How can An Average Student Crack CA CPT Examination?


Hindu mythology says, Lord Hanuman never knew his own potentialities, but even as a child, he could swallow the Sun God.

You may be wondering if you have that potentiality to crack your CA Examination. You should have absolutely no doubt about it and if you follow the following guidelines,you will become still more confident about it.

1. Desired Skill

If you have the following personal traits; you can always feel yourself above the “Average” category of students and clear the CPT of CA examination. These are…

  • Attitude to learn new subjects;
  • Academic Skills that needs to read a subject comprehensively and effectively;
  • Perceptiveness to comprehend the right meaning of a subject matter;
  • Self-discipline for right management of time;
  • Ability to apply the acquired knowledge for achieving a goal; and
  • Comprehending rather than memorizing the concepts.

2. Step-by- Step Approach

When you take up your preparation for a particular subject, begin with clearing the fundamental concepts. Then, improve your skills for reading and comprehending, followed by rigorous practice as per a well-prepared Study Schedule. After making clear conception about a subject matter, take up the model MCQs for practice.

When you have any doubt, you can refer back to the theory and choose the right answer.

3. Focus on Study Materials

Besides going through the study materials of ICAI, the study materials provided by a CA Coaching Institute make you versed with the latest trend of the questions and their answers. Give equal weight to all papers.

Make your own notes and solve the past years questions. From the question bank, you can find that 20 to 30 percent marks are put to test your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which is rarely repeated.

4. Self Study & Coaching Institute

Both have their own advantages. Self-study boost your self-confidence while most students prefer CA Coaching Institute for the preparation of their CA examination for CPT, because they get pre-tested study materials prepared by professional and experienced faculties. Besides, you get guidance from seniors and can develop a competitive spirit, observing the performance of your batch mates.

5. Revision

Rigorous revisions enable you for transformation of acquired knowledge into marks in your examination. One revision at the end of a week for the studies covered during the current week will be most effective for minting marks.

And if you can attempt new problems with the new knowledge, it will bring bonus marks for you in your CA examination in CPT.

6. Mock Test

In the MCQ type examination of CA examination in CPT, you have to attempt 100 questions within two hours which calls for perfect time management.

This could be developed by taking up more and more numbers of Mock tests that are provided by the CA Coaching institute. VSI provides a range of online practice papers for CPT for free.

7. Throw away the examination phobia

Misconception like “CA examinations are very difficult”, is the main cause of examination phobia.

Throw away such phobias during the preparation and also at the CA examination hall. First, take up the easier questions and then put your hand on questions that seem difficult to you. Under no circumstances, you should invite anxiety or confusion to your mind.

8. No risk for MCQ

Make your choice of right answer by the process of elimination. First, eliminate the first two most unlikely answers and out of the rest two, eliminate the wrong one and encircle the last one left.

CA CPT seems to be tough and impossible for a student considering himself as ‘average’ but if you follow the above systematic and scientific rules, success in CA CPT will be at your door steps.