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CBSE Class 12 Accounts Project 2023-24 – Ratio & Segments Analysis

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Class 12 Accountancy Project 2023–24: As there is no proper information available on the internet, many students are still confused about the Accounts project 2024. They don’t know which project ideas to choose, how to do ratio and segment analysis, how to make a project report, and more.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll help you by giving answers to all your question related to the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy projects. Moreover, you’ll also get the Class 12 Accounts project pdf including the specific project of ratio and segment analysis, the format of a comprehensive project, and more.

It is to be noted that according to the latest CBSE guidelines only one specific report needs to be submitted in the month of March 2024 to the respective project guides in school. There is no provision of sending a comprehensive project file in pdf format or online.

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So let’s begin with knowing about the Class 12 Accountancy projects details as per the CBSE Guidelines.

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CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Project 2023-24

Part AFinancial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations60
Part BAnalysis of Financial Statements20
Part C Practical Project test —-Written test

—-Project Report





Total marks20
Total Accounts Subject Marks100 marks

The accountancy Project work syllabus is the Part C of the class 12th accounts syllabus. As you can see, there are three parts of the Accounts project. The school will notify their students about the written test paper date, date to submit the project file, and VIVA. For all these 3 parts, students are allotted marks out of the total 20 marks.

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A.Written Test Paper

Students need to appear for writing exams as scheduled by the school of the students.

Total marks: 12 marks

  1. Questions asked: 3-4
  2. Topics covered in the syllabus: Ratio analysis, comparative analysis, common size analysis, cash flow analysis.,
  3. Total hours allotted: 1 hour
  4. Book prescribes to cover project syllabus: Analysis of a financial statement by T.S Grewal, DK Goel, and NCERT book

B. Class 12 Accounts Project File Submission

Total Marks: 04

Students need to prepare the Accounts project file for their project guides in school. They can score 4 marks by submitting a neat, clean, impressive, and properly formatted project report.

CBSE Guidelines on CBSE Accountancy Project for class 12th 2024

CBSE has reduced the syllabus for account projects for class 2023. Students now only need to make one specific project file. Earlier students used to make one comprehensive project and 1 specific project. Where a comprehensive project file included all the basic journal entries, Cash flow statements, p&l accounts, balance sheet, ratio analysis, for a particular company. While a specific report needs to cover the company profile, assessment of financial statements, and specific report analysis.

From 2022, commerce students of class 12th will prepare only one specific project, students have extra 10 hours saved with them to score more than 90% marks in Accounts.

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Why Are Class 12 Accounts Project Reports Prepared By Class 12th Students?

According to CBSE guidelines, the main objective of preparing the project report is for the following reason

  1. Able to state the meaning, objectives, and limitations of financial statement analysis.
  2. Learn the proper use of different tools of ‘financial statements analysis’.
  3. Are able to make Comparative Statements and Common Size Statement
  4. Understand the Meaning, objective, advantage, and limitation of each Accounting Ratios
  5. Learn the formulas for all Types of Ratios
    1. Liquidity Ratios: Current ratio and Quick ratio.
    2. Solvency Ratios: Debt to Equity Ratio, Total, Asset to Debt Ratio, Proprietary Ratio and, Interest Coverage Ratio.
    3. Activity Ratios: Inventory Turnover Ratio, Trade Receivables Turnover Ratio, Trade Payables Turnover Ratio, and Working Capital Turnover Ratio.
    4. Profitability Ratios: Gross Profit Ratio, Operating Ratio, Operating Profit Ratio, Net Profit Ratio, and Return on Investment

Class 12 Accountancy Project Ideas for Students (2023-24)

Students should always choose a topic that is interesting and also easy for them. When students have a deep and clear understanding of topics, project making activity becomes fun.

Moreover, they should also choose a company with a varied product mix and avoid choosing service-based companies. For this, they can prefer projects on partnership firms or joint companies.

And more importantly, choose the topic for which information can be easily gathered from the internet, magazine, and newspaper.

Some Accounts Project ideas for class XII are:

Ratio analysis 

  1. Ratio analysis for Dabur
  2. Ratio analysis for ITC
  3. Ratio analysis for HLL

Cash flow analysis

  1. Cash flow analysis for Dabur
  2. Cash flow analysis for ITC
  3. Cash flow analysis for HLL

Segment analysis

  1. Segment analysis for Dabur
  2. Segment analysis for ITC
  3. Segment analysis for HLL

CBSE Guidelines On Project Report File Format for 2024

The first page of the file should have the project title, information of the student, school, and the teacher concerned. And, the second page must have an index to indicate columns for the project title, page numbers, date, teacher remark, and signature.

Then the body of the project should be presented in this arrangement

  1. Title
  2. Objective
  3. Period of the study
  4. Source material
  5. Tools of analysis used
  6. Processing and tabulation of data
  7. Infographic
  8. Derivations, interpretation, and conclusion
  9. Assumption if any

How to Prepare a Specific Accounts Project Report?

  1. Firstly, students need to choose whether they want to prepare a cash flow analysis report, ratio analysis report, or segment report.
  2. Secondly, students should gather all the financial statements like balance sheet, P&L statement, inventory list, product list, and all other necessary information required for analysis.
  3. Thirdly, look for the specific question that needs to be answered to process the tabulation of data. For e.g. which is the most profitable product in the product mix? Or should they get more loans for expansion? Or how can they save their cost?
  4. Fourthly start analyzing all the data with specific tools like ratios or making charts and tables to help you reach some conclusion.
  5. Fifthly prepare Comparative Statements and Common Size Statement
  6. Lastly, start placing all the product documents and sheets neatly in the format prescribed by CBSE

Rubrics to Prepare Project File

This table will help you while preparing projects for ratio analysis, cash flow, and segment analysis. Students can learn how to set the objective, source material, tools of analysis before preparing the project file.
Table with head

Ratio analysis ProjectCash flow AnalysisSegment Analysis
ObjectiveShould a company pay all Its liabilities?

Should a company buy x Qty of goods on credit?

Should Companies invest in the expansion?

Where is the company making maximum expenditure?

Which Product is most profitable for the company?

Should Company stop producing product X?

Source materialDebtor creditors list

Balance sheet

Cash flow statements

Profit and loss statements

Working capital

Product revenue and expenditure sheet

Profit and loss account

Tools of AnalysisAccounting RatiosCash and Cash Equivalents, Cash FlowsComparative Statements and  Common Size Statement
Infographicsgraphs, pie charts, bar chartsgraphs, pie charts, bar chartsgraphs, pie charts, bar charts
—Project With GST

Students who choose to make a cash flow analysis or Segment Analysis report should factor in all the GST included cost price. How GST has impacted the manufacturing industry and service industry can also be presented as a comparative statement.

Guidelines To Follow While Making Project

  1. Knowing and understanding the project topics in-depth,
  2. Always Select an interesting accounting project topic
  3. Always keep the project short and precise.
  4. Try to add more diagrams, graphs, pie charts, bar charts, and any other infographics
  5. Submit a project on time
  6. If you have any doubts or problems, talk to your teacher.

CBSE Class 12 Accounts Project 2023-24 PDF

Students looking for the class 12 accountancy project pdf can click on the download link below. In the pdf, you’ll find all the details about the accountancy project for class 12 CBSE 2023-24. Moreover, in the second pdf, you’ll get the specific Class 12 Accounts project of segment analysis. 

Specific Project PDF on Segment AnalysisDownload
Class 12 Accountancy Project PDFDownload

Download the CBSE class 12 accountancy sample papers pdf for the 2024 board exams with their solutions.


Total marks:04

The last is the VIVA or oral exams that are scheduled by the school itself in the month of March. The students receive questions in VIVA related to the project submitted. The purpose of scheduling VIVA is to ensure that projects prepared by the students have helped them to create a proper understanding of the topics.

Important Questions for Accounts Practical VIVA 2024

VIVA won’t be more than 5-10 minutes duration and if students who prepare the project with interest and excitement know all the answers to VIVA questions.

If you want to know about important questions of VIVA, then read the entire chapter

Chapter 4 Analysis of Financial Statements

Chapter 5 Accounting Ratios

Chapter 6 Cash Flow Statement

from NCERT  book 2 of accountancy.

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Now, you have all the details needed to make a Class 12 Accounts project for the 2023-24 session. It is advised to all the students that they should take the project work seriously. As it will help them in getting good marks in CBSE class 12th result and also make them learn how accounting is done in the real world.

To conclude, you now have the details about the class 12 accountancy project, how to make the specific project of ratio, segment and cash flow analysis, project ideas and the effective tips during the preparation.

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