How to Get Rank in CA Final Examination 2023?

Want to know how to get ranked in the CA final? Until you don’t desire high, you won’t be able to achieve a good CA Final result. And if you are reading this article you must have dreamt big. Not just better, you aim to be the best in the crowd. Hope you are working to achieve a single-digit rank in your CA Final exam. Well, that’s not easy even if you had been a meritorious student in your school days but not impossible even if you are an average student.

Remember, there is no shortcut to success, which means no substitute for hard work. The more you sweat while preparing, the more you relax while searching for a job.

However, smart work is as important as hard work. Until you have not smartly planned your studies, you won’t be able to get a rank in CA Final.

Before you start your preparation, it is a good idea to know everything about the CA Final course, in order to make better decisions and strategies.

Note: If you have not filled out the registration form for November 2023 attempt, then fill out it before 1st July 2023 so that you do not face problems like a window crash on the last date. Click on CA final registration to know the details regarding registration.

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ICAI Guidelines to Get a Rank in CA Final

First, we are sharing with you some standards which have been implemented by ICAI in order to secure a rank –

  1. You have to place your name in the top 50 students of your attempt.
  2. Clear both the groups in a single attempt without availing any past exemption.
  3. Secure minimum 55% marks in a single attempt.

Hence, the students who are planning to give both the groups separately, think again. And even if you got an attempt, you will still be able to secure rank.

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How to Get a Rank in CA Final- The Perfect Study Plan

Now we will discuss, how you should plan your studies to get a rank in CA Final –

#1 Keep the Excuses Aside

Every time we compare yourself with others and make lots of excuses not to study or reason behind poor performance. Students who stay away from their homes for the studies compare themselves with those who are living at home like we have to do our work own, the mother is not residing with us. Others are very lucky as they do not have to waste their time on such things.

While the students living at home think how difficult their life is? Sometimes, relatives arrive at their homes, sometimes siblings force them to go for a movie or dinner. There are plenty of distractions that could not let them study.

Sometimes, students think that other students notes are better, sometimes they think that other’s mentor is better. Some students have to study along with some earnings either to continue their studies or for the wellbeing of their family. They thought that they don’t get enough time like other students to study.

But friends, these are just excuses. If you want to get a rank in CA final than these excuses must be avoided! It is a myth that others don’t have obstacles in their life. Don’t make yourself comfortable in such an excuse zone. Get out of it. Promise yourself, that whatever the situation will be, you will be a Chartered Accountant.

#2 Don’t Skip the Institute’s Material –

Most of the students commit such a mistake. It’s good to rely on your coaching material but completely skipping ICAI material is not appreciable. “OMG, how could we complete such a lengthy and bulk material?” thinking like such can really destroy your dream of getting a rank.

Don’t be afraid, when you open ICAI material like Study Material or Practice Manual or RTP, MTP you will see that plenty of questions in such are already covered by your coaching material.

#3 Studies with Office

Students think that let the coaching complete first and we will start self-study as soon as we’ll get preparation leaves from the office. Mark my words, This is going to be the biggest mistake of your life!

CA Final is not tough to clear until you have not completed your course and properly revised it. The course is so wide and it is not possible to cover the entire CA Final syllabus in 6 – 7 months. You have to be regular with your studies. An average person can remind the things up to 2 weeks without revision. So if you are planning to start your course after completion of coaching then you won’t be able to recall the concepts that you have taught in your classes.

You might be thinking that we don’t get time to study due to the office but again these are excuses. You have to separate some hours for your study on the daily basis. You can also go for CA Final online classes and study at whatever time is best suitable for you.

#4 Proper Planning

Planned Studies are very necessary to get a rank in CA Final Exams.  I have seen many students who worked very hard but still failed in achieving what they desire. The reason behind such failure is a lack of proper planning.

Most of the time, students use to forget the concepts of subjects which they have started first and remembered only the last ongoing subjects.

Hence, you should start the coaching of practical subjects first (2 years before the exam) except DT and IDT as there are lots of amendments in both the subjects and keep revising them. Practice as many questions as you can. Thereafter start your theory subjects like law, audit, etc. so that you could retain them till your exams.

Make sure that you have completed all your coaching at least 3 months before the exam so that you will get enough time for the self-study.

Most of the toppers prepare the timetable not for a day but for every single minute. So, prepare a genuine timetable that properly covers all your subjects, three times revision and after that solving RTP and MTP for the past 3 – 4 attempts.’

‘Check the important dates for the CA Final exams to stay updated and informed.

#5 MTP and Past attempt Papers

Students, practice is as important as reading and understanding the concepts. The papers are very lengthy so have to manage your time and this needs you to practice such at your home.

After completing the course, divide your schedule such that you will get enough time to practice MTP and past attempt papers at home.

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#6 No Substitute for Hard Work

Smart work can guide you to prepare properly but it cannot replace hard work. You are not dreaming just to clear this exam, you are dreaming of AIR and this is not possible until you give your best.

Say a big No to selective study. A single topic which you are leaving can be the most important for your exams. For attaining rank, you have to study at least 8-10 hours in the last 6 months before the exam.

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Hope this article will help you. Give you 100%, and ICAI will definitely admire it. Good Luck…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Can an average student clear CA final exams on the first attempt?

    Ans: Yes, an average student can clear the CA final exams on the first attempt. Not only the average student but also a below-average student can clear CA final exams on the first attempt Candidates appearing for CA final exams have to work hard for their exams. They should study for at least 12 to 13 hours per day. They should try to cover the entire syllabus before time and should spend most of the time solving mock tests papers, revision papers, and previous year question papers. Solving papers helps candidates to prepare for the CA final exams, also it helps to cover the entire topic of the CA final syllabus.

    Q2. Do candidates are required to cover all the topics of the CA final syllabus for exams?

    Ans: Yes, candidates appearing for the CA final exams must cover the entire CA final syllabus for the exams. Each and every topic of the CA final syllabus are mandatory for the exams. Candidates can download a pdf of the CA final syllabus from VSI. 

    Q3. Is it required to join the CA final coaching for the preparation of the exams?

    Ans: It is very difficult to prepare for the CA final exams without any coaching. CA final coaching provides candidates with systematic guidance to prepare for the CA exams. The best CA institute also provides candidates with different strategies to revise for CA final courses in the last month. So, it is advised that CA final candidates should join the CA final institute for the preparation of the CA final exams. 

    Q4. How many hours should a CA final candidate spend their time studying?

    Ans: Initially, candidates should spend 10 hours per day studying for the CA final exams. In the last days of the CA final exam days, candidates should increase their time of study. From 10 hours, they should increase their time to 14-15 hours of daily preparations.

    Q5. How many hours do candidates spend sleeping?

    Ans: To keep your mind active to learn new topics, it is very essential for CA final candidates to have a good sleep. Candidates should have at least 8 hours of sleep daily. This will increase your efficiency for study. Never try to reduce your sleeping time. 

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