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6 Major Technology Trends in Education that will Benefit You (2023-24)

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Technology trends are the new changes in the tech world. New technology has changed how we see, process, and do things around us. As a result, technology has brought many changes in every sphere of life. The education field is no exception.

Online classes, pen drive classes, podcasts, webinars, zoom meetings, and many other AI-enabled devices are the new infrastructures of the classroom. With the use of new technology, the focus on only memory has shifted to cognitive thinking. And thus paved a way for conceptual studies and smart room classes.

Moreover, this change has mainly benefited the higher-level education system in India. The technology trends have also given students access to the top teaching resources and made studies flexible.

In fact, at VSI Jaipur, we use new technology to provide the Best CA coaching in India. Facilities like smart classrooms and online CA classes are available at VSI Jaipur.

Here you will read how tech is improving education in India. You will also read which technology trends have given the most positive results for students. It will help you know what technology you should look for when you join any course in the future.

How is Technology Trends Improving Education in India?

Education in India is no more limited to brick and mortar schools and colleges. The virtual space has found a way in the education field in India.

Tech has made education easy to access and treat for students. Teachers use the new technology trends to hook students’ interest in classes. The use of tech in education is solving the issue of the lack of teachers and now students have the option to select tutors. Tech has brought quality education to the small towns and villages of India.

For example, class 11-12th students don’t have to depend on nearby coaching centers. You can take online classes from experienced teachers in some other cities. Likewise, CA Course students can have better coaching options.

What is the Role of Technology in Education? 

Technology is basically machine-based processes making work easier for humans. And when learning is improvised using technology, it has helped the students and teachers tremendously. Now, students, have an approach to every information with clicks of a few buttons, and teachers have access to day-to-day developments of the students.

One of the other priorities of higher education is to make students industry-ready. But, the old schooling methods were not enough to achieve this goal. The technology trends in the education world have enabled teachers to assess the skills of students. As a result, teachers can help students align with the industry-required skills.

Technology Trends in Education in India

Here we have discussed six of the most popular technology trends in education.

Digital Books

The launch of digital books is a radical change in the education world. Online platforms have become a primary source of assembling facts for any subject. So digital books make learning more convenient for students. Instead of stacking paperback books and always hunting for the latest edition, students can easily download digital books.

For example, free class 11th books and 12th books are given online. Similarly, CA Final booksCA Inter books, and CA Foundation books are also available online.

Multi-Sensory Classrooms

The interactive whiteboards have made classrooms into smart classes. In addition, the visual and audio support helps teachers involve students in the lessons.

We use interactive whiteboards in our classes to make lessons more fun and less boring. As a result, we have first-hand seen how students can learn with more ease and remain absorbed in classes.

Remote Learning

Online classes are one of the best technology trends in India that have given the most benefits to the students. Remote learning is not new in the education field. However, since last year the world’s education model has made a paradigm shift to online learning.

Even we at VSI Jaipur have been providing online classes for CA students for a few years now. But since last year, we have seen major growth in online classes.

Online classes are becoming the new normal. Some of the benefits of online classes are:

  • The problem of distance has been solved.
  • In addition, video conferences, pre-recorded videos, and virtual class forums have helped tailor the education experience for students.
  • Students can choose at what time they want to study.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

VR and AR will change the course material for students. Students will be able to learn with ease and retain concepts with ease. VR and AR will take learning to a higher level. It cuts the barrier between reality and the virtual world.

Like 3D movies, students will get a feeling of things being right in front of the eyes. AR and VR are the emerging technology trends in education in 2023.

Blockchain Technology Trends

Even without you realizing it, blockchain has been here in education for quite some time. Some of the main benefits of it are:

  • It helps combine the data from different sources in a single database. For example, for easily managing documents, a digital locker facility is available for students by the Government of India.
  • The data can be copy-pasted without any changes, which prevents fraud.
  • This technology helps manage and verify student data by the education boards.
  • Tracking the result and performance of students through blockchain is helping teachers analyze learning behaviors. Teachers can now find better ways to help students improve. With VSI mock tests, we assess the students and provide guidance to improve before exams. Through this method, our students have achieved outstanding results in CA exams.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has made education more accessible for students and the jobs of teachers easy. The AI apps help teachers give online tasks, tests and grade them with ease.

For example, OMR sheets are used in competitive exams such as CA and others. The checking of OMR sheets is done through AI technology. ICAI has many subjects which involve subjective type questions. It shows how AI is an important part of higher education.

Since AI has made things easier, at the same time, there are a few cons to it. Like students doing wrong entries in the OMR sheet is very common. Such cases have led to a reduction in marks for students with no hope of correction.


As seen above, the technology trends have many benefits for the students and teachers. So, in conclusion, we can say online learning, AI, blockchain, AR, and VR are the future of the education system in India. But, on the negative side, only a few institutes have adopted the new tech trends. However, VSI Jaipur CA Coaching institute already uses the best technology to provide quality education.

So for the best learning experience, you should join institutes that use the best technology trends of 2023. You deserve nothing less than the best education.

Table of Contents
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