Best CA Foundation Coaching Classes in India – Complete Details (2022)

CA Foundation Coaching for Nov 2022 Exams 

VSI Jaipur is starting the CA Foundation Coaching for students preparing for the Nov 2022 exams. Students interested can register for our offline or online classes as per their preference.

Students who have cleared or are appearing in class 12th are eligible to register for the CA Foundation Classes. The duration of the CA Foundation coaching will be 3 months. In these 3 months, apart from the syllabus completion, we’ll also conduct 6 mock tests that will cover the complete CA Foundation course.

CA Foundation is not hard to clear but you’ll need CA Foundation is not a hard exam to clear. But you’ll need good coaching to better understand the concepts and to get guidance. So don’t waste your time. Join Now to make the best of it.

If you have any queries about the CA Foundation classes, fill out the enquiry form below and send us your query.

Who Should Join VSI CA Foundation Coaching?

Join only if you are passionate about CA, want to be a Ranker & Pass the exam in the 1st Attempt.

CA Foundation Dec 2021 Result (VSI Students) 

300+ Marks 13 Students
250+ Marks 89 Students 
200+ Marks 200 Students 

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CA Foundation Classes Details 

Check the table below to know the details about the VSI Jaipur’s CA Foundation classes for the Nov 2022 exams. 

CA Foundation Classes Details

Eligibility12th Class Appeared Candidates
ObjectTo understand the soul of the subject & solve the questions within time by short – tricks method.
MediumSeparate Batches for Hindi & English Medium Students.
Course DurationAbout Three Months
Course MaterialHindi & English Module as per the medium of students provided by VSI
Mode of ClassesOnline and Offline
Offline Classes atDurgapura, Shastri Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, and Vidyadhar Nagar (Jaipur)
Mock Test

6 Mock Tests

  1. First 25% course
  2. Next 25% course
  3. Next 25% course
  4. Last 25% course
  5. First 1 – 50% course
  6. 100% Complete course

– Test will be taken on OMR Sheet

– OMR Sheet will be checked by OMR Machine.

Admission Open: Face-to-Face and Online Classes

Batch forDateClasses
CA Foundation Nov 202218th MayOnline/Face-to-Face Classes

VSI All India Rankers of CA Foundation Nov 2019

VSI Foundation Coaching Study Pattern

Jaipur CentreOther than Jaipur CentreOnline Classes   (Study at your Home)Expected Role in CA Results
(i) CA Foundation ClassesFace to faceVideo ClassesVideo Classes10%
(ii) VSI Mock Test PaperConductedConductedConducted40%
(iii) Personalized GuidanceProvided TelephonicallyProvided TelephonicallyProvided Telephonically50%

    Get all the details about the CA Foundation Course

    CA Foundation Online Coaching 

    Online classes for a complete syllabus of the Chartered accountant foundation course are available for our students.

    We developed our online classes for the CA foundation using Pendrive classes and Video classes. We are dedicated to rendering our proven teaching methodologies in the most user-friendly interface that will help our students to save time and enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience.

    You can also download free PDFs of the Mock test papers, MCQ tests, online question papers and free demo sessions at regular intervals. Our dedicated schedule helps our students prepare for the CA foundation examination.

    Our online CA Foundation classes will cover the entire 2022 syllabus of ICAI.

    Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting. 

    Paper 2: Mercantile Law and General English. 

    Paper 3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning. 

    Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

    Enrol now to get the best video classes, pen drive classes, online classes, face-to-face classes for CA Foundation for the record-breaking performance.

    CA Foundation Online Coaching classes

    VSI CA Foundation Online Classes

    Why CA Foundation Classes from VSI Jaipur?

    VSI is the best CA Foundation coaching Institute in India. VSI केवल limited students को CA Foundation में Admission देता है एवं प्रयास करता है कि all students पास हो।

    क्योंकि CA Foundation में 2 Paper Intermediate की तरह subjective होते है उसके solve करने का तरीका हम CA Foundation में ही सिखा देते हैऔर deserving students को हम VSI Intermediate के Sure Success Batch में admission देते है जिससे की CA का Intermediate Exam जो Toughest Exam माना जाता है उसमें Students Top Ranks में जगह बनाते हैइसी का नतीजा है कि VSI ने पिछले 10 वर्षों में 7 बार All India 1st Ranks दी है।

    VSI Jaipur All India 1st Rankers

    Factors that make VSI Jaipur, the best CA Foundation Institute in India:

    • Timely Completion of the CA Foundation Course
    • Exam-Oriented Classes from the Experienced teachers
    • Regular and Quality Mock Test Papers 
    • Personalized Guidance to each student based on their performance
    • Frequent Doubt-solving sessions 
    • Healthy and Competitive Study Environment
    • Different Batches for English and Hindi 

    With the concentrated and dedicated efforts of our students and teachers, we have a high passing percentage in the CA Foundation exams. If we talk about the CA Foundation Dec 2021 Result, 302 students from VSI Jaipur cleared the exams.

    How to Join VSI Foundation Coaching?

    You Can Join VSI in 3 Ways

    At Jaipur CenterOther than Jaipur CenterAt your Home
    Face to FaceOnline ClassesVideo Classes

    To get admission to the CA Foundation Coaching Classes, you can visit the following links mentioned above.

    VSI- Where AIR is a Tradition

    May 2019 Rankers Siddharth Parakh and Rishabh Jain from VSI Foundation Classes

    Our winners Siddharth Parakh and Rishabh Jain have secured All India 13th and 42ndRank in CA Foundation May 2019 exams. VSI is proud of giving the highest CA results in India.

    VSI CA Foundation Institute Fee Structure

    CA Foundation Coaching Fees

    CA Foundation Fees48,000

    Additional Charges

    S. No.Gateway Payment Mode by StudentCharges Debit Rs.
    1.Net Banking18 per 1000 rupees
    2.Debit CardNone
    3.Credit Card1.2% per 100 rupees

    How does VSI Give the Best Results in CA?


    Know More

    Do You Wanna Score Higher Than Your Boards In CA Foundation?

    Then, you can join the VSI CA Foundation coaching. Also, by joining VSI classes, you can build a strong foundation for the Intermediate and Final exams.

    No. 1 Institute In India For CA Foundation Preparation

    In the below section, we have mentioned the results from the VSI CA Foundation classes of the previous years.


    Till Now, VSI JAIPUR’s 7459 students cleared CPT/CA Foundation.

    In CA Foundation Dec 2021 Result 

    In Dec 2021, our 302 students cleared the CA Foundation exams. 

    In July 2021 CA Foundation

    Our 119 students passed the CA Foundation exam held in July 2021. 

    In May 2019 CA Foundation

    Our students Siddharth Parakh and Rishabh Jain have secured All India Rank 13th and 42nd in CA Foundation May 2019.

    In November 2018 CA Foundation

    In November 2018 our 22 Students has secured AIR 15, AIR 25, AIR 26, AIR 26, AIR 30, AIR 31, AIR 33, AIR 34, AIR 35, AIR 37, AIR 39, AIR 39, AIR 41, AIR 43, AIR 43, AIR 43, AIR 45, AIR 45, AIR 46, AIR 46, AIR 47, and AIR 48.

    Nov 2018 rankers from VSI CA Foundation Coaching

    In June 2018 CPT

    In CPT June 2018 our student Akshat Goyal has secured 194 Ever Highest Marks. Along with this our 6 students have also secured more than 170 marks in June 2018.

    In December 2017 CPT

    Our 6 students scored 90% and more, Ayush Kabra 91.5 %, Saurabh Nama 91.00 %, Pooravi Purwar 90.50%, Basant Periwal 90.50 %, Rakshit Biyani 90.00 %, Akshay Jain 90.00 %.

    In June 2017 CPT

    Our 14 students scored 90% and more, Mrinal Jain 97.50% ( 195 Marks ), Archit Agarwal 97.50% ( 195 Marks ), Supriya Kabra 95% ( 190 Marks ), Kriti Goel 94.50% ( 189 Marks ), Shivangi Agarwal 94.50% ( 189 Marks ), Pragya Jain 94.50% ( 189 Marks ), Shipra Pathak 94.00% ( 188 Marks), Sachin Agarwal 93.50% ( 187 Marks ), Khushi Agarwal 92.50% ( 185 Marks ), Rohit Agarwal 92.00% ( 184 Marks ), Nihar Khandelwal 90.50% ( 181 Marks ), Akshat Agarwal 90.50% ( 181 Marks ), Anchal Garg 90.00% ( 180 Marks ), Ujjawal Agarwal 90.00% ( 180 Marks ).

    In December 2016 CPT

    Our 3 students scored 90% and more, Puneet Matha 92.50% ( 185 Marks ), Hirendra Lakhotia 91% ( 182 Marks ) and 1 student scored 90%, Krishan Khandelwal 90% (180 Marks).

    In June 2016 CPT

    Our 5 students scored 90% and more, Nikhilesh Jain 92% ( 184 Marks ), Deepesh Garg 91.5% ( 183 Marks ) & Shreya Gupta 91.5% (183 Marks) and 2 students scored 90%, Sakshi Jain 90% (180 Marks) & Dheeraj Soni 90% (180 Marks).

    In Dec 2015 CPT

    Shubhangi Gupta scored 193 marks, both Preksha Jain and Himani Jain scored 190 marks which are more than the previous All India Rankers.

    In June 2015 CPT

    VSI was the only institute to give 4 students who are among the top 10 All India Rankers