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Starting with CA Foundation, trailed by CA Intermediate course, and CA Final. CA Finals is the last stage of the CA assessment. It is a primary level to clear to turn into a CA in India. Tests of the CA Final presently are held twice every year, in the month of May and November. Understudies or up-and-comers can show up for the CA finals in the wake of finishing the Two and Half Year article (Internship). As I have referenced in the long stretch of May and November CA Finals Exams are directed in the two groups of the CA last level, which is partitioned and it comprises eight papers. The second group CA Final Paper 7 is Direct Tax Paper which is among the most rewarding papers that makes you gain marks without any problem.

It is easy to make sure about a position in the CA Finals by simply making legitimate arranging and by following certain systems, for example, tackling Mock Test Papers given by your CA Final Coaching Institutes, or by settling test papers that excessively accessible on the official site of ICAI, or you can likewise surf for model test paper. You need to master some significant and simple subjects like Direct Tax Paper. If you want to achieve some rank then you need to concentrate hard and here, this article will furnish you with different tips and deceives, prospectus, mock test arrangement, test paper, weightage, and another fundamental test relatable on the web and supportive staff. This article will likewise give you the connections to the reexamined CA Final Direct Tax paper 2021. From the subsequent gathering, the DT Paper 2021 is the most significant paper to make sure about a decent position. So, continue reading

Understand CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021

The CA final course’s paper 7 according to the new plan course is the CA Final Direct Tax Paper 2021. This paper is mainly classified into three main segments:-

  1. Central Excise It covers Rules, Circulars, and Notifications related to Central Excise Act, 1944 and Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985
  2. Service tax
  3. GST (10 Marks)

Why should you study CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021

CA Final Direct Tax Paper’s prospectus will cause an individual to comprehend the best approach to build up the model of Direct Tax and how to deal with the whole tax assessment process. Consequently, the choice of Direct Taxes and International Taxes turns into a significant point for CA. Only a couple of times modification would be adequate. It covers fundamentally all the alterations in the Financial Act 2017. Though students fear this subject when you start revising the chapters continuously you will feel that it is the easiest subject to score good marks.

Paper Pattern of the CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021

Paper Pattern: Subjective

Total Question asked: 100

Total Exam Duration: 3 hours

Maximum marks got:100 marks

  1. GST (75 MARKS)
  2. Customs & FTP (25 Marks)

Total Question Asked: 6 out of which five need to be answered

Assessment Pattern Ratio: 30:70

The CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 and the assessment of the Performance Evaluation Skills

While you attempt the Direct Tax Paper, then there are certain guidelines that strictly needed to be followed. ICAI has issued a list of verbs that is mandatory to attempt the answers as per the verb illustrations. Below is a complete list of verbs with certain illustrations.

The list of verbs are as follows:

Recommend– It defines as to suggest/ recommend someone or something as a good match for counsel someone.

Evaluate- To make judgments mostly like results from some degree of analysis. To break down the nutritional pros and cons of dessert options. It is also used in mathematics for standard usage.

Advice – to provide opinion or recommendation to offer as a course of action or information.

Produce – It means to manufacture, create, or cultivate something.

Prioritize- It means to organize or complete things according to the order of their importance.

Interpret- It translates or explains or understands the meaning of something.

Discuss- it is used when talking about something in order to reach a decision or to convince someone’s point of view.  To exchange ideas.

Construct- It is a state or fact of existing. To put the whole being in the part. The ideas or theories containing various conceptual elements.

Categorize- It is to sort and organize things according to the group or class.

Analyze- It helps in the study or examine something carefully in a methodical way.

Tabulate- to organize the information into a table or charts with rows or columns.

Solve- to find an answer or explanation or means of effectively dealing with a problem or mystery.

Reconcile- to restore friendly relations.

Prepare- to be ready for some activity, purpose, use, or ready yourself for something that you will be doing or something that you expect to happen.

Demonstrate- to give a practical explanation of how a machine, skill or craftwork. To show the clear existence of by giving proof or evidence.

Calculate- determining the amount or number of something mathematically or intend to have a particular effect.

Illustrate- to provide a book, newspaper, magazine, etc with pictures. To serve as an example.

Identify- establishing or indicate who or what someone or something is or associated with someone or something closely with regards to having strong links.

Explain- Making an idea or citation clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or to give a reason to justify and cause of or motivating factor for.

Distinguish- it helps to recognize or treat or manage to discern.

Describe- Giving a detailed account in words or to mark out or draw something.

Define- Stating or describing exactly nature, scope, or meaning or mark out the boundaries or limits.

State- It signifies the particular conditions that someone or something is in at a specific time. Expressing something definitely or clearly in writing of words or speaking.

List- the list is a number of connected items or names written or printed one below the other.

ICAI will Mark on each question through analytical skills, comprehensive knowledge,  and reporting efficiency.

  1. Every question in CA FInal Indirect Tax IDT Paper has 3 or 4 sections to be answered.

Not following the exam answer pattern will lead to low marks and failure in exams. Go through the tips for CA’s final students list to prevent students from failure.

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ICAI CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 Weightage: Chapter Wise for New Course

As per their difficulty level practical importance, ICAI has offered weightage to some specific chapters in the CA Final Direct Tax Paper 2021. It will assist students to plan and prepare for their exams by keeping in mind the weightage of chapters in that particular exam. Below given is the finished data of the parts of the CA Direct Tax Paper 2021.

SectionsPart I- GST (75 Marks)Weightage
Section IChapter 1:(ii) Levy and collection of CGST and IGST – Application of CGST/IGST law; Concept of supply including composite
and mixed supplies, inter-State supply, intra-State supply, supplies in territorial waters; Charge of tax (including
reverse charge); Exemption from tax; Composition levy
1 (iii) Place of supply
1 (iv) Time and value of supply
1 (v) Input tax credit
1 (vi) Computation of GST liability
Section II1 (vii) Procedures under GST including registration, tax invoice, credit and debit notes, electronic waybill, accounts and records, returns, payment of tax including tax deduction at source and tax collection at source, refund, job
1 (viii) Liability to pay in certain case
Section III1(xi) Demand and Recovery
1(xii) Offences and Penalties
1(xiii) Advance Ruling
1(xiv) Appeals and Revision
Section IV1) Introduction to GST in India including Constitutional aspects
1(ix) Administration of GST; Assessment and Audit
1(x) Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Arrest
1(xv) Other provisions
5% -10%


SectionPart II- Customs and FTP (25Marks)Weightage
Section I(ii) Levy of and exemptions from customs duties – All provisions including the application of customs law, taxable the event, a charge of customs duty, exceptions to levy of customs duty, exemption from customs duty
1(iii) Types of customs duties
1(iv) Classification of imported and export goods
1(iv) Valuation of imported and export goods
40% -65%
Section II1(vi) Import and Export Procedures including special procedures relating to baggage, goods imported or
exported by post, stores
1(ix) Drawback
1(x) Refund
Foreign Trade Policy
2(ii) Basic concepts relating to export promotion schemes provided under FTP
20% – 45%
Section III1(1) Introduction to customs law including Constitutional aspects Foreign Trade Policy
2(1) Introduction to FTP – legislation governing FTP, salient features of an FTP, administration of FTP, contents of FTP and other related provisions 2(i) Basic concepts relating to import and export
10% – 20%

Download the complete weightage of the CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021

CA Final CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 Syllabus for New Revised Course

Every year ICAI  revises the syllabus of CA final under the new scheme.  It is very easy to download the entire CA Final Syllabus from here.

New Final CA Final Indirect Tax Syllabus Old Final CA Final Indirect Tax Syllabus 

CA Final CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 Study Material 2021 for New Revised Course

This is very helpful for the CA Final students in that they can download the entire syllabus of the CA finals DT paper 2021 for free from ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). The study material provided by the ICAI includes all the main chapters and the basic units of the chapters. We are providing you with the CA Final Paper 7 study material which can be downloaded by just clicking here.

Study Material for CA Final Direct Tax Paper 2021


PART I: Goods and Services Tax

  1. Module 1
    1. Initial Pages
    2. Chapter 1: GST in India – An Introduction
    3. Chapter 2: Supply under GST
    4. Chapter 3: Charge of GST
    5. Chapter 4: Exemptions from GST
    6. Chapter 5: Place of Supply
    7. Chapter 6: Time of Supply
    8. Chapter 7: Value of Supply
  2. Module 2
    1. Initial Pages
    2. Chapter 8: Input Tax Credit
    3. Chapter 9: Registration
    4. Chapter 10: Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes
    5. Chapter 11: Accounts and Records; E-way Bill
    6. Chapter 12: Payment of Tax
      1. Unit 1: Payment of Tax, Interest and Other Amounts
      2. Unit 2: Tax Deduction at Source and Collection of Tax at Source
    7. Chapter 13: Returns
  3. Module 3
    1. Initial Pages
    2. Chapter 14– Import And Export Under Gst
    3. Chapter 15– Refunds
    4. Chapter 16– Job Work
    5. Chapter 17- Assessment And Audit
    6. Chapter 18- Inspection, Search, Seizure And Arrest
    7. Chapter 19- Demands And Recovery
    8. Chapter 20- Liability to Pay Tax in Certain Cases
    9. Chapter 21- Offences And Penalties
    10. Chapter 22- Appeals And Revisions
    11. Chapter 23- Advance Ruling
    12. Chapter 24- Miscellaneous Provisions

Part-II Customs & FTP

  1. Module – 4
    1. Initial Pages
    2. Chapter 1: Levy of and Exemptions from Customs Duty
      1. Unit-1
      2. Unit-1
    3. Chapter 2: Types of Duty
    4. Chapter 3: Classification of Imported and Export Goods
    5. Chapter 4: Valuation under the Customs Act, 1962
    6. Chapter 5: Importation, Exportation and Transportation of Goods
    7. Chapter 6: Duty Drawback
    8. Chapter 7: Refund
    9. Chapter 8: Foreign Trade Policy
      1. Unit I: Introduction to FTP
      2. Unit II: Basic Concepts relating to Export Promotion Schemes under FTP

Candidates can allude to the study material provided by ICAI along with some other course books and notes that are available online. VSI Jaipur is the best CA Final Coaching Institute that gives the best CA final online classes and CA final Pendrive classes. VSI Jaipur being the best institute provides the most simple CA Final Direct Tax Paper 2021 notes and the best reliable techniques with a deep understanding of every topic.

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CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 Question Papers with suggested Answers 2021 for the Newly revised course

If a candidate appears for the CA Final Direct Tax Exam and practices on all the final year question paper and answers it in a way that is expected by the ICAI then, one can surely secure a high rank. This is the only great way to learn and practice for the CA Final DT Paper 2021 for presenting skills for exams.

For New Syllabus

For Old Syllabus

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CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 Mock test Papers 2021 for the Newly revised course

Under ICAI’s every year CA syllabus is being revised. From the given link below, candidates can download their CA Final Direct Tax or DT Paper 2021 for online studies. Along with the Performance Evaluation Mock Test Paper if you want to know your level of preparations.

New SyllabusOld Syllabus
Series-ISeries -I

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CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 Revision Test Papers RTP 2021 for the Newly revised course

Under ICAI’s new scheme almost 65% syllabus of the whole CA final course has been reexamined. The RTP for final Financial reporting paper of the CA  final can be downloaded by candidates of both English and Hindi medium for the years 2018, 2019, May 2020, and November.

  1. Important: The study guidelines have been issued by ICAI to provide updated law and amendment in indirect taxes so that students don’t follow obsolete data.
  2. Study Guidelines for May 2021 examination

CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021: Reference of Quick Revision: (New Scheme)

Extra questions, extra practice, Extra Marks.

The reference for the quick revision as per the new revised syllabus of the direct tax paper 2021 is given by ICAI. Understanding skills, Evaluation, and application are the things through which the case studies can be understood and solved by the students. The appropriate response design endorsed by the ICAI should be considered by the Candidates. Accordingly, the Candidate’s answers will be scored. What’s more, whosoever will offer the fitting responses according to the ideal organization will be remunerated with some additional marks. Some ICAI prescribed reference for brisk modification are provided below:-

Read this to know the change in Reference to the quick revision Group-II.

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Sample Questions for 30:70 Assessment – CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021

To get the best score in subjects like Direct Tax, one should do opportune modification and practice for the sample Questions for better learning. ICAI provides the best revision capsules that are given below to help you to revise the entire syllabus rapidly in certain minutes. It will not just save a lot of time to surf the lengthy course but will likewise assist you to get a glance at the major topics and formulae covered in your Exam Paper. In a basic pointer, one can refresh the memory in the same glimpse. You will find your whole course will be designed in an extremely straightforward Questioning way that can help you to provide the best idea of your CA Final Sample Questions.

Click on this to get the sample questions for 30:70 Assessment– CA Final Direct Tax or DT Paper 2021.

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CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 Pendrive and Online Classes

Study Material provided by the ICAI covered almost all the chapters that are a part of your CA Final Direct Course. ICAI study material is preferred by many students to understand each and every topic wisely l for studies. Candidates also prefer various course books along with the notes that are provided online and offline both. VSI Jaipur provides the best CA Final Direct Tax Pendrive classes in such an effective way that it covers almost all of the study material. These classes are provided to the candidates in English and Hindi students.

CA Final Indirect Tax (IDT) Preparation Tips

  1. Divide the study material into three parts GST, Foreign policy and necessary amended and updated material.
  2. Whenever you come across any new law or provision or any amendment you need to carefully update it with your study material to save you from any confusion in the future.
  3. Keep yourself updated with the economic news of our country and internationally to understand their impact.

Should I do self-study for CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021 or should I enroll for CA coaching classes?

If you can attentively study from the given syllabus that is provided by ICAI, then success is not so far. To get the best results, experienced teachers will provide you with comprehensive knowledge which is the main thing to consider before choosing any CA Coaching Institute for studying in the best way. Students should also improve their application and analytical skills before appearing for the exams. Self-study is the best key to crack the CA Final Exams.

If you still think that you want more than self-study, then you can enroll yourself for the VSI Jaipur, the best CA Final Coaching Center in India.

  1. VSI has the highest and maximum number of rankers
  2. VSI has the highest number of toppers.
  3. VSI gives the outstanding Ca final results

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Are you looking for the complete compiler of the CA Final Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021, then this article is for you to provide the complete details and the resources of the same exam in an easier way. This article includes- Mock Test Paper 2021, Revision Test Paper 2021, the entire syllabus 2021, Study Material, Reference of quick revision, and many more including tips to prepare for Indirect Tax IDT Paper 2021. If you are finding the best coaching Center for CA in Jaipur, then VSI Jaipur is the best institute that provides from offline to online classes by the well-experienced faculties of CA. The VSI team wishes you a bright future and golden success in your CA Finals. Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.


Q1. Which is the best for Indirect Tax CA Final?

The Best ever is ICAI modules of Indirect Tax enhanced by training manual, further supplemented by proposed answer and amendment test papers. They are sufficient as the ICAI modules completely clarified the necessary reasonable arrangements and furthermore pertinent case law. It is likewise encouraged to allude IDT Charts for overhauling the subject not long before tests.

Q2. How would you study for the IDT CA Final?

From the outset, read the whole book (ICAI study module or any Faculty’s book) without alluding the inquiries. Update the significant focuses in your notes or Summary book, whichever you feel great.

At that point, it’s better to go for Question and Answers. You can allude to the practice manual or your Faculty’s book. This guarantees while going through Q/A, the whole subject is overhauled as practically all the arrangements are secured by these inquiries. Additionally, when you read the arrangement and go for Q/A, you are well on the way to find the correct solution than a month later.

Q3. How many attempts can be given for CA Finals?

According to ICAI, 6 attempts can be given for CA finals.