How many hours a CA inter-student should study?

    Ans. To get the result fast of CA intern exams, students must study for 7-8 hours daily to crack the CA Inter exam. Also, keep in mind daily to solve practice papers to improve your speed.

    Ques. When will the CA Intermediate examination be held?

    Ans. The CA Inter exam 2024 for Group 1 will be conducted in May 2024. ICAI will soon release the exam dates for the May 2024 session.

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