Best CA Foundation Books for 2022: Order or Download ICAI PDFs


The CA Foundation exam is the first phase or entry-level exam required to become a Chartered Accountant. ICAI administers the CA Foundation exam and is the first step toward becoming a Chartered Accountant upon passing Class 12. Candidates must, however, pass the Intermediate and Final stages after this.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has released the CA foundation 2021 exam study materials. The CA foundation study material 2022 is available in pdf format. Applicants who register will also get detailed study materials for the CA foundation.

CA Foundation Study Material is critical in preparing for the CA Foundation. The CA Foundation Study Material is accessible on the ICAI website’s Board of Studies knowledge portal. Candidates can also relate to CA Foundation books online to complete their preparation for the CA Foundation. The ICAI website contains study materials for all CA Foundation Subjects. The CA Foundation study material will be useful for students taking exams beginning in May 2022.

According to the CA foundation 2022 exam pattern, the exam will consist of four 100-point papers, two of which will be subjective and the other two will be objective. To pass the CA foundation 2022 exam, the applicant must score at least 40% on every paper and 50% on the four papers combined.

You can find other details and guidance for CA Foundation books and other study material of CA foundation here.

CA Foundation Study Material & Best Reference Books

Applicants must complete the CA foundation curriculum in a period of four months before taking the CA foundation exam. The best CA foundation books will assist you in coping up with all of the subjects addressed in the CA foundation syllabus. These CA foundation books 2022 were chosen with the help of ICAI faculty and rank holders. Candidates can purchase hard copies of the books or download the CA Foundation books pdf online from various websites.

Paper 1Principles and Practice of AccountingCPT Grewal’s Accountancy by M.P Gupta & B.M Aggarwal
Fundamentals of Accounting for CA CPT By P.C Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian
Fundamentals of Accounting (CA CPT) by D.G. Sharma
Paper 2Business Laws and Business Correspondence and ReportingCPT Mercantile Law Study material by ICAI
Mercantile Law by M.C.Kucchal and Vivek Kucchal
Paper 3Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and StatisticsQuantitative Aptitude for Foundation : mathematics and Statistics – Tulsian P. C. and Jhujhunwala Bharat
Paper 4Business Economics and Business and Commercial KnowledgeGeneral Economics – S.K.Agarwal
Taxmann’s Business & Commercial Knowledge

How to Download CA Foundation Study Material?

By following a few simple steps, students can download the CA Foundation Books & Study Material required for preparation. Follow these steps to go through the Chartered Accountants Foundation Books easily.

  • Visit the ICAI’s official website,
  • On the official website, navigate to the Student Corner Section.
  • Click on the ‘BoS Knowledge Portal’ from the list.
  • Select the CA Foundation Course and then the syllabus.
  • When you choose the study material option, you will see links to all subjects on the screen.
  • Tap on the subject name to see a list of all the chapters.
  • Click on the Chapter that best fits your needs and save it for future reference.

You can also access the Mock Test Papers for each of the subjects.

How to Order CA Foundation Books Online?

If you are thinking about how to order CA foundation books,the follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the ICAI’s official website at

Step 2: From there, enrolled users can log in with their SRN or Mobile Number and Date of Birth by clicking “Sign In” in the upper right corner. On the other hand, guest users must register by tapping on the “Sign Up” button to buy the books. Then click the ‘Start Shopping’ tab.

Step 3: A new page with the title ‘Students Course Kit’ appears. In this segment, click ‘Order Now.’

Step 4: A new page will be displayed. On the top left of the page, there is a ‘Category Filter’ box. If you’ve already enrolled with BOS and paid the registration fee, choose ‘Study Material Against Registration (New Course).’ Alternatively, you can purchase the books by clicking on ‘Study Material for Sale.’

Step 5: In the category filter box, choose the “Foundation,” and then choose the language – “English” or “Hindi.”

Step 6: A list of books from the foundation study package appears. Determine the correct ones by clicking on them.

Step 7: A new page with a list of the books included in the kit appears. Select the books and place them in your shopping cart. Check out the items in your shopping cart.

Step 8: Non-registered users must pay and place their orders. Registered users can place their orders directly. The delivery typically takes 12 working days and can be monitored using the AWB number via AWB tracking. Note down the AWB number, which shows up when you place an order.

CA Foundation Syllabus

Before starting the preparation of the CA Foundation Syllabus, the first and foremost step is to understand the syllabus. Since the syllabus is vast, when students understand the syllabus, this will help in easy preparation.

Here is the syllabus.

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 1

The Principles and Practice of Accounting is a three-hour, 100-marks paper. This paper’s CA foundation syllabus is as follows:

  • Theoretical Framework
  • Accounting Process
  • Accounting for Special Transactions
  • Concept and Accounting of Depreciation
  • Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Inventories
  • Partnership Accounts
  • Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations
  •  Introduction to Company Accounts

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 2

Paper 2 is a three-hour paper with a maximum of 100 marks covering significant parts related to Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting. This paper’s CA foundation syllabus, which is further divided into two parts, is as follows:

Section A: Business Law [60 Marks]

  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
  • The Indian Partnership Act, 1932
  • The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
  • The Companies Act, 2013

Section B: Business Correspondence and Reporting [40 Marks]

  • Communication
  • Sentence Type and Word Power
  • Comprehension Passages and Note Making
  • Developing Writing Skills

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 3

The Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics paper is of 100 marks and lasts 2 hours. The CA foundation syllabus and scores for each section are listed below:

Part – A: Business Mathematics [40 Marks]

  • Ratio and Proportion, Indices and Logarithms
  • Equations and Matrices
  • Linear Inequalities with Objective Functions and Optimization w.r.t. Objective Function
  • Time value of Money
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Sequence and Series
  • Sets, Relations, and Functions
  • Basic applications of Differential and Integral calculus

Part – B: Logical Reasoning [20 Marks]

  • Number Series, Coding and Decoding, and the Odd Man Out.
  • Direction Tests
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Blood Relations
  • Syllogism

Part – C: Statistics [40 Marks]

  • The Statistical Description of Data
  • Measures of Central tendency and Dispersion
  • Probability
  • Theoretical Distributions
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Index Numbers and Time Series

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 4

The CA foundation syllabus of the Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge evaluates candidates’ understanding of the following subjects with the goal of developing the necessary problem-solving skills:

Part I: Business Economics [60 Marks]

  • Introduction to Business Economics
  • Theory of Demand and Supply
  • Theory of Production and Cost
  • Price Determination in Different Markets
  • Business Cycles

Part II: Business And Commercial Knowledge [40 Marks]

  • Business and Commercial Knowledge – An Introduction
  • Environment
  • Business Organizations
  • Government Policies for Business Growth
  • Organizations Facilitating Business
  • Common Business Terminologies


Q1. Is math required for CA?

No, it is not required to take math in 11th and 12th grade. However, it is undeniably beneficial in passing the foundation examination. Math, accounting, and economics are critical subjects to master to pass chartered accountancy exams.

Q2. Is math difficult in the CA foundation?

To qualify for the foundation level, students must pass the four CA foundation course papers. Math is regarded as one of the most difficult papers to pass among economics, accounting, business studies, and math. To excel in math, students must practice answering various questions regularly.

Q3. Are 12th-grade marks important for CA?

There is no minimum mark/percentage requirement to sit for the CA Foundation Exams. It only requires that you pass your 10 + 2 exams to apply.

Q4. How many attempts are possible for the CA Foundation examination?

The first step is to register for the CA Foundation. Your registration will be valid for three years after you register. Within this time window, applicants can apply for the CA Foundation May/November exam. Throughout the three years, candidates may apply for and appear for a maximum of six examinations.

Q5. When is the best time to finish or revise the entire CA Foundation syllabus?

According to the syllabus and depth of understanding required to pass the exam, the ideal time to prepare and revise for the CA Foundation exam is three months.