Why are Mock tests important for every CA Intermediate student?

A brilliant quote said “Practice makes a man perfect” and CA Intermediate mock tests are the way of practising in a real environment. The professional course CA involves two approaches – classroom study and correspondence study. If any student gets the lowest score in the Intermediate examination, then he or she lacks classroom study which is the root.

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Intermediate appearing students are fully focused on studying whether they are going for coaching or doing self-study instead of knowing the actual needs of real examinations.

Do you know, due to continuous study, most of the students forget the revision and as a result their performance goes in decreasing order? Therefore, always give a look on revision schedule in a week so that you can easily remember everything which you studied.

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Here are the ways of getting help from Mock Test for better preparation in CA Intermediate

  • It is a kind of revision tool that gives the opportunity to recall the entire syllabus before few weeks of the exam. As final exams are coming, students start getting panic due to the feeling of not studied properly and high competition.
  • Before few days of examinations, students comes under the pressurize situation. That time mock tests help to make their real exam easier and stress-free. The reason behind that, these kinds of tests provides similar sample questions that will come in the final so they can take tests for practice and resolve their doubts, confusions. As well as, the fear of getting low marks will also disappear automatically.
  • Time management is also a significant factor in high-level professional course examinations. If you know how to manage your time while you writing the paper then your 50-60% work is almost done. Give Intermediate mock tests papers repetitively so that it will help to execute the time management plan effectively.

There are few CA aspirants ignore the importance of mock tests or they don’t due to the lack of awareness of computers and the internet. That is the main reason we are discussing here the benefits of taking Intermediate mock tests and also how to motivate the students for it.

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    When anyone search on the web by mock test papers of CA Intermediate so several outcomes will come in just a few seconds. For encouraging the students towards the mock tests, ICAI also advised to all the councils and branches that they have to conduct the tests for Intermediate and Final year students. The main reason is to evaluate the preparation level of CA aspirants.

    If you think that mock tests don’t help too much for improving the performance so you are wrong. Read success mantras of rank holders carefully, they tell you the effectiveness of such tests. We assure you that after reading their reviews, no one wants to miss the mock tests.

    Here are two reasons which describe the ICAI’s mock test helpfulness.

    The link provided for taking mock tests are 100% authentic so students will get original sample papers for practicing.
    The tests are time bounded so it can also help to manage your time along with solving the questions. Additionally, they will get the mixed bag of questions just like the real examination so it removes the fear of handling it.

    By taking the mock test, students will get a fair idea of how to approach and pattern that comes in the examination. Nowadays, papers of Intermediate is very lengthy so they should gain a huge amount of confidence while appearing in the exams.

    For getting this kind of confidence, people should go via mock tests. A recent study reveals that mostly view the test series after failing in their first attempt because they don’t have the idea of the pattern, the length of questions and rest things.

    If you don’t want to miss the mock test series so keep update yourself on it. Further, few individuals think that, if they are not performing well in these series then what they do for improving themselves so they have to practice more on understanding the concepts and analyze their mistakes as we discussed earlier.

    Mock tests are very common in this competitive world for high-level professional courses due to its brilliant impact and ability to improve the student’s performance. During final days of preparation (CA Intermediate), the series of mock tests which is provided by the ICAI will be beneficial for every aspirant.