Difference between CA Intermediate Students and CA Final Students

Difference Between CA Intermediate Students and CA Final Students

Whenever students register themselves for CA Exams i.e. for CA Intermediate or CA Final exams, they always think it is easy to clear the CA Exams but when ICAI declares CA Result by 2-3% of passing rate, and students who cannot clear the CA Intermediate or CA Final Exams get shocked or depressed that where they are lacking behind? Why are they not able to clear the CA exams?

Difference Between CA Intermediate Students and CA Final Students

This is the basic query of every CA Student who is not able to clear CA exams in First attempt, that they have achieved good marks in CA Foundation exams but not getting passed in CA Intermediate Exams.

In this article we will tell you both problems faced by students while clearing the CA exams and solutions for the same, and how CA Intermediate Students are different from CA Final Students. VSI Jaipur from his remarkable CA Results proved that CA Final Course is easier than CA Intermediate Exams.

The Core difference between the CA Intermediate and CA Final Students

  • Over Confidence leads to Failure

Students who cleared CA Foundation exams and proceed to CA Intermediate exams take are most of time feels over confident as they score good marks in 12th board exams as well as CA Foundation Exams, so they take CA Intermediate exams as easy as CA Foundation exams and try to be overconfident that they can clear it in first attempt with as less hard work as they did in clearing CA Foundation Exams. 

This is the main reason why CA has less passing percentage because students don’t do hard work at this less and face failure.

Whereas CA Final Students know the level of CA exams, as they have gone through the toughest stage of CA Course i.e. CA Intermediate Exams which requires full hard work and dedication. They know how much hard work they need in exams to clear CA Final exams with their proper full time Articleship training.

So CA Intermediate students don’t take CA Intermediate Exams as easy as CA Foundation exams because it requires passion and dedication to clear CA Intermediate Exams.

If you do follow systematic study pattern with hard work for all levels of CA, you can easily clear it with good marks in first attempt

  • Motivation and Personal Guidance

For clearing CA exams, it is the foremost thing a student requires the most i.e. Motivation. If we want to achieve anything, firstly, we need to stay motivated and set our mind that we achieve this thing. 

As VSI Jaipur has provided from its CA Results, 6 All India Rank 1st in last 8 years and 2 times ever highest marks in the history ICAI. 


All VSI India Rank Holders of CA have said in their Interview that R.C. Sharma Sir keeps them motivated throughout their CA Journey and whenever they lose their confidence or feel demotivated, Sir has always personally guided them for moving in the right direction and motivating them to achieve Rank in CA exams.

R.C. Sharma has proved that if any student want to achieve All India Rank, teacher should initiate to-

  1. Prepare students for the right direction in getting a good result 
  2. Motivate and personally guide them for not losing their hope
  • Practical Exposure of Theory Knowledge

The main difference between CA Intermediate students and CA Final Students is created by Practical Exposure. CA Final Students undergo three years of practical training in which they explore themselves to practical knowledge to how to do Audit, balancing actual balance sheet of organization, how file GST return etc, they get to learn each and everything practically what they have to study thoroughly in their CA Final Syllabus.

So it makes it easy for CA Final Students to prepare well for CA Final exams and clear in First Attempt with good marks.

Ever Highest Marks in History of ICAI

Whereas CA Intermediate Students don’t get such an opportunity to get practical knowledge of everything, they have to learn all by in-depth theoretical study and knowledge given by their teachers. 

But VSI teacher provides in-depth knowledge to students covering both Practical and Theoretical Knowledge to students. By which VSI students gets All India Rank First in all Levels of CA, ie. CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final.

  • Decision Making in Choosing CA Coaching

While choosing CA Coaching in any level of CA, whether it is CA Intermediate Coaching or CA Final Coaching or going for CA Online Classes, students need to check all pro and cons of that CA Coaching and select the best CA Coaching of India. VSI Jaipur has however proved that it is the best CA institute  in India by giving back to back results consisting of countless All India Rank in all levels of CA Course. Even given three times Ever Highest Marks in CA. 

6 Time All India 1st Rank in Last 8 Years

If any student does systematic study with full passion, dedication and hard work, they can achieve success in any level of Chartered Accountancy Course. But personal guidance plays a very important role in achieving success in CA Exams, and keeping students motivated is the utmost responsibility of teachers. That’s why VSI Jaipur provides the best Study pattern in all levels of CA with proper guidance to keep students motivated and achieve All India Rank.