ICAI CA CPT Study Material- PDF


Looking for CA CPT Study Material? You Just landed on the correct page! ICAI has released the result of CPT of the June 2019 examination.  Generally, it is seen that students use to ignore the Study material provided by ICAI which is the biggest mistake. If you are preparing CPT self or even if you are preparing for it under the guidance of some mentor then also ICAI CPT study material is very important. It gives you a proper understanding of the concept and also you will get to know what type of questions were asked by ICAI in the exam.

Hence on this page, we are sharing you the CA CPT study material in PDF which is really important to cover at least once.

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By R.C.Sharma Sir

Download CPT Study Material in PDF from the Below Given Links

Paper 1- Fundamentals of Accounting

Paper 2: Mercantile Laws

Paper 3-  General Economics

Paper 4 – Quantitative Aptitude

Initial Pages
Chapter 1 – Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms
Chapter 2 – Equations
Chapter 3 – Inequalities
Chapter 4 – Simple and Compound Interest including Annuity – Applications
Chapter 5 – Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 6 – Sequence and Series – Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
Chapter 7 – Sets, Functions and Relations
Chapter 8 – Limits and Continuity – Intuitive Approach
Chapter 9 – Basic Concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus
Chapter 10 – Statistical Description of Data
Chapter 11 – Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
Chapter 12 – Correlation and Regression
Chapter 13 – Probability and Expected Value by Mathematical Expectation
Chapter 14 – Theoretical Distributions
Chapter 15 – Sampling Theory
Chapter 16 – Index NumbersAppendices

Duration of the CA CPT course After class 12th

The CA course duration after passing class 12th is 4.5 years approx. If any ca candidate does not clear the CA exam in the first attempt then the duration of the CA course gets increased. CA course covers the topics such as audit and assurance, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, and applied finance and taxation. To complete the CA course on time, CA candidates need to clear the CA exam in the first attempt. As each number of attempts increases six months of duration. 


Strategies to Clear CA CPT course in First Attempt

To clear the CA CPT course, CA candidates need to follow some strategies. The strategies are as follows:

  1. Prepare a time table- to clear the CA CPT course in the first attempt, candidates need to prepare a time table and must strictly follow the time table.  
  2. Join the best coaching- To prepare well for the CA CPT course it is very necessary for candidates to join the best CA CPT coaching center. 
  3. Students must prepare their own revision notes, that will help at the time or revision. 
  4. Candidates must focus on logical reasoning and focus on statistics.
  5. Students must have a command over calculators.
  6. Candidates must take a short break during the study.
  7. CA CPT candidates must try to do at least three revisions.
  8. Candidates should solve model test papers for better practice.
  9. Candidates should also focus on how to write an answer during the exam.
  10. CA candidates must plan to try to do the last one-month revision

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Q.1 Is ICAI CPT Study Material enough for the CA CPT exam?

ICAI CA CPT Study Material isn’t enough for the exam. You have to take coaching classes to crack this exam because the CA CPT exam does not consist of basic questions so the ICAI Study material may not be sufficient.

Q.2 How can I Prepare for the Nov 2020 CA CPT Exam?

Firstly, Students should complete and then revise your Syllabus, Practise previous year paper, mock test paper, sample paper.

Q.3 When will CA CPT May 2020 be conducted?

CA CPT Datesheet has been revised, and the May 2020 exam will be conducted In Nov 2020.

Q.4 Does ICAI CA CPT study material cover the whole Syllabus?

Yes, CA CPT study material covers the whole syllabus. You can rely on that CA Study Material as it is available on the official platform for aspiring CA Students.

 Q5. What are the strategies to clear CA CPT in the first attempt?

 The strategies to clear CA CPT in the first attempt are mentioned above on this page.