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CA Final Course is the final stage of the CA journey in India. After completing their 2.5 years of articleship in CA Final Level, candidates then become eligible to appear for CA final exams. Exams are held two times in a year – in the month of May and November. Students can appear for final exams of CA after completing their 2.5 years articleship in the final level of CA. In the months of May and November twice the exams are conducted. In two groups the CA final level is divided and it consists of eight papers. The First group’s Paper 1 which is CA Final Financial Reporting and Performance Evaluation or Budget planning is among those lucrative papers through which one can gain marks easily.

In the final exam of CA, you can get rank by proper planning and by following certain things like solving sample paper, question paper, mock test paper, and model test paper. One should regularly master some important subjects like Budget Controls. To prepare for CA final FR one can download the material from the internet. From it one can get aware of the syllabus, tips, and tricks related to CA Final P-1 exams 2021 and the chapter-wise weightage of marks. The revised course new CA Financial Reporting students possess the updated and new syllabus. From the first group, Paper 1 is a major practical paper. While the open-book and optional paper is Paper 1. According to the reporting and analytical skills of the students the evaluation of the elective paper is done.

Understand CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021

The CA final course’s paper 1 as per the new scheme course is the CA Final FR or Final Reporting Paper 2021. This paper is mainly classified into two main segments:-

CA Final Financial Reporting Paper 2021 covers Accounting Standards, Accounting Standards Interpretations, Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments, Applications of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and US GAAP, Financial Reporting by Mutual Funds, Accounting for Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Financial Reporting, Consolidated Financial Statements of Group Companies, Share-based payments, Non-banking finance companies, Merchant bankers, Stock and commodity market intermediaries, and Valuation.

Why should you study CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021?

This course’s syllabus can make a person understand the way to develop the model for pricing and how to perform the budgetary controls. As also every organization demands the cost management to do certain evaluation and planning. This subject’s understanding helps CFO profiles to synthesize, analyze, and test the factors and their costs. This subject can help in addressing the challenges.

CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021

  1. Paper Pattern: Subjective
  2. Total Question Asked: 100
  3. Total Exam Duration: 3 Hours
  4. Maximum Marks Got: 100 Marks
  5. Total Question Asked: 6 out of which five need to be answered

The CA Final Financial Reporting Paper and the Assessment of the Performance Evaluation Skills

While you answer the Financial Reporting Paper then certain strict guidelines need to be followed. A list of verbs has been issued by the ICAI. From those verbs, if some question comes then it is mandatory that students answer as per the verb illustrations.

The verb list with certain illustrations are mentioned below:-

  1. Recommend– To recommend one must first identify and explain all the reasonable options to evaluate, conclude, and then finally recommend.
  2. Evaluate– In evaluation balanced assessment is done considering both positive and negative aspects of any issue. To emphasize in monetary and qualitative terms is important.
  3. Advise– One should build up a good and comprehensive argument that can lead to more owner choices to consider.
  4. Produce– You can begin with nothing or very little to generate something or bring to existence.
  5. Prioritize– Sort out all the very important things in order to deal with them first. Here one has to clarify about choosing each item in the priority list.
  6. Interpret– This is the second stage.of the analysis process. The translation must be done in a coherent way.
  7. Discuss– The need for an argument is there. Two different conflicting viewpoints must be there. Try to make any discussion to end in some outcome.
  8. Construct– With the explicit reason one should prepare. Between two or more things one should use differences and similarities, contrast, and compare kinds of things.
  9. Categorize– Things sharing the same features should be put into groups along with the explanation of why you have mentioned something in that particular group.
  10. Analyze- One should gather data or information in order to discover causes, patterns, connections, and relationships.
  11. Tabulate– In blocks or rows the arrangement of numbers and facts is done.
  12. Solve– With the suitable and most convenient technique do the calculation. After that process it and explain further.
  13. Reconcile– The reconciling statement is submitted after finding two opposed problem’s calculation results.
  14. Prepare– Firstly all the relevant data is prepared and then the rearrangement is done. After that it is provided in a specific form.
  15. Demonstrate– By giving proof or showing something is the correct thing and there is no chance of doubt in this.
  16. Calculate- One should mathematically reckon.
  17. Apply- The rules, concepts, facts, and ideas should be applied.
  18. Illustrate– For illustration an example should be given.
  19. Identify– Only after the consideration one must recognize, then select or establish.
  20. Explain- One must provide information and describe it.
  21. Distinguish– In order to recognize two things’ differences all the features of each thing must be listed which sets them apart from each other.
  22. Describe– One must describe what actually it is. It’s another step from the define, list, and state.
  23. Define– A person may use his own vocabulary or set of words to define.
  24. State– Mention what it is actually and conveys what should be said in brief. If it’s not clear then one should not explain further.
  25. List– Mention the no of in each and provide a list. For clarity all the points stated in the list should be in the complete sentence. On the basis of the analytical skill, reporting efficiency, and comprehensive knowledge each question is being assessed by the ICAI.To solve there are almost 3 or 4 sections in each question.

ICAI CA Final Financial Reporting Paper 2021 Weightage: Chapter Wise for New Course

As per their level of difficulty and real-world implication some particular chapters are given weightage by ICAI. Students should plan and prepare by keeping in mind the weightage of topics for the exams.

Chapter 1-2Chapter 1: Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements
Chapter 2: Ind AS on Presentation of Items in the Financial Statements
Unit 1: Ind AS 1: Presentation of Financial Statements
Unit 2: Ind AS 34: Interim Financial Reporting
Unit 3: Ind AS 7: Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 3Chapter 3: Ind AS on Liabilities of the Financial Statements
Unit 1: Ind AS 19: Employee Benefits
Unit 2: Ind AS 37: Provisions, Contingent Liabilities, and Contingent Assets
Chapter 4-5Chapter 4: Ind AS on Items impacting the Financial Statements
Unit 1: Ind AS 12: Income Taxes
Unit 2: Ind AS 21: The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
Chapter 5: Ind AS on Disclosures in the Financial Statements
Unit 1: Ind AS 24: Related Party Disclosures
Unit 2: Ind AS 33: Earnings Per Share
Unit 3: Ind AS 108: Operating Segments
Chapter 6-7Chapter 6: Business Combination and Corporate Restructuring
Chapter 7: Consolidated Financial Statements
Unit 1: Introduction to Consolidated Financial Statements
Unit 2: Important Definitions
Unit 3: Separate Financial Statements
Unit 4: Consolidated Financial Statements
Unit 5: Consolidated Financial Statements: Accounting of Subsidiaries
Unit 6: Joint Arrangements
Unit 7: Investment in Associates & Joint Ventures
Unit 8: Disclosures
Chapter 8Chapter 8: Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments
Unit 1: Financial Instruments: Scope and Definitions
Unit 2: Financial Instruments: Equity and Financial Liabilities
Unit 3: Classification and Measurement of Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities
Unit 4: Recognition and Derecognition of Financial Instruments
Unit 5: Derivatives and Embedded Derivatives
Unit 6: Disclosure
Unit 7: Hedge Accounting
Comprehensive Illustrations
Chapter 9-11Chapter 9: Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 10: Integrated Reporting
Chapter 11: Corporate Social Responsibilities

CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021 Syllabus for New Revised Course

ICAI has revised the CA Final syllabus under the new scheme. Students can download the entire CA Final Syllabus from here.

Free download of the updated 2021 Syllabus for CA Final Financial Reporting Paper Syllabus for the newly revised course from here.

CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021 Study Material 2021 for New Revised Course

From the link provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India the all subjects material for CA Final FR 2021 can be downloaded by the students. All chapter’s main and basic content is included in the study material. We provide you the CA final Paper 5 study material which is stated below. While you prepare for your exams you can easily download it.

Free download of the updated 2021 Study Material of CA Final Financial Reporting Paper

CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021 Question Papers with suggested Answers 2021 for the Newly revised course

If a person practices all the final previous year’s question paper of CA and answers it in a way as expected by ICAI then one can definitely score good marks. In this way, students can learn good answering and presenting skills for exams.

CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021 Mock test Papers 2021 for the Newly revised course

Under ICAI’s new scheme the syllabus has been revised. From the link provided below students can easily download the CA Final Financial Reporting Paper and Performance Evaluation Mock Test Paper if they want to get the new syllabus.


Extra questions, extra practice, Extra Marks.

Question Answer

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CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021 Revision Test Papers RTP 2021 for the Newly revised course

Under ICAI’s new scheme almost 65% of syllabus has been revised. The RTP for final Financial Reporting Paper CA can be downloaded by students of both English and Hindi medium for the years 2018, 2019, May 2020, and November 2020.

  1. May 2020 – Hindi Medium
  2. May, 2020
  3. November 2019 – Hindi Medium
  4. November 2019
  5. May 2019 – Hindi Medium
  6. May 2019
    1. Addendum
  7. November 2018 – Hindi Medium
  8. November, 2018
  9. May 2018
  10. May 2018 – Hindi Medium

CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021: Reference of Quick Revision: (New Scheme)

Extra questions, extra practice, Extra Marks.

As per the new revised syllabus the references of quick revision for Paper 1 are given by ICAI. Evaluation, understanding skills, and application are the things through which any question can be solved by the students. The ICAI’s prescribed answer pattern should be considered by the students with the whole syllabus. Accordingly the student’s answers will be assessed. And whosoever answers as per the desired format will get rewarded with some marks. Some ICAI prescribed reference for quick revision are provided below:-

Read this to know the change in Reference to the quick revision Group-II.

How to Revise for CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021

To excel in a subject like Budget planning one needs to have a timely revision. Through the revision capsule given below one can quickly revise the entire syllabus in the quickest manner. In a simple glance one can refresh the memory. In the capsule the chapters are explained using very simple infographics.

  1. Quick Revision Capsule-I

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Sample Questions for 30:70 Assessment – Final Course (New Scheme) CA Final FR or Financial Reporting Paper 2021 Course 2021

As per the new revised syllabus of CA final Financial Reporting Paper everything changed like the syllabus, the case studies, the marketing pattern, and the assessment pattern. Sample Questions are available for 30:70 Assessment approved by ICAI are shared below:-

Read this to practice the sample questions for the 30:70 assessment for Financial Reporting Paper 2021.

CA Final FR or 2021 Pen Drive and Online Classes

Almost all the chapters of the syllabus are covered in the study material. To understand topics properly many students use the ICAI study material. They also use notes and books that are available both offline and online.VSI provides CA Final pen drive classes in such an effective way that it covers almost the whole study material. These classes are for both English and Hindi medium students.

How to study For CA Final Financial Reporting Paper 2021?

To prepare for the CA Final Financial Reporting Paper 2021 one can go and get an idea of what to study by the frequently asked questions given below.

Should I do self-study for CA Final Financial Reporting paper or should I enroll for CA coaching classes?

If you are nicely prepared with the given syllabus then you can definitely succeed. To get good results in the exam a comprehensive expert knowledge along with application and analytical skills are needed. Through self-study one can build strong evaluation skills that are required to crack the final level.

If you are not satisfied with the self-study option then you can take the CA final coaching easily at VSI.

  1. VSI gives the outstanding Ca final results
  2. They have the highest and maximum number of rankers
  3. They have the highest number of toppers.

If you are still confused about which coaching to join then without making any delay come and join the VSI coaching. You should not waste your precious time searching for the best teacher for the CA final or the best books to refer to, Instead of that you can directly enroll in the VSI institute as here the best material is provided which can help you a lot. We and our whole team wish you a bright future and success in exams. So keep yourself positive, fit, and healthy.


Q1.Which is the best coaching center for the CA Final Examination?

A1. VSI Jaipur is the best coaching center for the CA Final Examination for many reasons. VSI is giving the best results for the last 7 years. It also offers CA Final Online classes from very experienced & qualified teachers. VSI Jaipur is known for its the best English and Hindi medium lecture classes separately.

Q2.How to score well in the CA Final Financial Reporting Paper 2021?

A3. You need to keep in mind some points before writing the exams-

    1. Practice manually on your study material provided by CIAI
    2. Manage your time for every question
    3. Prepare for the good analytical skills
    4. While you prepare for the exam try to avoid a calculator unless you require it for long calculations.
    5. Try to focus more on the smaller chapters instead of holding on to the long chapters.

Q3.It is necessary to write in the same serial order in the examination?

A3. No, it is not necessary to write in the same serial number of the question. But you need to mention the correct question number in your answer sheet.

Q4.Is it true that students who cleared their CA Exams in the first attempt do they get preference in the ICAI Campus placement?

A4. Yes, it is true that students who clear their CA Exams in the first attempt have more chances to get placed in the ICAI Campus. Besides this, the student’s performance and interview also matter a lot.