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Know 8 Reasons Why Most Students Quit CA

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The examination of chartered accountancy is not some random accounting exam. With the vast syllabus and unpredictable results, the CA course is very hard to complete. With the growing levels from CA Foundation to CA final, the difficulty level also increases simultaneously. There is no easier way to clear the CA examination than hard work, determination and perseverance. Despite being a high salary of CA in India there are more reasons why students quit CA exams.

In India, being CA is a proud moment and a profession which everyone looks up to.

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After the results come out, it becomes a joy for only some students and a disappointment for many others. At a certain point of time students are forced to ask themselves “whether I should leave CA, or give it one more chance”. Though many candidates appearing for CA examinations are academically intelligent and have outstanding career records.

Many of them get demotivated or depressed if they do not clear the examination, but they should always remember the first reason when they started preparing for CA and then study for it with the same spirit.

Many students even think of quitting the CA articleship and one of the main reasons to quit is that practical training becomes difficult to manage with the study required for the finals.

Either you have a lot of work, or given no work makes the process slow. Many of you might have complaints regarding no serious work while training and then getting paid in peanuts because of the semi-qualified accountant you are making it worse.

Sometimes it just becomes hard to study after the tiredness from whole day practice and exhausted mind, but if you are mindful of your goals, you can achieve any heights you want with dedication.

Should I quit CA?

This question is the first thing that comes to mind when you fail in your first attempt, ask yourself again “what is stopping me from giving a try again, or what has changed that made me think to quit the first thing I wanted to do”. Some of the answers coming in your mind will be:

The dejected group-many of your friends or relatives who were pursuing CA have quit and are now finding other things to do. This distraction from your goal makes you think about alternatives. Also, the pressure from family not to try again or saying “you are not giving your best”, adds to the reason.

Struggle and attempts- lack of knowledge as to how to face the failure and to give one more try, depending just on coaching, gives you mental failure. And as soon as you fail to clear in one go, you are said to be passed in multiple attempts.

Here are the 8 Reasons Why Students Quit CA:

1• Distractions from the outside world

In order to become a Professional Chartered Accountant, one has to sacrifice a lot of social gatherings or day outs, night outs, parties, weddings and other such occasions. The sacrifice of a few functions and instead studying hard for CA can help you achieve the degree.

2• Wrong Planning can be a reason to quit CA

If you aspire to become CA, it should come from within. Do not choose your career based on your friend’s decision. Many students who do not even know the purpose of CA, do it just because their friends are doing it. Know yourself and your potential. Before choosing CA as your career, read or know everything about it.

3• Ignoring ICAI study material

Choosing the wrong study material could be a game-changer for you. If you are referring to other materials, that’s okay but do not ignore ICAI material like practice manuals, MTPs, RTP and others. Students should opt for a material that their coaching centres are referring to but never forget the importance of ICAI’s CA study material.

4• No proper assessment analysis

Coaching institutes treat every student as the same, they do not study every student and therefore it is recommended for CA students to do their own analysis and then work on their weaknesses more. Too much of dependency on coaching centres will not help you achieve your CA degree.

5• Listening to random people’s advice

One of the main reasons why students quit CA is listening to random people’s advice. Advice comes for free and thus every second person has some advice to offer. But in this regard, we suggest that you take advice from a knowledgeable CA.

6• Confused mind ” should I leave CA or not”

Many CA aspirants are not sure whether or not it is a right decision for them and questions like “should I quit CA ”, “life after quitting CA ” comes to their mind. But they should always remember why they started preparing for CA and what life they are expecting after becoming CA. These questions will boost your morale and confidence.

7• Multiple Attempts

CA is not an easy examination, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to become one and only a very few students are able to make it in their first attempt. Each number of attempts increases the CA course duration by 6 more months. Furthermore, when you see your juniors becoming your batch mates and sometimes seniors, it gets hard to continue, but remember, “failure improves the taste of victory”.

8• Confused between giving one group or both the groups 

Many students think that giving both the groups is a better option than appearing again for the other group but it totally depends on an individual’s calibre or if he/she can manage time well to study for both the groups.

Above listed are the top reasons why students quit CA. Giving CA examinations is not easy, it gets tougher with every level but with proper planning, time management, dedication, and hard work, one can achieve the CA degree. Some students get depressed and tense but remember “failure is a greater teacher than success” and to become CA it’s important to keep your mental health intact. This will help you study with a fresh mind.

Ensure to make precise plans and strategies to achieve your goal and do not get demoralized with any random person’s advice. Analyze yourself and work on the weaker part, and make your stronger part stronger. With 100% dedication and effort, you will definitely become a Chartered Accountant.

Giving multiple CA attempts could be hard, learning the same chapters again and again

Failing in Exam, Common Reasons for Students to quit CA?

“What if I fail in the exams? Will I be able to score passing marks? What if I fail to score 90+ marks in the exams? What if I score below less than my previous marks?”

Do these thoughts cloud your mind before the exams? Are you afraid of failing in exams or scoring less than your expectations?

It is okay if you are a little nervous and a little afraid. But don’t let it become your weakness. If you have been struggling with your exam fears, this article is for you.

We are sharing tips on how to overcome the fear of failure in exams. Whether you are a school student or a professional course student, these tips will help you overcome your fear of failure in exams. You can be the topper if you overcome your fears and follow these success mantras.

Before we go on to the tips, it is important to recognize the fear of failure, why it happens, and its effects on students.

Win over your fear of failure in exams; success is waiting for you.

So you have a few methods on how you can overcome your fear of failure in exams. Not just exams, you can apply these methods to any fears you have in life. Find the cause of your problem and change your mindset, so it doesn’t bother you. Redefine your goals and failures, and things will fall into place. As soon as you start thinking about failure, replace those thoughts with positive ones. Give up on excuses. You cannot control situations, but your actions are still in your control. If you just follow these basic things, you can overcome your fear of failure in exams.

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Becoming a CA in India is not that easy. It needs complete dedication, hard work, and passion for this course.If you can’t give all these things then leave it, CA is not a course for you.

Start today; beyond your fears, success awaits you.

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