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Best Commerce Courses after 10th Class (2023)

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Top Commerce Courses after 10th – After clearing class 10th, the most common dilemma for students is to choose between three streams- Commerce, Science and Arts. Each stream comes with its own set of courses. However, a recent trend shows that many students are inclining toward Commerce a lot.

Commerce is one of the rapidly growing education streams compared to Science and Humanities, making it the most preferred choice for students. Therefore, pursuing one course in commerce after the 10th will lead you to a secure career path.

So this article will provide the list of top commerce courses after the 10th class. We also discussed eligibility for commerce programs after the 10th.

List of Best Commerce Courses After 10th Class:

  1. Chartered Accountancy
  2. Company Secretary
  3. Cost and Management Accountant
  4. Bachelors of Business Administration
  5. Bachelors of Commerce
  6. Bachelors of Accounting and Finance
  7. Bachelor of Computer Application

Class 11-12th is a crucial time for students, and the shift to career planning after 12th becomes difficult. So the right time to plan for your career is just after the 10th class. So let’s get started and firstly know about the commerce stream.

What is Commerce Stream and its Subjects?

The commerce stream is a field related to business, economy, trade, and finance. So the core subjects you will study in class 11-12 commerce are AccountancyBusiness Studies, and EconomicsMathematics is an optional subject, but if you choose it in class 11, it will become as important as the core subjects. There are other optional subjects in commerce after the 10th such as EP, IP, and PE.

1. Accountancy

Accountancy is the term for measuring, processing and disseminating a company’s critical financial data. It also entails calculating and studying the outcomes of an organization’s economic transactions.

In class 11th and 12th, Accounts include chapters on Non-profit organisations and profit organisations like Companies, partnerships, dissolution, etc. It basically teaches a student to record the financial transactions of organisations in the books of accounts.

2. Business Studies

With new technology, new business practices have emerged and hence this subject becomes very important. This subject teaches conventional and contemporary methods, structures, and other aspects related to business. It basically deals with topics on management of an organisation, the business environment of an organisation, financial markets and consumer protection.

3. Economics

Economics subject provides a thorough understanding of how the economy operates on domestic and global markets, making it a fascinating subject. Economy discusses topics related to the national income of an economy and its Gross domestic product. It further helps students in understanding the yearly budgets and their role in the Indian Economy.

Other Subjects in the Commerce Stream

In addition to the subjects listed above, you will also study the following topics in Commerce Class 11:

  • English 
  • Mathematics
  • Information Practices
  • Psychology
  • Home Science 
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Fine Arts

Why choose Commerce after the 10th?

Commerce is one of the highest rewarding streams of career after 10th. You will have so many options of commerce courses after the 10th which all leads to worthwhile careers.

In just a few years in any commerce stream career, you can enjoy financial security, stability and growth. Moreover, you have the option to do public or private sector jobs or run your business/startup. The opportunities commerce courses provide are limitless.

List of Commerce Courses After 10th

Here is a list of courses of commerce stream you can do after the 10th. The below courses are chosen after deep research and are the top choices of the commerce students.

1. Chartered Accountancy Course

CA is one of the best professional courses after 10th in the commerce stream. The CA course prepares you to handle a wide range of responsibilities, majoring in the business accounting vertical. The salary of a CA is around 7-8 lakhs per annum in the initial years. It is one of the most reputed professions in the country. The duration of the CA Course after the 10th is 7 years (including two years of 11th and 12th)

Eligibility: CA course allows provisional registration after passing the 10th class. However, you can give CA Foundation after appearing in the 12th class board exams.

Students can join the VSI Jaipur institute for the preparation of CA exams. VSI is the best CA institute and hundreds of students got All India Ranks in the exams.

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2. Company Secretary

Like the CA Course, CS is also a program for commerce students and covers responsibilities related to governance, securities and exchanges, taxation, etc. The student who would like to join the CS Course has to undergo three stages to pursue the Company Secretaries Course i.e.

  • Foundation Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme

Eligibility: You can register for a CS course after passing your 12th class.

3. Cost and Management Accountant

CMA course helps class 10th students to prepare for both the management and accounting domain of the business world. If you are equally interested in these two streams, then CMA is the best option. Here, also you need to clear the three examination levels that are Foundation, Intermediate and Final. The duration of the CMA Course is 3 years.

Eligibility: CMA course allows registration for 12th-pass students.

Check the CMA salary in India in 2023.

4. Bachelors of Business Administration

BBA course covers management as a broad domain. It is one of the famous commerce courses after 10th for students without maths. BBA course offers a general course as well as specializations. If you have decided on a particular career field in management, choose a specialization BBA course after the 10th. Otherwise, the normal BBA course is good for you.

Eligibility: BBA is a degree course where you need to be 12+ as a minimum qualification. Candidate should have passed Class 12 or equivalent examination with 40% marks.

5. Bachelors of Commerce

B.Com is one of the very old school courses for commerce stream students after 10th. It covers all subjects related to commerce and business. Similar to BBA, the B.Com course also offers general and specialization courses. Students generally do this course alongside some other course. This is because it is easy to crack.

Eligibility: The minimum course qualification is a 12th pass.

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6. Bachelors of Accounting and Finance

BAF is a course for commerce students after 10th who are inclined towards Accounting and Finance. The duration of the BAF course is for three years. After studying this course, you’ll get a great knowledge of Auditing, Investment analysis, management, etc.

Eligibility: Students who have completed their 12th class can enrol in this degree course.

7. Bachelor of Computer Application

Students who love computer languages, software, and applications should choose this commerce course after the 10th. This course will help you in building a strong base in computer applications. In this course, you’ll learn about database management, software engineering, different languages and more.

Eligibility: To register for this degree course, you should clear class 12th board exams.

These are the list of best commerce courses after the 10th that you can choose from. However, in the following sections, we have mentioned some more commerce courses that you can pursue after 10th.

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Career Options after 10th for Commerce Students with Maths

  • BBM Course
  • BA Mathematics
  • BCom Honours
  • BA in Statistics
  • BSc Economics

Commerce Courses after 10th Without Maths

You can get enrolled in the following courses from the commerce stream if you don’t choose maths:

  • BCom
  • BBA
  • BMS
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • BA English Literature

In addition to the usual degree programmes, there are several different professional certifications you can pursue. Here are some possibilities if you wish to pursue one of these professional certifications.

Professional Courses after 10th Commerce

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • CMA (Cost & Management Accountant)
  • Company Secretary
  • CFA Course (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Law
  • Digital Marketing

Creative Courses After 10th in Commerce

Since Commerce is an interdisciplinary course, students can also select from courses and professions in the humanities, law, arts, and other relevant fields. The following are some of the most liked courses by students planning to pursue creative courses.

  • Photography Courses
  • Mass Communication Courses
  • Fashion Designing Courses
  • Interior Designing 
  • Digital Film making Courses
  • Animation Courses

CA Foundation Course – Best Commerce Courses after 10th with VSI Jaipur

Among all the commerce courses after 10th and 12th, CA is the best course. If you also want to become a Chartered Accountant, then you provisionally register for the CA Course after the 10th.

Students looking for the CA Foundation coaching can join the VSI Jaipur Institute. At VSI, you can do your 11-12th classes while simultaneously studying for CA Foundation. We will help you balance your studies, so you don’t have to burden yourself with a hectic schedule.

VSI Jaipur emphasizes three essential aspects: classes, mock tests, and personal guidance. These three factors will help you in complete preparation for the CA exams. In addition, we will help you plan studies, learn the concepts with ease, and improve through regular mock tests.

Like the other VSI students who have achieved record-breaking results, even you can be one of them.


Now you must have a good idea about the top courses in Commerce after the 10th class. When selecting a course, think about what subjects in Commerce after 10th interests you and will provide you with a secure career and good standard of living. 

With this in mind, the CA course seems to be an excellent option for commerce students. If you choose to do CA or CMA courses, we have the best coaching classes for you at VSI Jaipur.

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Q1. Is commerce stream a good choice after the 10th?

Ans. Yes, commerce is the best stream after the 10th. The Commerce stream offers many high-paying career options.

Q2. Which is the best commerce course after the 10th?

Ans. Chartered Accountancy after 10th is the best course for commerce students.

Q3. Are diploma or short-term courses good for commerce students after the 10th?

Ans. Yes, short-term courses are good after the 10th. But you must be learning valuable skills. However, we would suggest you do a degree course as well.

Q4. Which course offers the highest salary in commerce after the 10th?

Ans. As we said above, CA is the best course. It is because of the high-earning opportunities you get after becoming a CA.

Q5. What jobs can you do after choosing commerce?

Ans. Studying commerce stream courses, you can do jobs like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Investment Banker, Chief Financial Officer, Economist, Manager, etc.

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