Top Courses of Commerce After 10th Class in 2022

After clearing class 10th, the most common dilemma for students is to select a stream and course. Commerce is one of the rapidly growing education streams compared to Science and Humanities, making it the most preferred choice for students. Therefore, pursuing one course in commerce after the 10th will lead you to a secure career path.

But even in the commerce field, you will get many options. So this article will provide the list of top courses you can pursue after the 10th. We also discussed eligibility for commerce programs after the 10th.

Class 11-12th is a crucial time for students, and the shift to career planning after 12th becomes difficult. So the right time to plan for your career is just after the 10th class. So let’s get started and know about the courses of commerce after 10th through this article.

What is Commerce Stream and its Subjects?

The commerce stream in education is a field related to business, economy, trade, and finance. So the core subjects you will study in class 11-12 and commerce courses after 12th are AccountancyBusiness Studies, and EconomicsMathematics is an optional subject, but if you choose it in class 11, it will become as important as the core subjects. There are other optional subjects in commerce after 10th and EP, IP, and PE.

Most students are confused about which is the best combination in commerce after 10th. But you should choose your optional subjects based on the courses of commerce you want to do after the 10th or 12th.

Why choose Commerce after 10th?

Commerce is one of the highest rewarding streams of career after 10th. You will have so many options of commerce courses after 10th which all leads to worthwhile careers.

In just a few years in any commerce stream career, you can enjoy financial security and stability or growth. Moreover, you have the option to do public or private sector jobs or run your business/startup. The opportunities commerce courses provide are limitless.

List of Commerce Courses After 10th

Here is a list of courses of commerce stream you can do after 10th with or without maths as your optional subject. The below courses mentioned are the top choices for commerce students.

1. Chartered Accountancy Course

CA is one of the best professional courses after 10th in commerce stream. This course prepares you to handle a wide range of responsibilities, majoring in the business’ accounting vertical. You can earn a high salary after becoming a CA.

Eligibility: CA course allows provisional Registration after passing the 10th class. However, you can give CA Foundation after appearing in the 12th class board exams.

2. Company Secretary

Like the CA Course, CS is also a program for commerce students and covers responsibilities related to governance, securities, and exchanges, taxation, etc.

Eligibility: You can register for a CS course after passing your 12th class.

3. Cost and Management Accountant

This course helps class 10th students prepare for both the management and accounting domain of the business world. If you are equally interested in the two streams, do the CMA course.

Eligibility: CMA course allows registration for 12th pass students.

4. Bachelors of Business Administration

BBA course subjects cover management as the broad domain. It is one of the famous commerce courses after 10th for students without maths. BBA course offers a general course as well as specializations. If you have decided on a particular career field in management, choose a specialization BBA course after 10th. Otherwise, the normal BBA course is good for you.

Eligibility: BBA is a degree course where you need to be 12+ as a minimum qualification.

5. Bachelors of Commerce

B.Com course is one of the very old school courses for commerce stream students after 10th. It covers all subjects related to commerce and business. Similar to BBA, the B.Com course also offers general and specialization courses.

Eligibility: The minimum course qualification is a 12th pass.

6. Bachelors of Accounting and Finance

BAF is a course for commerce students after 10th who are inclined towards accounting and finance.

Eligibility: Students who have completed their 12th class can enroll in this degree course.

7. Bachelor of Computer Application

Students who love computer languages, software, and applications should choose this course of commerce after 10th.

Eligibility: To register for this degree course, you should clear class 12th board exams.

Besides the above degree courses, the commerce stream also offers diploma programs in commerce after the 10th. However, the short-term diploma programs don’t offer so much knowledge and training as the degree courses.

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CA Course Foundation- Best Commerce Courses after 10th

As seen above, other courses of commerce stream don’t offer provisional registration after the 10th. However, the CA course is the only commerce course that allows provisional registration right after class 10th.

In the CA course, there are three levels- FoundationIntermediate, and Final. Foundation is the first level of the CA course.

Once you get your class 10th results, you can apply for the provisional registration for the CA Foundation course.

You must remember that you can only register for CA Foundation and prepare for it. To take the CA exams, you have to give your 12th exams.

This provisional registration will help you get a lot of time to prepare for CA exams. Moreover, you can save six months and appear in the CA Foundation right after the class 12 board exams.

To register for the CA Foundation exams, you have to visit the ICAI portal and finish the formalities.

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Q1. Is commerce stream a good choice after the 10th?

Ans. Yes, commerce is the best stream after 10th. The Commerce stream offers many high-paying career options.

Q2. Which is the best commerce course after the 10th?

Ans. Chartered Accountancy after 10th is the best course for commerce students.

Q3. Are diploma or short-term courses good for commerce students after the 10th?

Ans. Yes, short-term courses are good after the 10th. But you must be learning valuable skills. However, we would suggest you do a degree course as well.

Q4. Which course offers the highest salary in commerce after the 10th?

Ans. As we said above, CA is the best course. It is because of the high-earning opportunities you get after becoming a CA.

Q5. What jobs can you do after choosing commerce?

Ans. Studying commerce stream courses, you can do jobs like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Investment Banker, Chief Financial Officer, Economist, Manager, etc.


Now you must have a good idea about the top courses of commerce after the 10th class. When selecting a course, think about what subjects in commerce after 10th interest you and provide you with a secure career and good standard of living. With this in mind, the CA course seems to be an excellent option for commerce students. If you choose to do CA, CS, or CMA courses, we have the best coaching classes for you at VSI Jaipur.