Strategy to Revise full Course of CA Final in One Month

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Students only one month is left in your CA Final May 2023 exams and you must be in a dilemma on how to revise such a vast course in just one month and how to make a CA Final preparation strategy for the last month. Don’t be afraid that you are in the worst position and now nothing could be possible. There are still many students who haven’t completed their course yet, so you must consider yourself lucky enough that at least you have completed the course and now it’s time for revision. Give your 100%, ICAI will give you 50% and that’s what you need to clear this exam.

In order to get a good CA Final result, you must make a study plan, you must revise your course at least three times before the exams and practice a lot of questions to gain clarity over the concept clearly. But if you are sharp enough to recall everything in one revision then doesn’t waste your time. It’s time for hard work with complete dedication. You need to study 15 hours daily.

Although we are assuming that you have completed your CA Final course properly one time.

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CA Final Preparation Strategy for Last One Month

Here we are going to tell you how to utilize such a short time and clear CA Final in just one month –

Decide Single Group or Both Groups

The most important part of CA final preparation strategy is deciding whether to go for a Single Group or Both the groups. Most of the students found themselves in this dilemma. We will suggest you consider your preparation and ask yourself whether you have prepared enough to give both groups this attempt. If yes, then go for it. But if no, then don’t waste your time in both groups. Instead, you should thoroughly prepare for a single group and worked with another group in the next attempt. These six months will help you in the long run.

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Make a TimeTable

Don’t dare to start your revision without a timetable otherwise after 10 days you will find yourself in a position where you have completed one subject now and 7 more subjects are left. So, prepare a genuine timetable covering all the subjects leaving at least 3 days for the first exam preparation. Divide the time between each subject according to your capability. Don’t prepare a Timetable according to the days. Instead, you should allocate hours to each topic in a day, This is the best possible CA final study strategy for the last month.

Check the CA Final exam dates for the May 2023 attempt from this page.

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    Don’t stick to theory for the Entire Day

    Maybe you are planning to divide 3-4 days per subject but trust me this is the worst idea unless you are a bit intelligent than others.  Either you should take 2 – 3 subjects per day and set a time to complete your goal. The reason behind this, taking theory for an entire day can be a bit boring, make you sleepy, and lose your effective hours. Instead, it just increases your labor hours. So, allocate time to both practical as well as theoretical subjects in a day properly.

    Prepare At least One Subject for Exemption

    Students, it is a bit natural that everyone has one weak subject in which we just pray to score 40% minimum marks. It may be ISCA which is quite technical or DT which is very vast, or AMA which needs your concepts to be very sharp, or IDT in which GST has been implemented. You have to prepare one subject in such a way that covers your aggregate marks.

    Note* – The CA Final exam form is available for May 2023 attempt. So, it is advised to fill out the examination form soon.

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    CA Final Revision Strategy for Last Month

    Make the Short Notes for the Exam Day

    CA Final Study Strategy for last month must start with making quick revision notes. You may either refer a summary book or prepare your own handwritten notes for the exam day in order to revise. If preparing summary notes is wasting your much time then skip it and go with summary modules of some teacher. But remember, whatever material you are planning for the exam day you must have gone through it before. DO NOT go with fresh material on the one-day preparation leave.

    Cover RTP and MTP

    Students must cover RTP and MTP as soon as they complete the subject. Consider, it as a part of your revision. It will show you a true picture of how to attempt the paper. Don’t wait to complete all the subjects and thereafter start RTP and MTP. Instead, you should cover RTP at the same time. It does not take you much time as it covers either one or hardly two questions from each chapter. You can opt for MTP at last. Download the pdf of the ICAI CA Final previous years’ papers and the VSI CA Final mock test papers to prepare for the Nov 2022 exams.

    Focus on Amendments

    ICAI always wants you to be updated with the laws and provisions, so don’t skip the amendments. Try to cover them at first. Especially when we talk about subjects like DT, IDT, and Law.

    Mnemonics for ISCA

    Most of the students consider ISCA as a weak point to clear their CA Final. The reason behind such may be facing difficulty in learning the technical language and also recalling such points in the exam. Hence, you are suggested to use mnemonics to learn this subject. You can search it either on Google or use some teacher’s notes who use to teach this subject with mnemonics.

    Must Cover AS, IND AS, and SA

    It is a very scoring part of Accounting and Auditing. AS IND AS and SA are easy to read and take less time in comparison to other parts. Besides this, they are very scoring but never write the wrong number of AS, IND AS and SA. If you are unable to recall such number, start with the name only.

    Write the Section Numbers

    You might be thinking that you had a good score in IPCC without writing the section numbers. But students, this is CA Final not IPCC, five times tougher than IPCC. At the IPCC level, your basic knowledge of sections is tested but at the Final level, ICAI wants you to be an expert in all the subjects. You can miss the subsection or clauses but try to write all the section numbers. But if you are not able to recall it in the exam then don’t quote the wrong section number. Instead, you can start with “As per the provisions of Income Tax Law  1961…. “. Writing a Section number is the best preparation strategy for Sections.

    Cover Relevant Part First

    We do not suggest our students go for selective study but as time is very short so it’s better to cover the important topics first which has been shared by your teacher. Cover those topics of all the subjects first as your teachers have a vast experience in this field. They know the questioning pattern of ICAI so cover their suggested topics first.

    Watch the Revision Videos

    Instead of wasting time on revising the entire concepts, you can watch the revisionary videos available on youtube which helps you a lot in revising the concepts and you directly start with the questions.

    Revise the PM

    ICAI has a tendency to ask questions from the PM. So, if you have already gone through the PM earlier then better to revise PM. However, it’s bit difficult to revise PM like AMA but you can select some questions which you think worthful for the exam purpose.

    Writing Skills

    The presentation is an important part of CA Exams. Don’t take it lightly, it gives you relevant marks. So, consider the ICAI Material either SM, PM, or suggested answers and observe it’s writing pattern carefully thereafter start practicing the questions. As far as theoretical subjects are concerned, you need to explain what the examiner is asking for and thereafter write the relevant provision along with section number. At last, you should give your conclusion along with case law if any.

    Manage your Time

    Attempting the complete paper is actually a dream of most of the students. Might be, you are taking it as a joke but ICAI papers are very lengthy and need a good speed to attempt the complete paper. Start working on it now, if you haven’t started working over it yet. Whenever you are taking Mock Test Papers, give yourself time at least 15 minutes early than the actual examination. This will take you into the practice of how to attempt the complete paper.

    Important Points Summarized for Last Month of CA Final Preparation

    1. Candidates are advised to go through all the important topics of the CA final course and should make topic wise notes. This will help CA final candidates to go through one day before the exam. 
    2. During the last month of the CA, Final candidates must only do revision. They should solve practice manuals, revision test papers, and mock test papers.
    3. CA final candidates must know to manage time because it is very important that CA final candidates must complete their CA final paper on time. Therefore, CA final candidates are advised to practice according to the time-bound format.
    4. The most important thing for the CA final candidates is that they should strictly solve mock test papers. This will help them to assess themselves and they will get to know how much they are prepared for CA final exams.
    5. Candidates must understand the weightage of marks and devote their time accordingly.
    6. In the last month of the CA final exam, the most important thing is that candidates should study continuously with short breaks.

    Last Month’s Plan for CA Final Exam

    1. Candidates have to plan in such a way that they cover all the critical and important topics firstly. Also, all the topics in the CA final syllabus are mandatory for CA final exam, so candidates must not leave any topic for the CA final exams.
    2. Candidates are advised to do a thorough revision of the entire syllabus and should make notes, so on the examination day candidates can go through all the important points of the topics.
    3. Candidates are advised to make short notes for each topic so that they can go through easily on the exam day.

    Important Points to Note

    1. Candidates should always try to write and practice.
    2. Candidates should try to make a self note for every topic.
    3. CA final candidates should try to attempt ICAI mock test papers.
    4. Candidates should practice MCQs for both groups.
    5. Candidates should try to memorize headings.
    6. Candidates should make sure that you have cleared all the doubts with faculties. Because for CA final exams students must have clear concepts for every topic.

    ICAI will soon release the CA Final Nov 2022 admit card on its official website. So, students are advised to download it and take it 3-4 printouts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. From where students can download the CA final syllabus?

    Ans: VSI Jaipur provides CA final candidates to download the CA Final Syllabus

    Q2. If a student wants to join the CA final coaching Classes, then where should they join?

    Ans: If candidates want to join the best CA final coaching classes then they should definitely go for VSI. 

    Q3. How to clear the CA Final in the first attempt?

    Ans: To clear the CA Final in the first attempt candidates are required to follow some strategies. VSI helps candidates to clear the CA final exam in the first attempt. 

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