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CA Intermediate Books for May 2023 – Best Recommended For All Subjects

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Teachers always recommend students to follow only the ICAI study material to prepare for the CA Intermediate exams. Yet, many students need CA Intermediate reference books to understand the concepts better. Moreover, students doing self-study need good books that explain the concepts better. But, there are thousands of books available in the market. So, to select the best Intermediate books, students should ask a few questions;

  1. Is this book follows the ICAI syllabus and exam pattern?
  2. Does the author explain the topic properly in an easy-to-understand manner?
  3. Is the book latest and updated for the May 2023 exams?
  4. Do your teachers also recommend these CA Intermediate books?

Based on these questions and the recommendations of teachers and toppers, we’re sharing the best CA Intermediate books list for all subjects to prepare for the May 2023 exams. Students can purchase these books online or offline, as per their preference.

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Best CA Inter Books for Accounting 2023

M.P.Vijay Kumar- At Sify Technologies Ltd. MP Vijay Kumar is the Chief Financial Officer. He is the accountancy’s most recognized teacher and is an ACMA, FCA, and FCS too. The book written by him is the First Lessons in Accounting Sessions. It is mainly for students of the CA intermediate exams.

To do self-study one can refer to his CA IPCC standard accounting books which are very popular too. And if someone wishes to purchase it online then the cash-on-delivery option is there.

P.C. Tulsian-The head of the department for the University of Delhi, Ramjas, and the Department of Commerce is the qualified CA P.C.Tulsian. His books like Accountancy for Intermediate group-1 is liked most by the students of CA Inter. It is considered the best book for the purpose of self-study. It is available in both Kindle edition and paperback format. This book covers almost the entire CA Intermediate syllabus. A summary is also given which students can revise just prior to the exam. For revision purposes, there are also short theory questions in this. It comprises about 250+ solved questions and practical illustrations of about 500+.

D.S. Rawat and Deepti Maheshwari-  All important solved questions are included in the book written by these two. It will help much to prepare for exams like CA Intermediate.

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 CA Intermediate Books for Corporate & Other Laws 2023

Munish Bhandari- A renowned teacher of various exam levels like CA, CMA Institute, or CS is Munish Bhandari. He has started the ethics, law, and communications handbook for the CA Inter exam.

M.P. Vijay Kumar- For the CA Intermediate exam preparation the useful books written by M.P.Vijay Kumar are Business Ethics, Law, and communication. This helps students a lot to excel in exams.

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Best CA Intermediate Cost & Management Accounting Books

Tulsian P.C. and Tulsian Bharat- For the exams of CA Intermediate Cost accounting with a quick revision book is given by the Tulsian Bharat and Tulsian P.C.The cost accounting study becomes much easier with the help of this book as it follows a new approach. It contains around 400 illustrations and 160 solved problems.

Padhuka(B.Saravana Prasath)-  The cost accounting and financial management book were released by him. For the concept clarity of students, various charts and graphs are provided in it. Also, it covers about 475+ solved questions that cover the complete syllabus of the CA Intermediate.

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CA Inter Best books for Taxation

G Sekar- The CA Intermediate taxation latest course is easily covered by Padhuka’s handbook on taxation which is written by G Sekar. The up to date case laws, recent circulars and notifications are included in this book. There are also solved illustrations that guide the CA aspirants. In this book, there are also flowcharts and tables through which one can learn quickly.

Vinod K Singhania- The students can also purchase the great author Vinod K Singhania’s book which is Students Guide to Income Tax.

T.N. Manoharan- T.N.Manoharan is the author of the Students handbook book on Taxation. Customs Law, Central Excise, CENVAT Credit, Service Tax, VATstudentfriendly tax, and Income Tax are also included in it. 

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    Best CA Intermediate Books 2023 for Advanced Accounting

    P.C. Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian- P.C.Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian have written the book Accountancy for CA-Inter (Group-II)-With Quick Revision Book. This revised edition has enhanced content with a conceptual framework that is best for preparation. Also, this book works well to get knowledge about company accounts, partnership accounts, and accounting standards. (Get All Details regarding CA Intermediate Advanced Accounting)

    M.P. Vijay Kumar- First Lessons in Advanced Accountancy was written by him. It is a very popular book among CA students and completely covers the CA Intermediate’s latest syllabus.

    Padhuka- G.Sekar has written the Student’s handbook on Advanced Accounting. Miss Padhuka has published the book. In a very student-friendly format, the complete syllabus is covered in it.

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    Best CA Inter Books for Auditing and Assurance

    Surbhi Bansal- For the CA Intermediate exams the book Best word’s Auditing & Assurance for CA Intermediate was authored by Surbhi Bansal. The various flowcharts and summaries are included in this book through which students can have a quick revision. CA Intermediate exam’s all relevant amendments one can find here. (Check Complete Details for CA Intermediate Auditing and Assurance)

    Pankaj Garg- Pankaj Garg has written the Taxmann’s Auditing and Assurance. In this new auditing standards are incorporated.

    Sekar- For the forthcoming exams of CA Inter G.Sekar’s book “A Students’ Handbook on Auditing & Assurance” is much more relevant for the study. Auditing standards are covered nicely in this book.

    Kamal Garg- For the exams of CA Intermediate Kamal Garg has written the book ‘Systematic Approach to Auditing and Assurance’.This book mainly covers the previous questions and entire CA Inter syllabus.

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    Best Books for CA Inter EIS & SM

    Padhuka(G Sekar)-The students can buy the Students Guide for Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management to do exam preparation of the new syllabus of CA Intermediate. The summary notes are also provided in this book.

    Dinesh Madan- He is a very famous teacher and writer of various famous books relevant for the May 2023 CA Intermediate Exams. For the CA Inter May 2023, a book by Dinesh Madan which is ‘Pooja law a Complete reference information technology for CA Inter is very famous.

    V K Agarwal and Er Deepak Oswal- Students can enjoy the HD lectures for the course of the CA Intermediate which is written by CA V.K.Agarwal and Er Deepak Oswal.

    Neeraj Arora- Various books relevant to Intermediate students were written by Neeraj Arora. His best and the most famous book was Sanjivni Booti for the preparation of CA Intermediate.

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    CA Intermediate Books 2023 for Financial Management

    Padhuka(G Sekar)- The Guide on Financial Management and Economics for Finance was written by Padhuka. In the latest new syllabus, this book is based. To prepare students for the ICAI exam completely this book was written by CA G.Sekar. To retain the information there are summary notes in the book that helps a lot for students. 

    Check the complete CA Intermediate study material of the ICAI applicable for the May 2023 exams.

    How do I Order ICAI CA Intermediate Books for the 2023 Exams?

    Follow the step-by-step procedure to order the ICAI Inter books for the upcoming CA exams:

    1. Log in to the CDS portal with your email id and password.
    2. Choose the CA Intermediate course and then select the books you wish to buy.
    3. After selecting all the books, check your cart.
    4. Use the coupon to get a rebate on the courier charges.
    5. Finally, pay the price of the books.

    ICAI will take 15-20 days to deliver the books to the registered address.

    CA Intermediate Syllabus 2023

    The CA institute has released the Intermediate syllabus for the 2023 exams. The syllabus will help in knowing the topics that students need to study to prepare for the exams. ICAI has made some changes in the syllabus, so we advice all the students to follow the latest syllabus.

    To check the complete ICAI CA Intermediate syllabus 2023, students can check out this link.

    Important Tricks and tips to crack the 2023 CA Intermediate Exam

    Some of the most useful tips and tricks through which CA aspirants can easily crack the CA Intermediate 2023 Exam are stated below:-

    • Firstly one must know the complete syllabus well and then make a study plan in order to revise all topics
    • For great success in CA Intermediate exams, it is very much essential to do a timely revision.
    • Instead of mugging up the students should understand all the topics thoroughly and make concepts clear in their minds.
    • The right approach for getting success is to solve papers from previous years and mock papers of ICAI.
    • Also, it is mandatory to have the proper and right management of time.

    We can say that if students purchase these books which are written by eminent and renowned writers then it will become much easier for them to get the best CA Inter result. For each particular subject of the CA Intermediate, the writers have written different books that serve different purposes well. So, purchase the books wisely.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ques 1. Which is the best book for the CA Intermediate exams?

    Ans. On this page, we have mentioned the best books for CA Intermediate 2023 exam for all the subjects.

    Ques 2. Can I skip ICAI material and follow the recommended CA Inter books?

    Ans. No, ICAI study materials and books are the most crucial material for preparation. The reference books should be used in addition to the ICAI material.

    Ques 3. How to download ICAI books?

    Ans. Students should go to the BoS portal through the ICAI home page, choose the Intermediate course, go to the study material and finally download the books pdf of all the subjects.

    Ques 4. When will be CA Intermediate may 2023 exams conducted?

    Ans. ICAI will conduct CA inter exams for may attempt from 3 may to 18 may 2023, students can check the full date sheet from CA intermediate date sheet.

    Ques 5. When will ICAI releases CA Intermediate may 2023 admit card?

    Ans. ICAI may tentatively releases CA Intermediate may 2023 admit card on 18 April 2023. To know more about admit card click on CA Intermediate may 2023 admit card.

    Table of Contents