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Download CA Intermediate New Study Material for May 2024 PDF (English & Hindi)

CA Intermediate

Study Material for May 2024 – ICAI has issued the CA Inter study material applicable for the May 2024 exams. So, Students can download the ICAI CA Intermediate study material 2024 pdf in English and Hindi] from this page. 

In the study material, ICAI provides CA intermediate papers from previous years, mock test papers, and revision test papers to help students prepare for the exams. 

The ICAI Inter Study Material has detailed knowledge of each chapter and topic and covers the entire CA Intermediate Syllabus. The ICAI CA Intermediate Study Material for the May 2024 exams is below:

Paper-1:  Advanced Accounting
Paper-2: Corporate and Other Laws
Paper-3: Taxation 

  • Section A: Income Tax Law
  • Section B: Goods and Service Tax

Paper-4: Cost and Management Accounting
Paper-5: Auditing and Ethics
Paper-6: Financial Management & Strategic Management

  • Section A: Financial Management 
  • Section B: Strategic Management 

Students can download the chapter-wise CA Intermediate study material for the 2024 exams from the links below. One important announcement for students is that from Nov 2024, ICAI will not conduct the IPCC exams. Now, students can only give the paper of CA Intermediate.

In this article, students will get the download link for the complete CA Intermediate study material PDF for the May 2024 exams in English and Hindi.

ICAI has announced the CA’s new scheme for the 2024 exams onwards. The new scheme comes with various changes in the syllabus, exam pattern, exemptions and more. Check all the details about the CA new scheme 2024 here.

how to crack CA Intermediate exams in first attempt

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Table of Contents

CA Intermediate Prime Batch Nov 2024 Attempt

CA Intermediate New Study Material 2024

Paper 1: CA Intermediate Advanced Accounts Study Material (Hindi)

Paper :1 CA Intermediate Advance Accounting Study Material CA New Scheme 2024

SubjectModule 1
Advance AccountingInitial Page
Chapter 1: Introduction to Accounting StandardsIntroduction to Accounting
Chapter 2: Framework for Preparation
and Presentation of Financial Statements
Framework for Preparation and
Presentation of Financial Statements
Chapter 3: Application of Accounting StandardsApplication of Accounting
Chapter 4: Framework for Preparation
and Presentation of Financial Statements
Unit -1 Accounting
Standards 1 Disclosure of Accounting Policies
Unit -2 Accounting Standard 3
Cash Flow Statement
Unit -3 Accounting Standard 17
Segment Reporting
Unit -4 Accounting Standard 18
Related Party Disclousers
Unit -5 Accounting Standard 20
Earnings Per Share
Unit -6 Accounting Standard 24
Discontinuing Operations
Unit -7 Accounting Standard 25
Interim Financial Reporting
Module 2Initial Page
Chapter 5: Assets Based Accounting Standards
Unit -1 Accounting Standards 2
Valuation of Inventory
Unit -2 Accounting Standard 10
Property, Plant and Equipment
Unit -3 Accounting Standard 13
Accounting for Investments
Unit -4 Accounting Standard 16
Borrowing Costs
Unit -5 Accounting Standard 19
Unit -6 Accounting Standard 26
Intangible Assets
Unit -7 Accounting Standard 28
Impairment of Assets
Chapter 6: Liabilities Based Accounting Standards
Unit -1 Accounting Standards
15 Employee Banefits
Unit -2 As 29 (Revised)
Chapter 7: Accounting Standards Based on Items Impacting Financial Statements
Unit -1 Accounting Standards 4
Contingencies and Events Occurring
Unit -2 Accounting Standard 5
Net Profitor Loss
Unit -3 Accounting Standard
11 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
Unit -4 Accounting Standard
22 Accounting for Taxes on Income
Chapter 8: Revenue Based Accounting Standards
Unit -1 Accounting Standards 7
Construction Contracts
Unit -2 Accounting Standard 9
Revenue Recognition
Chapter 9: Other Accounting Standards
Unit -1 Accounting Standards
12 Accounting for Govt. Grants
Unit – 2 Accounting Standard
14 Accounting for Amalgamations
Chapter 10: Accounting Standards for Consolidated Financial Statements
Unit -1 Accounting Standards
21 Consolidated Financial Statements
Unit – 2 Accounting Standard
23 Accounting for Investments
Unit – 3 Accounting Standard
27 Financial Reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures
Module 3Initial Page
Chapter 11: Financial Statements of Companies
Unit -1 Preparation of
Financial Statements
Unit – 2 Cach Flow
Chapter 12: Buy Back of SecuritiesBuy Back of Securities
Chapter 13: Amalgamation of CompaniesAmalgamation of Companies<< /a>
Chapter 14: Internal ReconstructionInternal Reconstruction
Chapter 15: Accounting for Branches Including Foreign BranchesAccounting for Branches
Including Foreign Branches

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    Paper 2: CA Intermediate Corporate and Other Laws Study Material (Hindi)

    Given below is the study material for the CA Intermediate Company and Other Laws. Students can also download the CA study material pdf for corporate and other law subjects.

    Paper: 2 CA Intermediate Corporate and Other Laws Study Material CA New Scheme 2024

    SubjectModule 1
    Corporate and Other LawsInitial Page
    Chapter 1: PreliminaryPreliminary
    Chapter 4: Share Capital and DebenturesShare Capital and Debentures
    Module 2Initial Page
    Chapter 5: Acceptnace of Deposits by CompaniesAcceptnace of Deposits by
    Chapter 6: Registration of ChargesRegistration of Charges
    Module 2 Intial Pages
    Chapter 7: Management and AdministrationManagement and Administration
    Chapter 8: Declaration and Payment of DividendDeclaration and Payment of
    Chapter 9: Accounts of CompaniesAccounts of Companies
    Chapter 10: Audit and AuditorsAudit and Auditors
    Chapter 11: Companies Incorporated Outside IndiaCompanies Incorporated Outside
    Module 3 Initial Page
    Chapter 12: The Limited Liability partnership Act, 2008The Limited Liability partnership
    Act, 2008
    Chapter 1: The General Clauses Act, 1897The General Clauses Act, 1897
    Chapter 2: Interpretation of StatutesInterpretation of Statutes
    Chapter 3: The Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999The Foreign Exchange Management
    Act, 1999

    Paper 3: CA Intermediate Taxation (Section A – Income Tax Law) Study Material CA New Scheme

    SubjectModule 1
    Taxation ( Section A: Income tax Laws)Initial Page
    Section 1
    Overview, Scenario, Crossword Puzzle
    Chapter 1: Basic ConceptBasic Concept
    Chapter 2: Residence and Scope of Total IncomeResidence and Scope of Total
    Section 2Overview, Scenario, Croassword
    Chapter 3: Heads of IncomeUnit 1: Salaries
    Unit 2: Income from House Property
    Unit 3: Profits and Gains of Business
    or Profession
    Unit 4: Capital Gains
    Unit 5: Income from Other Sources
    Module 2Initial Page
    Section 3Overview, Scenario, Croassword
    Chapter 4: Income of Other Persons Included in Assessee’s Total IncomeIncome of Other Persons Included in
    Assessee’s Total Income
    Chapter 5: Aggregation of Income, Set-Off and Carry Forward of LossesAggregation of Income, Set-Off and
    Carry Forward of Losses
    Chapter 6: Deductions from Gross Total Income Deductions from Gross Total
    Section 4Overview, Scenario, Croassword
    Chapter 7: Advance Tax, Tax Deduction at Source and Tax Collection at SourceAdvance Tax, Tax Deduction at Source
    and Tax Collection at Source
    Chapter 8: Provisions for filing Return of Income and Self AssessmentProvisions for filing Return of Income
    and Self Assessment
    Section 5Overview, Scenario, Croassword
    Chapter 8: Income Tax Liability – Computation and Optimisation Income Tax Liability – Computation
    and Optimisation

     Paper: 3 CA Intermediate Taxation (Section B – Goods and Service Tax) Study Material CA New Scheme

    Module 1 Initial Page
    Chapter 1: GST in India – An IntroductionGST in India – An Introduction
    Chapter 2: Supply under GSTSupply under GST
    Chapter 3: Charge of GSTCharge of GST
    Chapter 4: Place of SupplyPlace of Supply
    Chapter 5: Exemptions from GSTExemptions from GST
    Chapter 6: Time of SupplyTime of Supply
    Chapter 7: Value of SupplyValue of Supply
    Module 2 Initial Page
    Chapter 8: Input Tax CreditInput Tax Credit
    Chapter 9: RegistrationRegistration
    Chapter 10: Tax Invoice; Credit and Debit NotesTax Invoice; Credit and Debit
    Chapter 11: Accounts and RecordsAccounts and Records
    Chapter 12: E-Way BillE-Way Bill
    Chapter 13: Payment of TaxPayment of Tax
    Chapter 14: Tax Deduction at Source and Collection of Tax at SourceTax Deduction at Source and
    Collection of Tax at Source
    Chapter 15: ReturnsReturns

    Paper 4: Cost and Management Accounting Study Material CA New Scheme 2024

    Module 1 Initial Page
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Cost and Management AccountingIntroduction to Cost and Management
    Chapter 2: Material CostGSTMaterial Cost
    Chapter 3: Employee Cost and Direct ExpensesEmployee Cost and Direct Expenses
    Chapter 4: Overheads – Absorption Costing MethodOverheads – Absorption Costing
    Chapter 5: Activity Based CostingActivity Based Costing
    Chapter 6: Cost SheetCost Sheet
    Chapter 7: Cost Accounting SystemsCost Accounting Systems
    Module 2 Initial Page
    Chapter 8: Unit & Batch CostingUnit & Batch Costing
    Chapter 9: Job CostingJob Costing
    Chapter 10: Process & Operation CostingProcess & Operation Costing
    Chapter 11: Joint Products and By ProductsJoint Products and By Products
    Chapter 12: Service CostingService Costing
    Chapter 13: Standard CostingStandard Costing
    Chapter 14: Marginal CostingMarginal Costing
    Chapter 15: Budgets and Budgetary ControlBudgets and Budgetary Control

    Paper 5: Audit and Ethics Study Material CA New Scheme 2024

    Module 1 Initial Page
    Chapter 1: Nature, Objective and Scope of AuditNature, Objective and Scope of
    Chapter 2: Audit Strategy, Audit Planning and Audit ProgrammeAudit Strategy, Audit Planning and
    Audit Programme
    Chapter 3: Risk Assessment and Internal ControlRisk Assessment and Internal
    Chapter 4: Audit EvidenceAudit Evidence
    Chapter 5: Audit of Items of Financial StatementsAudit of Items of Financial
    Module 2 Initial Page
    Chapter 6: Audit DocumentationAudit Documentation
    Chapter 7: Completion and ReviewCompletion and Review
    Chapter 8: Audit ReportAudit Report
    Chapter 9: Special Features of Audit of Different Type of EntitiesSpecial Features of Audit of Different
    Type of Entities
    Chapter 10: Audit of BanksAudit of Banks
    Chapter 11: Ethics and Terms of Audit EngagementsEthics and Terms of Audit

    Paper  6: Financial Management and Strategic Management

    Section A: Financial Management


    Syllabus Modules




    Chapter 1: Scope and Objectives of Financial Management
    Chapter 2: Types of Financing
    Chapter 3: Financial Analysis and Planning – Ratio Analysis
    Chapter 4: Cost of Capital
    Chapter 5: Financing Decisions – Capital Structure
    Chapter 6: Financing Decisions – Leverages


    Chapter 7: Investment Decisions
    Chapter 8: Dividend Decision
    Chapter 9: Management of Working Capital

    Section B: Strategic Management:

    Syllabus Modules
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Strategic Management
    Chapter 2: Strategic Analysis: External Environment
    Chapter 3: Strategic Analysis: Internal Environment
    Chapter 4: Strategic Choices
    Chapter 5: Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

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    CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers

    Along with the CA Intermediate study material, ICAI also provides mock test and revision test papers for the
    students. In the previous articles, we have shared with you a study plan for CA inter group 1 and CA inter group
    papers (You must read once) along with the understanding of the significance of practicing CA
    Intermediate Mock Test Papers

    You must complete your studies before time, so you can solve mock test papers and practice from revision papers. Furthermore, CA Online Classes are also help to start you preparation. Instead of searching various websites on the internet for these papers, visit the VSI pages where we have all the papers assembled for you.

    Practising regularly and cross-checking your answers from the solution key will help you improve your
    performance. You will not feel nervous during the exam if you solve revision papers and mock test papers, they
    make you confident.

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    Strategies to Clear CA Intermediate Course on the First Attempt

    To clear the CA intermediate course, CA candidates need to follow some strategies. The strategies are as follows:

    1. Prepare a study plan according to the CA Inter exam dates.
    2. As May 2024 exams are the next, so only download the ICAI CA Inter study material for the 2024 attempt.
      Here, we have also shared the ICAI Inter study material in both English and Hindi language.
    3. Join the best coaching- To prepare well for the CA Intermediate course it is very necessary for candidates
      to join the best CA intermediate coaching centre.
    4. Students must prepare their own revision ca inter notes pdf, which will help at the time or revision.
    5. Candidates must focus on logical reasoning and focus on statistics.
    6. Students must have a command over calculators.
    7. Candidates must take a short break during the study.
    8. CA intermediate candidates must try to do at least three-time revisions.
    9. Candidates should solve model test papers for better practice.
    10. Candidates should also focus on how to write an answer during the exam.
    11. CA candidates must plan to try to do the last one-month revision.

    These strategies have helped many students in getting good CA Intermediate results. If you follow proper
    strategies and good study material, then clearing intermediate or IPCC is not a tough job for you.

    Furthermore, you can also check the complete details of CA Intermediate Registration June 2024.

    CA Intermediate Preparations Tips New Syllabus 2024

    Understand the New Syllabus and Pattern  

    Aspirants Should Understand the CA New Scheme Syllabus. ICAI has Changed the Syllabus for the May 2024 Examination. Students have to go through the complete syllabus first and then start their preparation for the CA Intermediate exam. 

    Create a Study Schedule 

    Students should make a study plan for the CA intermediate exam in May 2024. With a perfect study plan, students can consistently focus on their studies and give proper time to every subject. 

    Practise Regularly

    Students must regularly practise practical subjects like Accounts, Cost Accounting, and Taxation. These three Subjects contain most of the practical questions in the examination. 

    Time Management 

    CA Intermediate is the Second stage of the Chartered Accountant Course. The Syllabus for the Intermediate exam is very lengthy, and because of its vast syllabus, the paper is also very lengthy. Students have to manage their time properly. Without efficient time management, many students cannot complete the paper, and it will affect their results. 

    Concept Clarity –  

    Students have to revise their subject at least 2 to 3 times before the exam. Revision gives clarity over the concept and gives the power to remember the topic during the examination. You also have to work on concept clarity. Don’t memorise your subject; try to understand the topic or subject. 

    Practice Mock Test Papers

    By practising Mock test Papers, Students get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Solving Mock test Papers allows students to identify their weak areas, which they can work on before exams. Mock test papers also give students an experience of the exam.

    Can Students Crack CA Inter in 3 Months From New Scheme Syllabus

    You will have three months to prepare for your exams. The students should set a target for every month and can then complete the entire syllabus of the CA intermediate course.

      • Time hours to study: 12-15 hours daily
      • Subjects to revise daily: Advanced Accounts, Cost accounting, Taxation (4 hours practical daily)
      • Subjects to revise weekly: Law, Eco, Sm (fix one day of the week)
      • Papers to revise fortnightly (15 days): Audit, Enterprise information system (Assign the number of hours to be devoted in each subject)

      1. Choose a proper studying place for yourself.
      2. The seat should be comfortable, and the room should have proper lights.
      3. Sit in a comfortable and erect position while studying
      4. There should be no disturbance while you study.
      5. Make neat notes and use markers to underline important topics.
      6. Use the compilers of the updated syllabus.

    First Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2024 

    During the first month of preparation, try to cover the theoretical portion of the chapter. Keep working on the theoretical part of the subjects and try to understand the basic concepts so that things become easier for you for further studies. The course is vast so you need to be regular with your studies. 

    Second Month Study Plan for CA Intermediate May 2024

    It’s time to practice practical problems for the entire day. With only one month left for exams, you need to cover the course in time with regular studies. 

    If you have any doubts, ask your teachers or seniors to help you. It is the time when your concepts about the subject should be clear and completely focused on a practical part of the course. 

    Sit back and concentrate on the topic you are efficient at, working to clear up any problems or dilemmas connected to that subject or question. You can again seek guidance from Teachers or your seniors.

    CA Intermediate Third-Month Preparation Strategy

    Eventually, you are here for the last 2 days for your exams.  Your exams are approaching, so don’t stampede if you are still pending with the course. Adhere to your study plan, and you will surely be able to review those remaining topics. 

    Don´t be nervous or overconfident during this time. It is time to keep your mind and body stable and fit. With a focused and consistent study plan, you will be well-prepared and feel confident about your potential.

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    Q 1. How to download the pdf of ICAI CA Inter Study Material for May  2024 exams? 

    Ans. Students can download the CA Intermediate Study material for May 2024 exams from the ICAI
    official website. Other than that, we have also mentioned the download links for the ICAI Inter material 2024

    Q 2. Is ICAI Intermediate Study Material enough for the CA Intermediate exam?

    Ans. No, only the ICAI CA Inter study material is not enough for preparing for the CA Intermediate exams. However, it should be the first priority for all the students. 

    Q 3. Are the ICAI CA Intermediate study materials available for free?

    Ans. Yes, the ICAI CA Inter study material is freely available for the students. 

    Q 4. Does ICAI CA Intermediate study material cover the whole Syllabus?

    Ans. Yes, CA Intermediate study material covers the whole syllabus. You can rely on that CA Study Material as it is available on the official platform for aspiring CA Students.

    Q5. How to Download ICAI CA Intermediate admit card for Nov 2023 attempt?

    Ans. Students can download CA Inter admit card from the official website of ICAI. To know the details of admit card click on CA Inter admit card this link.

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