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Complete Guide on How to Get Articleship in Big 4 CA Firms?

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Are you also searching for how to get Articleship in the Big 4 CA Firms? Do you want to have one of the top big 4 CA firms mentioned in your resume’s CA articleship experience column? Do you dream of building professional skills, working with big clients, and giving your CA career a boost? These firms are also included in the list of the best CA firms in India.

First of all the big 4 CA firms are:

  1. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
  2. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  3. Ernst & Young (E&Y)
  4. Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG)

Articleship plays an important role in the complete CA Course. There are many CA articleship vacancies in big 4 firms opened for new students in every attempt. This article will help you understand questions like how to get articleship in the big 4 CA firms, what are they looking for, what is the best time to apply, how to apply, the selection process, how to crack articleship interview, what will be the stipend, etc. Read on to learn how you can make your way to Big 4.

How to get Articleship in Big 4 CA Firms?

These are the top methods by which you can find out when there are vacancies and how to apply for articleship in Big 4:

1. Company Websites of Big 4 CA Firms

The big 4 companies and the other CA companies under them post vacancies on their websites. You can look up there for vacancies and apply through them.

You can also find the contact information of the company and ask if there are vacancies. However, the chances of getting an accurate reply or any response at all are low.

2. ICAI BOS Articleship Portal

The Big 4 CA firms also post their vacancies on the ICAI BOS Articleship Portal. You can apply from there itself. You will also find articleship opportunities in other CA firms at the portal –

3. ICAI Notice Board

The ICAI notice board shows vacancies for CA articleship in Big 4. Keep checking the notice board to get the latest information.

4. Online Job Portals

Job portals also help in getting articleship.

5. References and Connections

If you have any family members or friends who work in the Big 4 CA Firms or if you know anyone who works at these firms at higher posts, you can apply directly through their recommendations.

6. Linkedin

This is the best digital space to look for CA articleship vacancies in Big 4. If you have a Linkedin profile, you can network with people and connect with HRs or other senior people in these Big 4 firms. They can tell you how to apply for CA Articleship in big 4 and even recommend you during the selection. The least you can do through Linkedin is contact HRs and apply for the tests and interview rounds. You can arrange for the email and contact number of HR and contact them directly.

Myths about How to get CA Articleship in Big 4 Firms

People have created some so-called misconceptions about getting CA industrial training in Big 4 firms. These myths have stopped many students from getting what they deserve.

  1. Students with connections or references can only get the articleship.
  2. Only CA Intermediate/IPCC rank holders and students who clear the second level in the first attempt can get an articleship.
  3. Students who have completed both groups together get articleship in big 4 CA firms.

Due to these myths, deserving students don’t even try to apply for articleship in big 4. But don’t let these misconceptions stop you from trying. It is okay if you don’t get selected, but you should apply and give the tests.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Articleship in Big 4 CA Firms?

Contrary to the beliefs and misconceptions of students and coaching faculties, the Big 4 CA firms take students for articleship who have only completed one group or students who have average marks in the exams and have taken multiple attempts to clear the exams. Even though their first preference is to take those students who have performed well in CA Intermediate or IPCC exams, it doesn’t mean they don’t take other students.

  1. You only need to clear at least one group with good marks (say, around 500) to get articleship in big 4 CA firms, no matter the number of attempts you take.
  2. The big 4 CA firms also require good communication skills. You must be able to speak and understand English. How is it judged? Through tests and how spontaneously and fluently you speak your answer in the interview.
  3. Be confident and conscious, stay up-to-date with the new changes in the industry.
  4. You must have completed four weeks of ICITSS.
  5. A graduation degree in any regular course (not compulsory) also adds more value to your resume.
  6. Another criterion is which department you want to join- Taxation or Audit and do they have requirements in those departments.

When should you apply for a CA Articleship in Big 4?

Big 4 companies start their pre-results placement drive, so if you are sure you will clear the CA Intermediate/IPCC exams, apply in the pre-results placements. Most students wait for the CA Inter result and apply after it, but by that time, Big 4 firms have already selected half of their articles. So applying before is better for you.

What is the Selection Process to get Articleship in Big 4 CA Firms?

Each of the Big 4 CA firms has its selection process. We have summarized the common steps of selection for you here:

  1. Register for CA articleship online. (We have shared the different methods on how to apply for articleship in Big 4.)
  2. The first step for students who apply for articleship in the online test. It is a basic level test to assess your general aptitude and knowledge of subjects.
  3. After you clear this aptitude test, you will move to the next round.
  4. The next round is a group discussion, where a few are selected based on performance. General topics and current affairs are asked in the group discussions.
  5. Depending upon your performance in the GD, you will move to the HR interview. This round is more like discussing general personal details, educational background, and qualification, understanding your expectations and firm’s expectations.
  6. After further shortlisting, the next round is the technical round. A CA takes this round. The important thing in this round is to answer confidently and correctly. If you don’t know any answer, say you can’t recall at the moment, or you are not sure about it.
  7. The final round is the partner’s round. It is a discussion between you and the partner. He will ask all sorts of questions, be it technical, general about yourself, or case study type, ask questions from real-life based scenarios.
  8. If you are selected, it will be confirmed over the call from HR; if not, you will get a mail about no selection.

Tips on How to get Articleship in Big 4 CA Firms

Your resume is the first thing that the recruiters come across in the Big 4 firms most of the time. So you must ensure these few things are followed in your resume:

  1. Add personal details, educational qualifications, work experience, extracurricular achievements, your technical and computer proficiency.
  2. Keep font readable, only headings in capital letters and bold.
  3. Keep the design simple and modern.

Tips on how to crack CA articleship interview

  1. Always carry extra copies of your resume.
  2. Reach before time. People may not notice that you came early, but they will notice when you reach late.
  3. Look presentable. From your hair and face to your clothes, and then your shoes, everything should be neat and clean and formal.
  4. Revise your notes before going for the interview.
  5. Stay updated with current affairs. Use English newspapers for reference.
  6. When you go for the GD round, don’t start counter-attacking everyone to prove your point. If you agree with someone, mention it. You are judged on your professionalism and teamwork. In the conclusion time, make the most use of it.
  7. You must know the latest amendments, even if they are a day or two old.
  8. Think before you answer any questions.
  9. Maintain your body language well.
  10. Learn basic information about the company you are applying for.

Bonus Tip:

Always send an acknowledgement email in reply, be it an interview round schedule notification or your selection confirmation.

CA Articleship Interview Questions

In the interviews, you are a mixed set of questions. Below are a few examples of the common type of questions asked. These will help you learn how to get an articleship in Big4. Be prepared to answer anything. The interviews test your technical, analytical, communication, and teamwork skills.

  • Q1. Why Big 4, why KPMG?
  • Q2. Why did you choose CA?
  • Q3. What department do you want to join?
  • Q4. Will you be okay working long hours?
  • Q5. What are your long-term plans for your career?
  • Q6. Who is the current CEO of KPMG?
  • Q7. Tell us what you know about the new Companies Act?
  • Q8. How will you manage your tuition, studies, and articleship?
  • Q9. Tell me about yourself.
  • Q10. Why Deloitte? Why not PwC or E&Y?
  • Q11. Ask me anything. Do you have any questions for me?
  • Q12. Explain about AS 29.
  • Q13. If I send you to a new client, what are the things you will need from me?
  • Q14. A client gives you sales and BR sheets; how will you check them?

CA Articleship Stipend in Big 4 CA Firms

ICAI has set criteria for the minimum stipend of CA articles in CA firms, but CA articleship salary in the Big 4 firms are better than others. So, this will be the CA articleship stipend in Big 4 firms you’ll get if you are selected,

Articleship YearStipend
1st YearRs. 10,000
2nd YearRs. 15,000
3rd YearRs. 20,000

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Ques 1. What are the Big 4 CA Firms in India?

Ans. The big 4 CA firms are – KPMG, Deloitte, E&Y, and PwC.

Ques 2. What should I wear for the CA Articleship Interview?

Ans. Wear formals for interviews in any of the Big 4 CA firms (recommended for both girls and boys).

Ques 3. What is the working environment at Big 4?

Ans. The people are very accepting, and you will adapt soon. During the starting of the articleship, you will do basic work. If you want to learn all practical things in one day of articleship, then that won’t happen. You will get basic work at first, and then you will be moved to more complex work. You get a good number of study leaves. Apply and get it approved in advance.

Ques 4. What are the drawbacks of working at Big 4?

Ans. Some of the major setbacks can be:

  1. Working long hours and under strict deadlines
  2. Only the best quality work is expected
  3. Internal competition
  4. Balance study and work

Ques 5. What’s the minimum score required to get an articleship in the big 4?

Ans. A score of 500 marks is considered good; the higher, the better. Though, other skills are also tested through interviews.

We hope you will make the best use of these tips and guidance and find your place in one of the top Big 4 CA firms.

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