How to Prepare for CA CPT Exam in 30 days

How to Prepare for CA CPT Exam in 30 Days?

Preparing CPT Exam in  after completing the board exams of 12th is not an easy task for students. But don’t take stress because we are here to give you some quick and simple CA CPT exam tips for cracking. As well as, how will you enhance your memory and concentration power in given time? I hope this information will be useful for those aspirants who want to clarify this entrance.

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Students can make their own strategy for completing the entire syllabus and revision within 30 days, and how they can also take care of their health by taking proper diet and sleep.

As we know, most of the individuals come from the science background and as they are totally blank about accounting, but they are also proficient in Mathematics and other related subjects which will help them.

Here we are going to take subjects priority wise so that each and every subject will get proper time to read, understand and revise as well. First, Take –


In CA CPT, this subject comprises two major sections which are – General Mathematics and Statistics. However, Don’t take the burden on your mind because Math needs a calm mind to solve it properly and to get accurate results. First of all note down all the topics that you can cover from the syllabus and weight as well. Then, you will get an ordered list and start practicing accordingly.

Always remember that you have to finish all the topics very well so that you will end with a strong feeling of clarifying. It will boost your self-confidence level rapidly. For preparing well and succeed in this subject, you have to give 5-6 hours with full dedication.

Those are strict to their schedule and studied as per it so they will surely crack CPT after 30 days of preparation. Give 6-7 days to this subject and 7-8 hours in a day so that you can complete the entire syllabus without any stress. As well as, get the extra time for revising the important points.

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Note : Mathematics requires practice and remembrance of formulas so do practice after studied well and recognize the mistakes so that during the examination you will easily avoid them.


The main requirement of this subject is to understand the concepts. If you can understand the concepts of economics, then it seems very interesting to understand and score good marks. Students can read it at least 3-4 times for remembering the important points and understand it better. Initial reading takes approx. 9-10 hours so you can devote 3-4 days for learning.

Microeconomics, which is slightly tougher and aspirants have to work hard to understand the concepts. The reason behind that, it might be able to shoot various questions in different directions.

However, you can easily catch up while you read macroeconomics later. A well-known fact is study will never waste so do smart work along with hard work. We assure you that, success will never far away from you when you do accordingly.

Mercantile Law

The law is really interesting stream so that students can read it quickly one time for getting an overview of it. Then, take the points another time and start understanding the ways of describing the cases. Most of the CPT toppers said that they liked it because of getting the methods for suing the individuals brilliantly. The law stuff is easily available on the web and books due to its relation to daily lives and the circumstances.

After devoting 10-11 days to above the two subjects, now the law doesn’t take too much time for understanding so, 5 days are enough for reading and studying well about the major things of it.


At last, take a book of Accounting and start at zero so that you can get all the significant points with ease. If you are from a science background so first try to know the concepts of debit and credits along with its equation.  Accounting is not an easy subject so make a schedule of it and cover all the topics one by one.

It requires extra time and effort for understanding the concepts and practice. As we know, this is a numerical portion so without practice you will never analyze your study level. After completion of 15 days, its great time for Accounting, as we said earlier, that practice and key concepts are little tougher than others. So, 8-9 days are sufficient for this subject and 7-8 hours in a day.

Now, the entire syllabus will complete if aspirants can follow this strategy and schedule strictly. Then, the remaining days will give you time for revising everything which you read in previous days. The best way to revise a huge syllabus is attempting the mock test papers and model papers.

For increasing the concentration and memory power while CA CPT exam preparation, so sleep well, eat food properly without doing carelessness. This time, students can also take help from nutritionist so that, s/he can make a proper diet chart that can easily enhance the memory of remembrance and concentrate well on subjects.

No need to study whole day because your mind needs the break so make your schedule accordingly which includes relaxation time approx. 15-20 minutes.

We hope that the above mentioned CPT study tips will surely help you to prepare for examination well. One month duration is too short for such kind of professional course, but we are sure some strategies and preparation will prevent you from the troubles.

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