CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers 2023 with Solutions – Download PDF

The CBSE will soon release the Class 12 Accountancy sample papers for the 2022-23 session on its official website. Till then, students can check out the sample question papers of Accounts with their solutions for the past 8 years.

As Accounts is a practical subject, students must practice well for the exams. For students who are still struggling with theoretical topics like the difference between a non-profit organization and a profit-making organization, the difference between shares and debenture or not getting hand over on practical questions like how to prepare a balance sheet or P&L account, then this blog will provide mock test papers to practise more and more till the time we don’t get it correct.

By solving the CBSE model test papers, students will understand the exam pattern. Furthermore, they will learn how to write answers and manage their time in the exams.

So, we have provided the free downloadable pdf of CBSE class 12 Accountancy sample papers with their solutions for the 2023 exams. You’ll also know the marking scheme and tips for solving the papers.

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Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers with Solutions 2023 PDF

In the following table, students can download the CBSE 12th Accounts sample question papers pdf of previous years with their solutions.

YearClass 12 Accountancy Sample PapersSolutions

Class 12th Accounts Marking Scheme for 2023 Session

The CBSE board has specified the marking scheme for the 2023 exams. All the students are advised to check the marking scheme and prepare accordingly for the exams.

The image below shows the marking scheme for the 12th Accounts paper.

General Instructions to Follow While Attending Accounts Paper

  1. The question paper will be divided into 2 sections – A and B. A total of 32 questions will be asked.
  2. Part A is compulsory for all candidates who have applied for an accountancy course or computer accounting course.
  3. Part B has two options i.e. (1) Analysis of Financial Statements and (2) Computerized Accounting. You have to attempt only one of the given options.
  4. Question nos. 1 to 13 and 23 to 29 are very short answer type questions carrying 1 mark each.
  5. The 14th and 30th questions are short answer type–I questions carrying 3 marks each.
  6. Question nos. 15 to 18 and 31 are short answer type–II questions carrying 4 marks each.
  7. Question nos. 19, 20 and 32 are long answer types–I question carrying 6 marks each.
  8. Question nos. 21 and 22 are long answer type–II questions carrying 8 marks each.
  9. There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice has been provided in 2 questions of three marks, 2 questions of four marks and 2 questions of eight marks.

How to Study from Class 12 Accountancy Sample Papers?

We suggest all the class XII students of the CBSE board download the PDF format of the sample paper after completing the syllabus. The sample paper will also include information regarding marking schemes and time duration that can help students to build their speed and also format the answers in the right way.

Now, follow these points to get the most from practising the mock test papers.

  1. Choose a quiet room to answer the sample papers
  2. Be honest with yourself and answer the question without taking the help of books or others.
  3. Keep the timer clock and try to finish the sample paper in a given time.
  4. Assume it as your real exams and maintain the neatness in handwriting and formatting answers.
  5. Once you are finished writing an answer, do revise before the alarm.
  6. After the alarm gets over, check your question paper with the suggested answer sheet.
  7. Be prudent while evaluating your answers and assign marks accordingly.
  8. Analyze your performance and make a timetable according to it.

Benefits of Solving 12th Accounts Sample Papers

  1. Students feel confident about the preparation and are excited about the exams.
  2. If they have a clear understanding of all chapters, they enjoy solving the set of complex problems.
  3. By solving the CBSE sample papers, students can revise the entire syllabus before exams.
  4. The Accounts sample papers are replicas of actual papers.
  5. After solving the papers, students can focus on the topic which can still ambush them on exam day.
  6. The student also learns to manage the time and accelerate the writing speed after solving these sample papers.

We also set the 12th Accounts sample paper according to the current updated and revised syllabus. The CBSE has reinforced the annual board exams. Hence, contact VSI to get more sample papers on Accounts, BST, and Economics prepared by the expert teachers.