Avoid these mistakes while choosing CA institute

Mistake Which You Must Avoid While Choosing a CA Coaching

Why students fail in CA exams and the things they have been doing wrong are explained in detail in this article!

Many of the times, CA Students get worried why we are not getting clear in CA Exams even after putting all the efforts and most of the times they either blame their ICAI or their luck. Although, some of the students quit this course thinking that they are not capable enough to become a Chartered Accountant.

Do you also believe in luck? Or Do you think that you are not capable to become a Chartered Accountant?

Today we are clearing you why students are facing more and more attempts in CA Exams. It’s is a myth that CA is tough, if you are dedicated towards your passion and working under proper guidance then nobody can stop you from becoming a Chartered Accountant.

How Choosing a Wrong CA Coaching Can Cause Failure in Exams 

Proper Guidance

Yes, this is the most important reason behind the failure of thousands of students. Every student works hard to clear his exam but hard work is not enough Until you are following a correct pattern or correct strategy.

Teachers play a very important role in giving you a successful life. If your coaching teacher is giving you the correct guidance and you are following his guidance properly than you will never have to face such kind of thing which is called Failure.

But if you are working under a wrong guidance then sorry CA will never be going to be easy for you.

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Choose Either Low Fees or Six Months

Plenty of students use to choose coachings having low fee structure or near to their residence which results in their multiple attempts. But have you ever think that saving such thousands or reducing the effort of everyday travel can take your next 6 months and reduce lakh from your package? Because companies prefer to choose candidates who pass out in first or second attempts.

Many coachings allure students with heavy discounts or giving offers like “One subject is free with two”. Now, you have to decide whether you want to save your thousands today and reduce your travel efforts or your next six months and lakh from your package.

Timely Complete Coaching

Your all efforts are useless until and unless you don’t practice what you have read. Self study is as important as coaching. Many students use to struggle with their classes even in the last month of their exam. Your coachings must have completed at least 2 months before the exam so that students will get enough time to revise their course.

Students should opt the Best CA coaching institute which completes their classes timely and gives students enough time to revise the course. The course must have revised at least three times before exam. Everything must be on your tips in order to clear CA Exams.

Listen to Successful People and toppers

In India, every second person is used to provide free consultancy which demotivates students or distract them from the right direction. Develop a habit in yours that instead of listening to everyone, you will take advice only from the successful people and CA toppers.

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Have you ever fail in your senior secondary classes 11th or 12th. No no, why? Because you were not preparing only to get pass. You were preparing for good marks. The same thing happens in CA. Candidates who could not clear CA papers themselves tend to demotivate students who are trying to clear such in the first attempt and when they make up your mind that it’s really tough to clear CA in the first attempt then they start preparing like they can either or fail.Actually, this thought process results in the failure of many students.

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If you are –

  • Dedicated
  • Having clarity on your concepts.
  • Timely Completed your course
  • Revise it for the sufficient time
  • Practise MTP and RTP

Then nobody can fail you in CA Papers not even ICAI. Hence, stop listening to people who says “No, it’s not possible or CA is tough or Its hard to clear CA in the first attempt”. Listen to the people who actually cleared this Course as they can only guide you in a correct direction.

Mock Test Papers

Every student is busy in reading and gaining clarity over concepts. No one is trying to attempt questions. How can you imagine yourself to get the pass in CA papers until and unless you don’t practice?

Mock Test Papers helps students to understand where they are lacking. It shows the true picture of your position. Many times, students face difficulty in recalling some kind of answers. Practicing more and more papers can let them know which topics needs more revision and which topics are clear.

Download CA Foundation Mock Test Papers

It also helps students in maintaining the speed in the CA papers. As you know, papers are very lengthy and time-consuming thus you have to work over your speed before appearing in Final papers. Besides the above, it also helps in improving presentation skills.

There are many coaching institutes which timely conducts mock test papers while completing the course. Thus, students go to the CA coaching institute which timely conducts mock test papers.