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Life of CA Student- A Small Talk (2023)

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CA lifestyle Moto:

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. – Nora Roberts

A Day in the Life of a CA student!!!

The journey of becoming CA is a unique and unpredictable one. Becoming a CA journey starts as soon as the student’s parent or student himself sees any other successful “CA” around.

In India, being CA is a proud moment and a profession which everyone looks up to.

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We recently invited some of our ex-students who are now successfully enjoying a luxurious CA lifestyle. During the meeting, many of our current students were so intrigued to know more about the life of a CA student. They wanted to learn more about how they studywhat they are doing now as CAwhat is their current salarywhat they have gained and lost during CA journey and many more.

What could be better than letting the VSI CA students themself answer these questions, so we requested our ex-students to volunteer and allow us to peek into the daily routine of a Life of CA Student.

We thank Gautam for his selfless gesture in helping his fellow CA aspirants to know more about what it is to live as a CA.

The lifestyle of a CA

As, with any other profession CA job needs the right acumen and dedication to do the work. Gaurav starts his day quite early. According to him, a CA job in the big 4 company will keep you on your toes throughout the day; hence he prefers to do some physical exercise daily. At the same time, the CA profile demands complete awareness of economic updates and current affairs. So, he makes sure he spends some time in the morning listening to national and international news before hitting his work.

His office is 15 minutes away from his home. He says, in his 2 years tenure of this Job, he never reached late to his office.

As CA student, his learning:

He remembers how clumsy and reckless he was in his school days, but soon after his 12th board exams he joined the coaching institute and thereupon he is punctual and dedicated to his work.

CA profile Job and Scope of Work is Empowering

As CA, his company expects him to create financial reports along with financial analysis for their clients’ merger and acquisition deals or create minutes on partnership deeds.

As CA student, his strength and weakness:

He recalls since he was attentive during his foundation accounts classes and intermediate accounts and SFM classes, he got a strong conceptual understanding of the subject. This not only helped him to score good marks in the CA foundation and intermediate exams, but now he really enjoys working then practically.

He usually has meetings to attend throughout the day or reports to make.

He says since he was from a Hindi medium school, he was not confident about his English or communication skills. But Now he confidently makes reports for both national and international clients with no help.

He thanks CA ICITSS training programme, and also his coaching centre for helping him overcome his weakness.

According to Gaurav, CA is a holistic professional course after 12th in commerce stream. In his 4.5 duration of completing the CA course in first attempt, he has overcome his fear and weakness and is now equipped with the most analytical mind of the lot.

CA Students Placement and Salary

Gaurav was hired through campus placement and was offered a CA salary of 10 lakhs per annum as a fresher. He was doing articleship in the same big 4 company, and his seniors readily offered him an appointment letter as he cleared his final exams.

After two years in his existing company, Gaurav is now at a senior position enjoying an annual payout of 25lakh. He recently bought his dream car and is looking for his dream house in the premium locality of his city. Not only has his lifestyle changed, he has also enriched the quality of life for his parents and siblings.

Gaurav says his parents have supported him throughout his CA student journey. He shared how he prepared for his exams.

How Much Should a CA Student Study

Before joining the CA course, I knew it would not be easy. But then I saw this video on YouTube where R. C. Sharma sir was so confident about his study pattern that he claimed CA easier than class 12th.

As Gaurav says,

Watch this life-changing video now

This was a life-changing moment for him. He was reluctant to join the CA course as he was an average student, but this video motivated him to at least try the toughest exam in the country. And that was it! Since then, he believes he is only making the right decision for his life.

On his first orientation with the VSI faculty and mentor, he realised the importance of updated study material, mock test papers, previous years’ question papers marking scheme, Sample paper and other resources which were unnecessary for him, otherwise.

The faculty also helped him to schedule his study plan for a day study plan for month Study plans for four or seven months or whenever required.

He strongly recommends all CA students who want to excel in studying at least

  •  5 hours a day
  • 32 hours in a week
  • 125 hours in a month

He emphasizes quality study hours where students are focused and attentive while making notes and solving questions, as per ICAI solutions.

CA Student’s Ambition in Life

Gaurav is only 26 years old, and before setting down, he wants to travel across the globe. Many of our students asked him if it is possible for CA or CA students to enjoy their lives.

To this, he intelligently answered that when you enjoy what you do, you are eventually enjoying every moment in life. If becoming a CA is your own passion and is not imposed by family members or society, then you will surely enjoy the entire journey of becoming a CA.

“As a CA student I used to study 5-6 hours daily and there was a time I missed going out with family and friends because of my commitment to the career. But at the same time, I never regretted it.”

As Gaurav says on missing out on life as CA Student

He used to make it up by playing video games with his younger brother on weekends. He also says that since CA is one of the most lucrative professions in India which ensures a secure and luxurious future ahead, he was comfortable in paying a little cost for it.

Now, he has a more secure life. He really buckled down at the office for five days a week, but he reserves the weekends only for frolic activities. He now lives his dreams and spends time enjoying his hobbies. As, a Chartered Accountant, he always has the door to start his own practice and quit his job. He also takes out some extra time to pay back to society by means of some philanthropy work. He is associated with an NGO that works to educate children below the poverty line. Gaurav takes out some time for meetings and stays with the kids for a few hours in these slum areas.

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Final Word

Chartered Accountant has become a dream of every commerce student. It is a highly reputed course in the Commerce field. The course with fascinating financial rewards, unexpected fame, and untold challenges.

On the other hand, CA is also the toughest course in India. Only those students who are really passionate about this course can only become Chartered Accountants.

Not only this duration in the CA Course is 4.5 years if all the levels are completed in the first attempt, which is higher than 3 years of Although, the number of attempts increases every six months. Along with this, CA students have 3 years of articleship training as a part of the CA Course, which is mandatory to be completed by every CA Student. Sometimes, students face difficulty in managing their studies in the office. However, most of the experienced faculties consider this an opportunity, as this makes you capable of handling tough issues. So, At last, we can say.

Living a CA Student life is worth becoming CA!!!!

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