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The Biggest Challenge of CA Students

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Many times student ask me this question. What is the biggest challenge for a CA Student? I use to smile and reply “CA is itself a challenge”. Every step in CA is a challenge starting from CA Foundation to CA Final.

The things which makes this course tough is its vast syllabus, in-depth knowledge of every subject, duration and of course some facepalm moments which every CA student have to face while completing this course.

But doesn’t matter how long you took to complete this course. Once, you become a Chartered Accountant nobody will come and ask you how many attempts it took to become CA?

Easy Entrance

CA is not like Medical and Engineering courses where once you get cleared in the entrance test, surely you will get the MBBS or B.Tech degree. Everybody knows that entry in CA is far easy as a comparison to clear the whole course.

The whole syllabus of Chartered Accountancy is divided into four parts –

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. 3 Years Articleship
  4. CA Final

CA Foundation is an entrance test in Chartered Accountancy course which has replaced CPT. The syllabus of CA Foundation is divided into four subjects two of which are objective based and two are subjective based. The entrance test CA Foundation test the basic knowledge which you have gain in your senior secondary classes. The result of CA Foundation (entrance test) generally lies between 30%-35%.

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First Challenge – CA Intermediate

The challenge starts after clearing entrance test where students have to appear in CA Intermediate which has replaced CA IPCC. The complete syllabus of CA Intermediate is divided into 8 subjects and 2 groups. This level tests your intelligence which is a crucial part to become a CA.

The result of CA IPCC generally lies up to 10%. 10% are from that 30% who cleared CPT.

Most of the students have to go through the number of attempts in clearing CA IPCC.

Second Challenge – Articleship Training

After clearing either one or both group of CA Intermediate, a student can get themselves register for 3 years articleship training and this is the beginning where CA Student step into the practical world.

Here he has to face all the challenges which train him for the future after becoming a CA. Some people and ICAI refers to the articleship period as the golden period but according to me, this is the toughest time where CA Student have to sweat.  This is the time where a CA Student has to work for a stipend which is lower than the salary of the office boy. The more you sweat in your training period the less you have to struggle after becoming CA.

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I have also seen some students pursuing dummy articleship but trust me this is the biggest mistake for which they’ll have to regret. Doesn’t matter how many attempts you take to complete this course but once you become Chartered Accountant, nobody would dare to say “You don’t deserve to be a Chartered Accountant”.

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Biggest Challenge of  CA Final

After a hard work and patience of 2.5 years here, you will have to face the biggest challenge of this course where all your 5 years invested in this will be tested. The final level tests your intelligence. Knowledge, memory, hard work and expects you to be full-fledged Chartered Accountant. It also tests your knowledge gained during practical work exposure.

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Students can appear in Final level after completing 2.5 years of Articleship training and clearing both groups of CA IPCC/ CA Intermediate. The result of CA Final generally lies between 8%-10%. 80% students get three or more attempts at this level.

They take attempts not because they do not work hard but because they lose focus on studies. 3 years articleship period is enough time which can deviate any student from studies. Candidates use to get more interest in work rather than studies. Also, it’s hardly impossible to cover the entire syllabus of CA Final in just 6 months of preparation leave.

The only solution to this problem is regular with your studies during your articleship. Most of the students use to make complain that we do not get time from the office, how could we manage studies with the office. Then remember,  you choose CA, CA does not choose you. You have to work hard until you achieve your goal. You have to manage your time because being a Chartered Accountant is your dream, your parents dream not anyone else. So, go for it.

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