Best Guide for 12th Standard Preparation for Boards


Do you want to score well in your 12th board exams? Offcourse yes, that’s why you are reading this article. But is that actually easy in spite of being an average student?

Students, first of all, flush the thought that you are an average student. Everybody is a genius in himself but you actually need to find a way through which you can prove yourself. Now that CBSE has released the Datesheet for class 12 you can prioritize your preparation.  Correct mentor and his guidance can change the life of a student. If you are really desperate to score 90+ in your 12th board then here we have something for you.

Let’s have a look –

  1. Prioritize Your Syllabus Books – Not just the professional courses, many school students of 11th and 12th standard have often seen completing numberless reference books and resultant they would not be able to complete their course books which is most important.
    Your priority should always be your syllabus books first and rest thereafter. You can even ask from the toppers or read their interviews, they do not switch notes or refer multiple books. They know the relevance of their syllabus books.
    We are not criticizing reference books here but reference books should only be considered when you have completed your syllabus books three times minimum.
  2. Consider Your Weak Topics First – Most of the times, I have seen students use to start with the topics or subjects in which they are comfortable at most or which is easy for them.
    But as far as teacher’s opinion is considered, you should cover your weak subjects or weak points first. Remember, you are not studying just to get pass, you are working to score higher and better than others. So, working on your weak topics can stand you out better than others and will definitely help you in scoring a good percentage.
  3. Manage your Time in Between All the Subjects – You might not be going for MBA but you have to learn time management. Time Management often seems to be a major responsible factor for marks. First, make a genuine timetable and allocate time for every subject according to your interest and need but before that separate some time for revision also.
    Thereafter divide time of a particular subject into its chapters and thereafter chapters into topics. It might sound like a lengthy process but once you have done, the result will get the worth.
  4. Do not Neglect General Subjects – Do you think that you can cover the entire syllabus of Hindi or English in a week only?  Hence, do not take these subjects seriously.
    You know very well that every subject is equally important either it is optional subject or general subject from marking point of view. Students often seen ignoring general subject like Hindi, English and use to devote their entire time with optional subjects say it Maths, Accounts, physics etc.
    Even while preparing a timetable, they allocate a very short time or even no time to such subjects. Can I ask why?

Students, General subjects are the more scoring subjects. You can easily enhance your 12th board score by making strong these subjects. So, please do not ignore such subjects and prepare them even better than optional subjects.

  1. Revise Until You are Perfect – Revision of the course is as important as reading. While drafting a study timetable, keep in side one day for revision of the entire topics you have covered in such week. Also, last one month before the exams should also be set aside only and only for revision.

To give 100% performance in exam, three times revision of the entire course is must.

  1. Don’t Ignore the Past Exam Papers – Practice makes a man perfect and Past Exam Papers are the best way to practice. Solving such papers gives you an idea about the paper pattern that what kind of questions usually asked in the 12th Board Exams.

Also, solving the past attempt papers helps you in increasing your writing speed and you will be able to perform much better in your board exams. So, always practice past 5 attempt papers.

In the above article, we have discussed that how an average student can also score high in 12th Board Exams by following the study tips given here. Hope you find this article helpful, so stay in tune with us for our next article and kindly drop your queries in the comment box given below.

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