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CA Foundation Economics & BCK 2023 (Paper 4) – Syllabus, Study Material, Papers, Notes

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Economics is a subject that focuses majorly on the capabilities of individuals being consumers and producers in the market and deals in finding solutions to their problems. It includes topics like basic problems of the economy and the market like price mechanism, the theory of demand and supply, production and cost, and business cycles.

ICAI has introduced Business Economics in CA Foundation Course with the objective of giving an added advantage to Chartered Accountants, who are more than accountants or editors in the business fraternity. Company Assistant also provides Business Solutions, and the study of the market economy helps them in providing better solutions.

There are 2 parts of the CA Foundation Paper 4. The first one is Business Economics and the other one is Business Commercial Knowledge (BCK). Here, In this article, we will share more information about CA Foundation Economics and BCK. The CA Foundation timetable for the June 2023 exam is released. As per the timetable, the Economics paper will conduct on June 30, 2023.

VSI CA foundation June 2024
VSI CA foundation Dec 2023 and May 2024 Exam

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Paper 4: Business Economics and Business Commercial Knowledge

Check out the CA Foundation Syllabus of the economics papers with its marks weightage in the table below.

Part 1- Business Economics

1Introduction to Business Economics15%-20%
2Theory of Demand and Supply35%-40%
3Theory of Production and Cost Price10% – 20%
4Determination in Different Markets25-30%
5Business Cycles15%-20%

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Part 2- Business and Commercial Knowledge (CA Foundation BCK)

1Introduction to Business15%-18%
2Business Environment15%-18%
3Business Organizations15%-20%
4Government Policies for Business Growth15%-18%
5Organizations Facilitating Business15%-18%
6Common Business Templates15%-18%

CA Foundation Dec 2022 Papers Solutions

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    CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage: Skill Assessment Specification

    Considering CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage is also very important while studying each and every chapter of the course. This will help you to identify the chapters that have more weightage and that need to be given more attention and importance. Below given CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage for skill assessment specification, check it below:

    PaperLevel I
    Comprehension & Knowledge
    Level II
    Paper 4 Part I: Business Economics40%50%50%-60%
    Paper 4 Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge100%

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    Free Resources for CA Foundation Economics Paper

    CA Foundation Economics Paper: Chapter-wise Study material in English and Hindi

    ICAI provides the easiest way to study the CA Course directly by making available study material for every specific subject of the CA Foundation. From here you can download the official and revised CA Foundation Economics notes and study material in pdf files. The study material also has MCQs at the end of the topic. You can practice them for your quick revision after completing the topic.

    Part 1 Business Economics

    ChapterUnitsEnglish MediumHindi Medium
    Chapter 1 Introduction to
    Business Economics
    Unit 1 Nature and Scope of Business EconomicsDownloadDownload
    Unit 2 Basic Problems of an EconomyDownloadDownload
    Chapter 2: Theory of Demand
    and Supply
    Unit I: Law of Demand and Elasticity of DemandDownloadDownload
    Unit II: Theory of Consumer BehaviourDownloadDownload
    Unit III: SupplyDownloadDownload
    Chapter 3: Theory of Production
    and Cost
    Unit I: Theory of ProductionDownloadDownload
    Unit II: Theory of CostDownload


    Chapter 4: Meaning and Types of MarketsUnit I: Meaning and Types of MarketsDownloadDownload
    Unit II: Determination of PricesDownloadDownload
    Unit III: Price Output Determination under Different Market FormsDownloadDownload
    Chapter 5: Business Cycles DownloadDownload

    Part 2- Business and Commercial Knowledge (BCK)

    ChapterEnglish MediumHindi Medium
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Business and BCKDownloadDownload 
    Chapter 2: Business EnvironmentDownloadDownload
    Chapter 3: Business OrganizationsDownloadDownload 
    Chapter 4: Government Policies for Business GrowthDownloadDownload
    Chapter 5: Organizations Facilitating BusinessDownloadDownload 
    Chapter 6: Common Business TerminologiesDownloadDownload 

    To download PDF of of CA Foundation study material of all the papers for the May 2023 examinations, students can visit the given link.

    CA Foundation Economics Notes

    Students can download the ICAI Notes for the CA Foundation economics paper from the link below:

    CA Foundation Economics Notes – Download PDF

    Glossary for CA Foundation Economics Paper

    The Economics subject involves various terms that have a particular meaning in correspondence to this particular subject. Situations like customer satisfaction point, availability of goods, purchase by customers, the shift in the price of commodities due to different reasons, and the number of brands or companies in a market for a single product have significant terms.

    Therefore, ICAI has given a glossary of more than 50 terms which you can download from links below. It will help you to understand the meaning of any term easily. You can go through it before starting a chapter and use it as a reference whenever needed.

    Download Glossary in English

    Download Glossary in Hindi

    Self Examination Questions

    Download Self Examination Questions and Answers in English

    Download Self Examination Questions and Answers in Hindi

    Mock Test Papers with Solutions for Paper 4 of CA Foundation

    Solving Mock Test Papers is the best way to know your preparation results. Solving regular Mock tests will help you study those study-specific topics that are still needed to be practised more. VSI Jaipur is the best CA Foundation Coaching Center that is known for providing regular mock test series to help students to prepare daily for the toughest exam in India. Below are the last year’s mock test papers that were given by ICAI for the CA Foundation Economics paper. 

    Download Mock Test Question Paper

    Download Answer Sheets

    Besides this mock test paper, you should also practice previous year CA Foundation papers and other mock test papers.

    You can also access more mock test papers and previous year Q/A click here.

    Essential Tips for CA Foundation Business Economics & Business Commercial Knowledge Exam

    In between studying for hours you need to create a plan for your subjects in time slots and follow some tips for CA Foundation Exam that will keep you energized and focused.

    1. Check the CA Foundation exam pattern. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge is an objective type paper. The minimum passing marks for this subject is 40% of the total marks. 
    2. Give focus on which concept and formula fit in the best way. Concepts in Business Economics are interrelated to each other, you should understand what is the question before answering it. For example, Demand and supply are different concepts but they are interrelated. When both are involved in a question, understand what the examiner wants you to answer.
    3. This subject contains numerical questions. So you must focus on your calculation speed so that at first you can get enough time for understanding the concept involved in the question. 
    4. Also, to excel in the economics paper, you also need to solve the CA Foundation question papers of previous years.

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    If you are looking for the complete compiler for CA Foundation Economics 2020 paper, then this article has everything that a student needs to know. From Weightage, mock test series, syllabus to revision Test Paper, go through the article, and do your study well. If you are also looking for the best coaching center in Jaipur, then VSI Jaipur is the best option to enroll yourself for the best. Get the best study material to help at the time of self-studies. VSI Jaipur is also known for the best CA Final Online classes to help students who live in remote areas or far away areas from the coaching center. VSI Jaipur team wishes you all to have a bright future and golden success in your CA Career. 


    Q1. Is Business Economics a difficult subject for students who are from the Science or Humanities stream?

    Ans. The CA Foundation Business Economics paper consists of the initial level concepts and formulas. Commerce Students have an added advantage because they are cleared with the basics. But Science/Arts students can also easily pass in the paper once they have a clear understanding of concepts.

    Q2. From where I can get the CA Foundation Economics question papers for June 2023 exams? 

    Ans. Students can visit the official website of ICAI to download the CA Foundation question papers for Economics. Or else, you can get them from the VSI Jaipur website. 

    Q3. When is the Business Economics CA Foundation Paper for June 2023?

    Ans. The next CA Foundation Business Economics Paper will be held on 30th June 2023. 

    Q.4. Is there any exemption in the CA Foundation?

    Ans. No, there is no concept exemption in the CA foundation. This option is only available for CA intermediate and CA Final students. 

    Q.5. When can one register for the CA Foundation course of Nov 2023? 

    Ans. The registration for the CA Foundation course of Nov 2023 is open now. Students can register before 1st July 2023. 

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