Know How to Prepare for CA Foundation in 4 Months Study Period


Students who register for the CA Foundation course gets four months of study period to prepare for the exams.  Read this article carefully, so that you will come to know exactly how to prepare for the CA Foundation in four months study period. Hard work is always important but smart work is similarly important. Follow these 10 smart pieces of advice given in this article to crack the  Foundation level in your first attempt.

Chartered Accountancy is regarded as the toughest course in India and becoming a Chartered Accountant is a dream of every commerce student. In spite of the registration of Lakhs of students every year, still there are only 2,80,000 Chartered Accountants in India. The only recognized body that is responsible and authorized to conduct the CA examinations is the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India).

The entrance test to pursue this course is named CA Foundation which is replacing the current entry-level i.e. CPT(Common Proficiency Test). CA Foundation will be going to be a bitter tough than the CPT.

Students who wish to pursue this course have to complete their CA Foundation registration after appearing in the 10+2 examinations conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto.

You get a minimum of four months of study period after registration for the CA Foundation. To appear in the CA Foundation examinations one has to pass 10+2 examinations.

To pass the entrance test of the toughest course you must be fully dedicated to your studies. Wherever you are and whatever the reason may be. Don’t let your efforts came down.

Today we are giving you some pieces of advice to crack this exam in four months but the difficult part is execution and which is your part.

The entire course at the Foundation level is divided into four subjects –

  1. Principles and Practices of Accounting.
  2. Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting.
  3. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics.
  4. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge.

A 12th commerce student must be familiar with the majority of the subjects. CA Foundation syllabus is much similar to your senior secondary classes.

The first two papers in the course are subjective and the latter two are objective. The students are advised to start preparation with the 12th standard.

10 Expert Advice to Prepare for CA Foundation During 4 Months Study Leaves

Students preparing for CA Foundation exam for the first time, don’t know much about preparation. Here, we are providing you with the expert advices that will help you in getting good result in CA Foundation.

  1. Prepare a Time-Table

    The first step before starting your studies is to prepare a timetable. Those students who think that making time-table is a wastage of time done a blunder mistake. Instead of wasting time every day thinking about what to study or where to start, make a proper plan. Pick Up the Study Material and allocate time to every subject and every chapter according to the days left in your exam. This will not just organize your studies in a proper manner but also help you to analyze your performance.

  2. Join the proper coaching 

    Teachers play a major role in the success and the failure of a student. Many of the students crack this exam without coaching with just passing marks. But let me warn you, students, that clarity on the concepts is essential from the basic level because Chartered Accountancy is a long journey where you will be called as experts, and proper CA Foundation/ CA CPT coaching helps you a lot in gaining clarity over your concepts.

    Teachers are the candles who burn themselves to light others…

  3. Focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning

    Non-Maths commerce students are advised to focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning because Maths does not seems to be a scoring subject for the Non-Maths students. Logical reasoning covers 20 marks and the remaining part is divided equally among Maths and Statistics. Therefore Non-Maths should focus mainly on Statistics and Logical Reasoning.

  4. Prepare Your Own Revision Notes

    The course is very vast and almost impossible to revise in a day so the best source notes to revise at the exam time are your own handwritten notes. So, always prepare your own short notes during your classes which will prove immensely helpful at your exam time.

  5. Command Over Calculator

    ICAI does not want its student to do the labor work that why it permits calculators in the CA exams. Papers are always lengthy so it has become very important to grab command over the calculator. Learn the short keys like M+, M-, G, etc. This will save you crucial time in the exam.

  6. Take Short Breaks

    If you want to study effectively then do not study continuously for the whole day. Take short breaks of 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours to refresh your mind. Start your day with the theory subjects because morning time is regarded as the best time to complete your theory subjects and thereafter practical subjects. End your day with the revision of what you have done for the whole day.

  7. Minimum Three Times Revision 

    The course is vast and needed to get revise at least three times before exams. Plan your revision efficiently i.e. revise each and every topic in your first revision and mark the same type of questions so that your precious time won’t get wasted in solving similar questions again. At the second revision try to complete a single question for each type and mark questions for your third revision which seems to be tough, important, and needed one more revision. At your last and third revision, read the concepts and solve only those questions which you think need one more revision.

  8. Model Test Papers

    CA Foundation Model Test papers have proven very helpful in clearing your exam. They taught you time management and how to analyze the questions accurately. Of course, it is most advisable to solve the CA Foundation mock test papers once you have completed the course. But most of the time it has seen that due to the lack of time, students won’t be able to solve the model test papers. Therefore it is advisable to solve the MTP’s at the end of the chapter and after completion of the course, solve the complete MTP. It’s better to face failure in the MTP rather than Final exams.

  9. Focus on Presentation

    With the introduction of the subjective paper pattern, the students will need to focus on the presentation. Don’t take it lightly as this is no more your school exams. In the professional exams and especially the CA Exams presentation matters a lot. Two of the papers in the syllabus are objective while the other two are subjective. Start practicing the questions in writing and tally them either with your mentors or suggested answers.

  10. Revision in the last month

    Set a target to complete your course in three months along with the first revision and leave the last month for the last two revisions and solving the past attempt and mock test papers. You can’t waste your time in solving the question in the last month following the exam. Don’t jump over other reference books or another teacher’s notes. Stick to your teachers’ notes and solve the model test papers as much as you can. Follow the last one-month preparation plan to score high in exams.

Topper’s Strategies to Rank in CA Foundation Exam

Given below are strategies that will help CA candidates to rank in the CA Foundation exam. The strategies are as follows:

  1. To rank in the CA Foundation exam candidates should avoid group studies with friends. Students have to complete the entire syllabus, and for this, they should be very focused.
  2. CA Foundation candidates should try to complete the entire syllabus before time so that they get time to do revision at least three times before the CA Foundation exam.
  3. CA candidates should divide their topics into small parts and try to complete that particular topic on the same day.
  4. To clear the CA Foundation exam in one attempt, candidates should have a positive attitude. They should be self-motivated to study all the time.
  5. To rank in the CA Foundation exam candidates should plan to study for at least 10 to 15 hours per day.
  6. Try to revise theory subjects on a daily basis, and prepare short notes for every topic. This will help them at the time of revision.
  7. CA foundation candidates should make a study plan, and should strictly follow that plan.
  8. CA candidates must prepare their own short notes for every topic of the entire syllabus. This will help candidates to revise easily.
  9. Students should also practice improving their quality of answers. For this, they should solve mock test papers which will help them self-assess.
  10. To rank in the CA foundation exam students need to avoid social media, tv, internet, etc to stay focussed on their goal.
  11. After continuous study for at least 3-4 hours, candidates should take a short break, this will increase their efficiency.
  12. Candidates should make their study plan in such a way that they maintain one theory subject with one practical subject.
  13. Students should be regular during their articleship training.
  14. To rank in the CA foundation exam. It is very important to have a crystal clear concept for each and every topic.
  15. To excel in the CA foundation exam, candidates should stay healthy. CA candidates are advised to take a proper diet with proper sleep.
  16. To avoid stress, CA candidates should do yoga or meditation daily for at least 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. For pursuing a CA foundation, which institute should I join?

Ans: For Pursuing a CA foundation, candidates must join Vidya Sagar Institute, the best CA foundation institute in India.

Q2. Do ICAI foundation revision test papers, and mock test papers help for revision?

Ans: Yes, ICAI foundation revision test papers and mock test papers are very helpful for candidates at the time of revision.

Q3. From where can students download the CA foundation revised syllabus?

Ans: VSI helps students to download the CA foundation revised syllabus 2020.

Q4. Is the ICAI CA foundation study material helpful?

Ans: Yes, the ICAI CA foundation study material is helpful. Students can download ICAI CA foundation study material from VSI.

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