7 habits of ca ipcc toppers

7 Tested Habits to Be the Topper of CA IPCC Examination

Chartered Accountancy course is considered to be one of the most dignified but tough professional courses that one could pursue for. Never the less, it is the most challenging too. If you have cleared the CPT, you may be preparing for the Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) of CA.

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To top such a tough course may seem improbable. However, if you go through the track records of the following CA IPCC Toppers, you will be inspired to top in your next examination. Before that, remember two things; firstly that nothing is impossible for a confident person like you and secondly that “Practice makes a person Perfect.”  The following are few names who made history by securing Top Ranks after failure.

Nitin Gupta: Failed in CA IPCC exam of May 2010 but got Rank 1 in CA Final of November 2010

Sujoy K.N: Failed in CA IPCC in November 2009 & May 2010 but Got Rank in CA Final of November’ 10

Sonia Rakheja: Failed in IPCC of November 09 & May’09 but Got Rank in CA Final in November 2010

Shailee Chaudhury: Failed in CA Final of November 2014 but Topped in CA Final of May 2015.

The above data are not the myth, but the reality that you too can achieve if you strictly adhere to the following seven habits.

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1. The 8 R’s Formula

  1. Read the study materials intensively
  2. Refer only one suggested reference book
  3. Realize and comprehend the important points and principles of the subject
  4. Remove doubts by discussing with seniors or teachers
  5. Record and scribble your own notes
  6. Revise your notes and study materials
  7. Recapitulate the main points
  8. Represent your comprehension and conception neatly and without any ambiguity in your exam.

If you follow these points religiously, the Result of IPCC will be a Rank for you.

2. Planning

It has aptly been said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Planning is ‘thinking ahead of doing’. Just as any other project, give a name to your project “CA IPCC Topping’ and plan out your activities allocating limited time to different subjects.

Make a small diary mentioning therein, the topics to be studied in various subjects and at the end of your daily study, write down the actual achievement on that date. After that, find out the reasons for any deviation and take remedial measures for any distraction or diversion. While maintaining a study schedule of 12 to 14 hours a day, you need to give importance to the quality of your study.

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3. Time Management

Have a clear picture of the time regarding month, week, days and hours. Keep a track of all your activities that you perform from the time you get up till you go to sleep. This will help you avoid the unproductive activities and can balance the schedule of your studies. You can bring about certain adjustments in your habits and behavior also.

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4. Combined Self-Study & Coaching

Self-study is a must, and good coaching center has its own advantages. Different experienced faculties of the coaching center can guide you in various subjects and at the same time can clarify your doubts. You can also interact with your classmates and seniors. Therefore, go in for a combined study program.


5. Mock Tests

Fear, panic, and apprehension are great constraints in the way of excelling in the CA IPCC final examination. Moreover, if you are aspiring to top the examination, you are more likely to be possessed by such negative thoughts and your over consciousness may lead to a psychosis kind of situation.

You should, therefore, take up mock test at least once or twice so as to acclimatize with 3 hours of examination.

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6. Specific and To the Point answer

Instead of writing lengthy answers, make your answers to the point and accurate. Mention the assumptions and notes in your exam papers. Underlining the keywords attracts the attention of the evaluator. Overwriting should be avoided.

7. Maintain Healthy Habits

Take restricted but nutritious diets and keep the negative and vulgar thoughts away from your mind. Avoid socialization and unwanted interactions. Practice meditation and breathing exercise for increasing your concentration. Regular prayer calms down your mind and becomes an inner source of motivation.

You are already experienced in excelling in your CA CPT exams. The only extra thing you have to add this time is a self-determination, “I can, and I’ll top the CA IPCC examination.

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