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How To Clear CA Exam in First Attempt & Top Rank (2023)

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Note: This article is written by DR CA R.C.Sharma on special requests to guide CA students to overcome fear and achieve top ranks.

In Chartered Accountancy (CA) exam, the Result of CA Foundation is approximately 30%, the Result of CA Intermediate, the Result of IPCC is around 4 to 8% and the Result of the CA final is about 3 to 8%.

It is always a point of worry for CA students as to how to get through successfully with the CA examination with such a cutting edge competition and so less pass percentage.

But the fact is that the right guidance along with the right efforts made in the right direction can help one clear the CA examination in as simple way as it takes to pass the Senior Secondary (12th Std.) exam.

Let us now analyze the reasons that are responsible for so fewer results of this exam:

1. Considering Foundation as Quite Easy

The CA Foundation syllabus is almost similar to that of the 12th Standard. The pass percentage for Foundation is also approximately 30 %. As a result, the students consider it very easy and prepare not-so-well for the Foundation, Hence, although they pass Foundation their percentage of marks for this exam remains very low in comparison to that scored in the 12th Std. examination.

Because of this, the students start thinking that CA is a difficult examination and hence, they lose their confidence. Further, this low confidence leads to failure in IPCC/Intermediate. 

2. Lack of Confidence

A confident attitude is a must for anyone who aspires to become a CA. The lack of confidence becomes a hurdle and stops the students from passing this exam.

3. Considering the Pattern of ICAI & 12th Std. as Similar

The examination patterns of ICAI and 12th Std. are different. But the students keep preparing for the Foundation examination with the pattern of 12th std. examination in their minds. Students need to know all about CA exams thoroughly.

4. Lack of Focus on the Important Portions of Syllabus

It is a fact that not all parts of the CA syllabus are equally important. Some of the topics are considered as very important while others are considered less important, comparatively.

But the students give equal importance to all topics and hence, they do not get to focus well on the most important topics.

5. Meeting Students Who Could Not Clear the CA Exam

Around 70% of students are unable to clear the Foundation while approx. 92% of students do not get through the Intermediate. Hence, the CA aspirants often get to come across those students who could not pass the prestigious CA examination. As a result, these aspirants start losing faith and confidence in their efforts considering the exam as quite tough.

6. Too Many Expectations

Most of the students desire to get all things together! They wish to get all sorts of facilities, expect low fees for CA Course and desire to get success in the examination. On the contrary,

The CA aspirants should understand that they cannot get all these things together. Hence, they should always concentrate on their main ambition of passing through the CA examination in a proper way. Sometimes, the teachers, who are serving to institutes with less result, offer a low fee to students, and surprisingly, many students, get deviated from their main ambition and go after the low-fee classes without thinking about the long-term results.

What are the Solutions…?

1. Take Foundation Seriously

Prepare for the Foundation examination in the best possible manner because the Foundation marks set targets for the Intermediate. When the students take the Foundation exam seriously, they score well and get enthusiastic and confident about the Intermediate exam too. This definitely leads to the successful pass results in Intermediate.

2. Select the Right Institutes for Coaching

Choosing the right CA coaching institute is indispensable for getting overall success in the CA examination. In fact, the two foundations on which the passing in CA examination depends include:
• The Proper Guidance
• Hard Work
Working hard and making the best of efforts lies in the hands of students. But the problem arises when it comes to choosing a CA coaching institute. Most of these institutes boast of good results and hence it becomes difficult for students to recognize the right institute.

If anyone wants to choose a suitable institute, he or she should always get to know about the result of last year’s CA examination in institutes. Only those institutes that actually made it to good results should be selected by CA aspirants. The right coaching and guidance make a real difference in the passing of the CA examination.

3. Prepare with the Right Pattern

Prepare your answers the way Intermediate expects them to be. Analyze last years’ question papers and search for the answers that lead to successful results.

4. Divide the Syllabus into A, B & C Sections

Always divide the CA Course into A, B, and C sections. The A section is the one that covers 30% of the entire syllabus in volume. But the important point is that 70% of questions are put up from this section only. The C section is the one that covers 50% of the entire syllabus but only 20% of questions come from this section. Apart from these two sections, the remaining section is the B section.

How to divide the course in:

  • A Analysis 
    It covers only 20% volume of course and weight of marks is 50%. The study of this part should be strong and more revision is needed.
  • B Analysis 
    It covers around 40% volume of course and weight of marks is 35%. This part requires a moderate Study.
  • C Analysis 
    It covers around 40% volume of course and weight of marks is 15%. This part requires simple reading.

5. Never Take Guidance From the Negative Students

Do not discuss the syllabus or CA examination or other exam-related issues with anyone who has a negative attitude toward this exam. Also, make it a point, not to discuss the same with those students who failed in the CA exam. The CA aspirants should understand that such people would have cleared the examination only if they had received the right guidance.

6. Focus on the Positive Result

Instead of expecting all facilities, concentrate on the main aim – Passing through the CA examination. Passing the examination is the most important aim that should always be focused upon by every CA aspirant.

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5 Habits to Help You Crack CA in First Attempt

Given below are the five habits every CA candidate must have are as follows:

  1. CA candidates should have proper planning and should have set goals to cover the entire syllabus.
  2. CA candidates should have a habit of daily revision of theory subjects and solve one mock test paper daily.
  3. Candidates should focus on every topic of the syllabus and try not to skip topics. Also, try to have a crystal clear concept of each topic.
  4. Candidates should know how to manage time and utilize more of the time in CA preparation.
  5. Candidates should have a habit of making notes and should know their own weaknesses.

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Topper’s Strategies to Rank in CA Exam

Given below are strategies that will help CA candidates to rank in the CA exam. The strategies are as follows:

  1. To rank in the CA exam candidates should avoid group studies with friends. Students have to complete the entire syllabus, and for this, they should be very focused.
  2. CA candidates should try to complete the entire syllabus before time so that they get time to do revision for at least three times before the CA exam.
  3. CA candidates should divide their topics into small parts and try to complete that particular topic on the same day.
  4. To clear the CA exam in one attempt, candidates should have a positive attitude. They should be self-motivated to study all the time.
  5. To rank in the CA exam candidates should plan to study for at least 10 to 15 hours per day.
  6. Try to revise theory subjects on a daily basis, and prepare short notes for every topic. This will help them at the time of revision.
  7. CA candidates must prepare their own short notes for every topic of the entire syllabus. This will help candidates to revise easily.
  8. Students should also practice on improving their quality of answers. For this, they should solve mock test papers which will help them self-assess.
  9. To rank in the CA exam students need to avoid social media, tv, internet, etc to stay focussed towards their goal.
  10. After continuous study for at least 3-4 hours, candidates should take a short break, this will increase their efficiency.
  11. Students should be regular during their articleship training.
  12. To avoid stress, CA candidates should do yoga or meditation daily for at least 30 minutes.

If you clear the CA exams in the first attempt with a rank, then companies will offer you the starting CA salary of 20 to 25 lakhs per annum.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Where to join CA coaching classes?

Ans: CA candidates can join VSI, the best CA coaching in India. 

Q2. What are the strategies to rank in the CA exam?

Ans: The strategies to rank in the CA exam are mentioned above on this page.

Q3.What are the habits every CA candidate should follow?

Ans: The habits every CA candidate should follow are mentioned on this page.

Q4. Does Social Media distract the focus towards CA preparation?

Ans: Yes, CA candidates should avoid using social media as it plays a big role in distracting students from their goal.

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