6 Most Avoidable Mistakes While Attempting CA Foundation Exams

The popular dictum “To err is human” is a great deterrent to candidates who are preparing for their CA Foundation examination. But, if proper care is taken by a candidate while attempting for CA Foundation Examination,

This dictum can be proved inapplicable and he/she can come with flying colours in the examination. On the other hand, if due care is not taken for the likely mistakes, success may slip out of your hand. Here are the six most avoidable mistakes that may creep in without any prior indications. So, ‘be aware of them.

1. Light Mental Attitude

Don’t take the CA Foundation examination lightly or casually.

You should always keep your mind in an examination mode and focus all your mental faculties and physical activities on preparation for the examination. The seriousness that you put on the examination will arouse in you, a self-motivation that will take you a long way in achieving your goal. Avoid procrastination at all times.

2. Lack of Proper Planning

If you are not properly planning for your preparation, you are deliberately ‘planning to fail’ and God too can’t help you. It is carelessness, lack of seriousness and attitude of procrastination that combined together drag you towards your failure.

When you are planning, you take into consideration, your future action, and your organized efforts will make the examination to yield before you. Take your CA Foundation as a ‘war’ and go prepared to the war field, well-armed and with a well-thought-out strategy. Don’t forget to complete this war with the CA Foundation Question Papers.

3. Over-dependence on Self-Study

Self-study is the basic requirement for passing the CA Foundation examination. But the common mistake students resort to is that because of their over-confidence, they avoid, going in for an external source. As a result, a substantial amount of time and energy is consumed in conceptualizing the subjects and searching out the probable questions. Guidance is the key to success.

4. Ignoring the External Sources

It is expected of a CA Foundation student to go through the study materials provided by ICAI so as to get a clear concept of different subjects and also to know about the type of questions that you have to attempt in your exam.

But the study materials and the RTP and MTP provided by ICAI cannot be so exhaustive as to help you to correctly attend to the MCQs that change from year to year. It is here that you need to go in for some dependable external sources that can be provided by a CA Coaching Institute only.

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5. Indulgence in Distracting Elements

Socialization, social media, running after seniors or exam-mates for advice and guidance, indulgence in watching TV or movies, unwanted talks and discussions are the weeds in your garden of your CA Foundation.

Root them out and apply such saved times on your preparation. In addition to these external weeds, you create some by yourself; in the shape of depression, phobias, apprehension, fear, frustration, and tension. Put a “No Entry” signboard for them. Meditation, yoga, and pranayama will help you a lot in achieving good CA Foundation results in this respect.

6. Lack of prioritization

Sometimes, students become negligent in attending their coaching classes which may be due to sheer carelessness or due to giving priority to other unimportant work like social engagement.

It may be also due to irrational thoughts; “let it go, I’ll relax today”. Once given the scope, such negligence may become habitual. So, you must start your serious and full-fledged study right from ‘day one, after you have registered with ICAI for your CA Foundation examination.

Just like the negative marking of 0.25 for wrong answers in CA Foundation, you will be losing from the probability factor of success in your CA Foundation for every ‘don’t’ point you resort to.

So, just as you give importance to the do’ points for success, you should give equal importance to the likely mistakes that you may resort to; either inadvertently or deliberately.