How to Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams?

How to Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams?

Studying for class 12 board exams is challenging if students don’t know the right methods, especially if students are preparing for other professional exams like Chartered Accountancy with 12th class. It is important to balance the studies for all papers to complete the syllabus on time.

If you are also afraid that the class 12 board exams are coming soon and you have not prepared enough, do not stress anymore. Here we have shared some effective tips that will give the right direction to your class 12 board exam preparation. Don’t look for tips on how to prepare for class 12 boards; read and implement these tips today. All these points will help you make a clear roadmap before you start your preparation.

Tips to Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams

Time management

Have you ever felt that if you were given more time to prepare for the exams, you could have performed better? You can be in this situation after your 12th board exams if you do not manage your time during exam preparation. When you are thinking about how to prepare for the class 12 board exam in 3 months or 2 months, keep this tip in mind. Time management is a key factor in exam preparation, and you should apply all the possible time management tips when you are preparing for class 12 boards.

Learn concepts, not the bookish language

The best way to prepare for 12 board exams is to understand concepts instead of cramming up the text in books. You have the liberty to write answers in your own words in class 12 exams, so make the best of it. With this method, you can memorize concepts for a very long time. Recalling them during the exams will be easier. Don’t worry about writing key points or words in your exams. It will come naturally to you.

Learn from the best teachers

The teachers from whom you learn matter a lot. If you feel that you are not getting clarity in your classroom studies, take online classes from other tutors. It is more important to get a clear understanding of the concepts.

Learn with visual presentation

There are some topics in subjects that can be made easier to learn with the method of visual presentation. For example, processes in Business Studies can be understood better with visuals. So you can use online study tools for such topics.

Study from course books

You must study from your course books, when you are preparing for your class 12th board exams. Why will this help you in scoring marks? Because the topics covered in the course books cover the complete syllabus. The explanation in the course books is simple and easy to understand. The course books’ questions are good, and there are higher chances of them coming into your exams.

Do written practice

When you write and learn, it makes a greater impact on your preparation. You are not only learning but also improving your written presentation and writing speed. You should do writing practice in every subject. Most students only practice practical subjects, but writing practice in theory subjects is equally important. You can analyze which topics can look good with flowcharts and diagrams.

Identify weak and strong subjects

Every student cannot be good at all the subjects. All students have their own strong and weak subjects. You must also identify the subjects in which you are good, average, and weak. This step will help you know which subjects need more practice. Because in the end, all the subjects have equal importance and marks in the board exams. English or Business Studies is as important as Maths subject in the board exams.

Make notes

When you are reading your chapters, you should mark the important points and questions. Highlight them in your book or write separate notes. These self-made notes are one of the best ways to prepare for 12 board exams.

Regular revisions

When you look for tips on how to prepare for class 12 board exams, you will find revisions as an important point. So why does everyone emphasize regular revisions? The class 12 syllabus is very vast, and you have a lot to study. It is because the revisions help in recollecting all the concepts that you have studied so far.

Learn formulae

If there are many formulae in any of your practical subjects, then write them separately. Go through them every day to learn them.

Solve practice papers

Practicing the sample papers and last year’s papers is one of the best ways to prepare for 12 board exams. These question papers will give you an understanding of the format of questions asked in the exams. There are many more benefits of solving the practice papers. You can do a self-assessment and see which topics you have improved on and which topics require more hard work.

Answer presentation

The answer presentation can get you rewarded with more marks in the 12th exams. So when you are preparing for the class 12 board exams, you need to see how well you can present an answer. You can do this while you are doing written practice or solving practice papers.

How to improve your answer presentation in the class 12 exams?

  • Write the answer in points and number them properly.
  • If you are writing paragraphs, keep them short.
  • Use neat diagrams, flow charts, and tables wherever required.
  • Keep sufficient space in between the words.
  • In subjects like Accountancy and Maths, write the working notes neatly.
  • Indicate the question number clearly in front of every answer.
  • If you are solving long questions, try to start them from a fresh page.
  • Leave a few lines between all answers.
  • Do all the parts of a question together in the exam.

How to Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams Commerce Subjects?


  • Cover the theory of initial chapters.
  • Before doing the practical practice questions, read the small theory sections to understand the concepts.
  • Learn the formulae and understand their logic; it will help you solve difficult-level questions.


  • For each topic, solve the questions by writing them.
  • The class 12 Maths syllabus is very difficult and vast, so you should start with the topics in the order of the highest weightage in the marking scheme.
  • You should do interrelated topics together. It will save you more time and give more clarity.


  • The Macroeconomics section requires your time and understanding of the concepts because the topics are inter-connected. If you don’t understand the topics clearly, you will face problems in solving the questions.
  • The theory part, i.e., Indian Economic Development, is easy as compared to the Macroeconomics part. If you understand the topics and learn the main points, you will not have any problem with this section.
  • The hypothetical and application-based questions asked in the Economics paper make it difficult. So be prepared to answer such questions if you want to score 90+ marks.

Business Studies

  • Book 1 of this chapter focuses on business management. The topics are similar and can create confusion, but you have to learn the points if you want to score well in this paper.
  • The second part is interesting but at the same time has a more practical approach.
  • Business Studies is a theory paper, but you will find application-based questions in the exam. So practice such questions during your preparation.

English and Other Language Papers

  • Give a few hours each week for this paper, and you will be ready for the exam.
  • Understand the meaning of the lessons/poems in your literature books. It is very important for the exams.
  • If you are weak in grammar, work on it. Your grammar knowledge will be tested in all sections of the English paper.
  • Practice questions for reading and writing sections. You will never know what questions can come in the exam.
  • Learn and use the correct formats in the writing section, and you will score some without much effort.

We hope all these tips shared in this article will help you prepare for class 12 board exams. Before you start your studies, you should have a clear mindset and study plan. Don’t waste more time, and start implementing these tips today.