Chartered Accountancy Entrance Guide for 12th science students

Chartered Accountancy Entrance Guide for 12th Science Students


Students from the Science background till 12th standard might have the query that whether they can pursue Chartered Accountancy course. Can a Science student become a Chartered Accountant?, Can I do CA after 12th science? Or is there any student who became a Chartered Accountant even belonging to the Science background till 12th standard? If such questions are roaming in your mind then read this Chartered Accountancy Entrance Guide to carefully. You will find answers to all your queries.

So we begin with Answering…


Chartered Accountancy is a course of passion and dedication. Every student can pursue this course after the 12th examinations. If you are a science student till 12th or even if you are a graduate of science then also you can be a Chartered Accountant.

No doubt, that if you have a commerce background you already have a command over its core subjects like Accounting. But beside the accounting, there are so many other subjects which are new to everyone whether you have commerce background or not.

The entire CA syllabus is divided into three parts –

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final


The students who want to pursue this course can register for the entrance level i.e. CA Foundation after appearing in 12th Examination and will become eligible to appear in the CA Foundation examination after passing the 12th examination.

Institute doesn’t differentiate between commerce and science students. Terms and conditions for appearing in the examination are equal for both of them.

Usually, Most of the science students are unaware of commerce subjects and consider chartered accountant career very hard to pursue. but actually, pursuing this course is far more easy for PCM students because they are brilliant in solving practical sums and Chartered Accountants are well-known players of figures in the finance world. They are expected to analyse the Financial ratios and review the Financial Statements.

The only challenge is to grab the command over Accounting for the Science students because this is the core subject of Chartered Accountancy course. You cannot proceed further until you don’t have the depth knowledge of Accounting as Chartered Accountants are the first accountants.

Other subjects are new to everyone so you have to study equally like commerce students.

The syllabus of CA Foundation is divided into four subjects –

  1. Principles and Practices of Accounting.
  2. Mercantile Laws and General English
  3. Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics
  4. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge


As we have already discussed that Accounting is the core subject of Chartered Accountancy course so you must have a depth knowledge of all the topics in your course. You can join coaching for this subject in the given study period of four months.


The next subject is Mercantile Law, this subject is equally new for the Science and Commerce students. This gives you a basic understanding of Company law and detailed knowledge of Contract Act, Partnership Act and Sales of Goods Act etc.

This subject is blended with General English the basic knowledge of English which you have gone through in your primary and secondary classes.


Moving on towards the next subject which is Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Business Statistics, the favorite subject for the Science Maths students but the scariest subject for the commerce students. This subject is a combination of Maths, Stats and Logical Reasoning.

20 marks are covered by Logical reasoning and the remaining part of the paper is divided equally among Maths and Stats.


Thereafter, Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge will be your fourth and last subject at the CA foundation level. This is true that Commerce students are already familiar with this subject. But the subject is easy and you don’t need to go into depth of this subject. With the proper study and correct guidance, you can easily clear this paper.


The first two papers i.e. “Principles and Practices of Accounting” and “Mercantile Law and General English” are subjective paper. However, the next two i.e. “Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Business Statistics” and “Business Economics and Business and Commercial knowledge are objective papers”.


The course required to obtain 40% marks in individual subjects and 50% marks in aggregate of all the subjects. Therefore, you have to study each and every subject properly.  The objective papers contain the negative marking. For each wrong answer, ¼ marks will get deducted while for each correct answer you will be given one mark.



Once you have passed the entrance level i.e. CA Foundation the journey in the next two levels will be same. You have to go through the entire eight subjects similarly like Commerce students.

There are thousands of students who shifted from Science to commerce and today some are CA while some are MBA.

So, if you are a science student till 12th standard and want to pursue Chartered Accountancy course then you can easily go ahead. The only thing this course demand is hard work and dedication. However, so many times students face failure because of its low pass percentage but nothing is impossible until you don’t let it be.


Conclusion – In this article, we have learned that how a Science student can become ca after 12 with PCM. What challenges he will have to face from a non commerce background.