Where to Join CA Foundation Coaching

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has revised the Chartered Accountancy curriculum by replacing CPT (Common Proficiency Test) with CA Foundation. The candidates who wish to become a Chartered Accountant are required to qualify for CA Foundation which is an entrance test to pursue this course.

The reason behind implementing CA Foundation in place of CPT is to make the entry-level tough. Due to the objective type paper pattern, CPT was luring some guesswork which makes plenty of ineligible students pass this exam. Hence, ICAI has put a new challenge across the aspiring CA Students through CA Foundation.

CPT is a completely objective type test while CA Foundation is partially subjective and partially objective which means that half of CA Foundation is similar to CPT (objective type papers) and half of same is similar to Intermediate (Subjective type paper).

The average result of CPT lies between 30% – 35% while the result of IPCC often lies up to 10%. Thus, we can say that the expected CA Foundation result will between 15%-20%.

How to Choose CA Foundation Coaching?

When we talk about  CPT, it is considered easy for the students because it focuses on knowledge and speed only but as far as Intermediate is concerned it focuses on presentation skills apart from knowledge and speed. Now, the question which is bothering aspiring CA students is where to go for CA Foundation coaching or which institute should they refer to CA Foundation either CPT institute or IPCC institute.

As students are clear that 2 of the papers in CA Foundation are objective in which speed and knowledge are required and two of its papers are subjective in which presentation skills will play an important role apart from knowledge and speed.

Hence, students are advised to join such an institute that is continuously giving strong results to both CA Foundation as well as Intermediate. 

Why Choose VSI for CA Foundation?

Vidya Sagar Career Institute is one such institute that is continuously giving strong results to both CA Foundation and CA Intermediate for a decade. In the past 10 years, VSI has given 7 AIR -1 in IPCC, Intermediate, and Final creating a history in the Chartered Accountancy course as well as it is continuously giving a brilliant passing percentage. It is the only institute throughout India that has given five times All India 1st Rank in CA IPCC and Intermediate. Apart from this, Our winners Akshat Goyal has secured All India 1st Rank in CA Intermediate May 2019 exams and Ajay Agarwal has secured All India 1st rank in CA final May 2019 exams with ever highest marks in the history of ICAI which indicates that everything is possible if proper guidance is given.

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    VSI CA Foundation Rankers

    VSI is not limited to making the students clear on this exam, it focuses on how to achieve a brilliant score by each and every student. Looking at the

    CPT result, VSI students have achieved a better percentage in CPT as compared to senior secondary classes. Some of them are –

    Name of the studentsPercentage
    Ayush KabraXII – 91%

    CPT – 91.50%

    Saurabh NamaXII – 87.44%

    CPT – 91.00%

    Poorvi PurwarXII – 90.40%

    CPT – 90.50%

    Basant PeriwalXII – 87.00%

    CPT – 90.50%

    Akshay JainXII – 82.00%

    CPT – 90.00%

    Yashi AgarwalXII – 81.80%

    CPT – 88.00%

    Sachin KhandelwalXII – 80.20%

    CPT – 88.00%

    Mahima AgarwalXII – 85.80%

    CPT – 87.50%

    Wondering! How is it possible? VSI has actually made this impossible thing possible. Proper guidance, brilliant material, and regular mock test help every ordinary student to dream extraordinary.

    How to Prepare for CA Foundation Exam?

    To prepare for the CA foundation exam students need to maintain the psychological balance throughout the courses.

    1. Regular Exercise- Candidates should do 15 minutes of regular exercise. This will help them to stay energetic throughout the day.
    2. Eating Healthy- Students should try to take a healthy diet and avoid fast food consumption. This will help them stay healthy and will be more focused on their studies
    3. Spending time with family- It is also advised for students to take a break from their studies and try to spend some time with the family.
    4. Reading newspapers and magazines- Reading newspapers and magazines is a good habit. So students must try to invest some of their time in reading the newspaper or a good magazine along with their CA foundation courses.

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    The Time Table for Students preparing for CA Foundation Exam

    Regular exercise15 minutes
    Eating healthy 10 minutes 
    Spending time with family30 minutes
    Reading newspapers and magazines20 minutes
    Total spend time75 minutes a day

    How to Manage Time for CA Foundation Exam

    Students are advised to go through their CA Foundation syllabus thoroughly. CA Foundation exams are held twice a year.

    Knowledge ApplicationSubjectsTime
    5%-20%80%-95%1)Principle and practice of accounting(s)300 hours
    50%-65%35%-50%2a)Business laws(s)200 hours
    100% Business 2b)correspondence and reporting(s)100 hours
     100%3)Business mathematics and logical reasoning(o)300 hours
    40%-50%50%-60%4a)Business economics(o)200 hours
    100% 4b)Business and commercial knowledge (o)100 hours

    As you complete the syllabus, the next important steps are to revise the syllabus at least 2-3 times and practice with the CA Foundation papers. We have created a list of CA Foundation Mock test papers, revision test papers and question papers for students to download and practise well for the exams.

    Admission Open: Face-to-Face and Online Classes

    Batch forDateClasses
    CA Foundation Nov 202218th MayOnline/Face-to-Face Classes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Can students refer CA Foundation previous year’s question paper?

    Ans: Yes, students must refer to the CA foundation previous year’s question papers, as it will help them know better about the question pattern. 

    Q2. Can students prepare for the CA foundation exam in the last few months?

    Ans: VSI helps students to prepare for the CA Foundation exam in just four months

    Q3. Does VSI provide complete guidance for CA foundation Exam?

    Ans: Yes, VSI provides complete guidance for the CA foundation exam.