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CA Foundation Economics & BCK 2024 (Paper 4) – Syllabus, Study Material, Papers, Notes

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Economics is a subject that focuses majorly on the capabilities of individuals being consumers and producers in the market and deals in finding solutions to their problems. It includes topics like basic problems of the economy and the market price mechanism, the theory of demand and supply, production and cost, and business cycles.

ICAI has introduced Business Economics in the CA Foundation Course with the objective of giving an added advantage to Chartered Accountants, who are more than accountants or editors in the business fraternity. Company Assistant also provides Business Solutions, and the study of the market economy helps them provide better solutions.

The CA Foundation Paper 4. The first one is Business Economics, and the other one is Business Commercial Knowledge (BCK). In this article, we will share more information about CA Foundation Economics and BCK. The CA Foundation timetable for the June 2024 exam has been released. As per the timetable, the Economics paper will be conducted on June 15, 2024 (Tentative).

VSI CA Foundation Sep./Dec. 2024 Exams
VSI International School Jaipur

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Paper 4: Business Economics and Business Commercial Knowledge

Check out the CA Foundation Syllabus of the economics papers with its marks weightage in the table below.

Part 1- Business Economics

1Introduction to Business Economics15%-20%
2Theory of Demand and Supply35%-40%
3Theory of Production and Cost Price10% – 20%
4Determination in Different Markets25-30%
5Business Cycles15%-20%

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Part 2- Business and Commercial Knowledge (CA Foundation BCK)

1Introduction to Business15%-18%
2Business Environment15%-18%
3Business Organizations15%-20%
4Government Policies for Business Growth15%-18%
5Organizations Facilitating Business15%-18%
6Common Business Templates15%-18%

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    CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage: Skill Assessment Specification

    Considering CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage is also very important while studying each and every chapter of the course. This will help you to identify the chapters that have more weightage and that need to be given more attention and importance. Below given CA Foundation Economics Paper Weightage for skill assessment specification, check it below:

    PaperLevel I
    Comprehension & Knowledge
    Level II
    Paper 4 Part I: Business Economics40%50%50%-60%
    Paper 4 Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge100%

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    Free Resources for CA Foundation Economics Paper

    CA Foundation Economics Paper: Chapter-wise Study material in English and Hindi

    ICAI provides the easiest way to study the CA Course directly by making available study material for every specific subject of the CA Foundation. From here, you can download the official and revised CA Foundation Economics notes and study material in PDF files. The study material also has MCQs at the end of the topic. You can practice them for your quick revision after completing the topic.

    Paper 4: Business Economics Study Material CA New Scheme 2024

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