CA Foundation Pass Percentage June 2023: Pass Percentage & Merit List

The ICAI has declared the CA Foundation pass percentage today August 7 at ( 8:00 p.m.) on Monday for June 2023 exam along with the CA Foundation Result.

The pass percentage for the CA Foundation June 2023 exams is 24.98%. In total, 25860 students passed the CA Foundation exams.

The pass percentage shows the number of students who appeared in the CA Foundation exams and cleared the exams, and the passing percentage. According to the passing criteria, students must get at least 40% in each paper and 50% aggregate in all the papers to pass the CA Foundation exams.

In this article, the result analysis will give you the CA Foundation pass percentage for the June 2023 exams. Check this page for details about the CA Foundation Result June 2023.

ca foundation rankers form VSI DEC 2022

CA Foundation Pass Percentage of June 2023 Exams 

The table below mentions the CA Foundation passing percentage for the June 2023 exams;

Gender Appeared Passed Pass %
Male 55573 14448 25.99%
Female 47944 11412 23.8%
Total 103517 25860 24.98%
CA Foundation  Result June 2023 Pass Percentage

CA Foundation Pass Percentage of Dec 2022 Exams

In the Dec 2022 exams, the CA Foundation passing percentage is 29.25%. Moreover, 126015 students have given the CA Foundation exams and 36864 students have cleared them.

The table below mentions the CA Foundation passing percentage for the Dec 2022 exams;

Gender Appeared Passed Pass %
Male 68294 20195 29.57
Female 57721 16669 28.88
Total 126015 36864 29.25
CA Foundation passing percentage of the Dec 2022 exams

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    CA Foundation Pass Percentage of June 2022 Exams

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass %
    Male 51111 13043 25.52
    Female 42618 10650 24.99
    Total 93729 23693 25.28

    CA Foundation Pass Percentages of Dec 2021 Exams

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass %
    Male 60097 18151 30.20
    Female 50565 15359 30.37
    Total 110662 33510 30.28

    CA Foundation Pass Percentage of July 2021

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass %
    Male 38917 10150 26.08
    Female 33050 9008 27.26
    Total 71967 19158 26.62

    CA Foundation Pass Percentages Jan 2021

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass %
    Male 17126 4267 24.91%
    Female 10682 2655 24.85%
    Total 27808 6922 24.89%

    CA Foundation Pass Percentages Nov 2020

    CA Foundation May 2020 exams are now postponed and will be held from Nov 2020. The result will probably be in the last week of September.

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass %
    Male 40276 14543 36.11%
    Female 37738 12784 33.88%
    Total 78014 27327 35.03%

    CA Foundation Pass Percentages Nov 2019

    ICAI released the CA Foundation November 2019  result on 3rd February 2020. The pass percentage was 35% which was around the expectation.

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass Percentage
    Male 48959 16300 33.29 %
    Female 38125 14263 37.41%
    Total 87084 14263 37.41%

    CA Foundation June 2019 Pass Percentage

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass Percentage
    Male 17844 3296 18.47%
    Female 13127 2457 18.72%
    Total 30971 5753 18.58%

    CA Foundation Nov 2018 Pass Percentage

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass Percentage
    Male 27734 11935 43.03 %
    Female 20968 9553 45.56 %
    Total 48702 21488 44.12 %

    CA Foundation May 2018 Pass Percentage

    Gender Appeared Passed Pass Percentage
    Male 3877 682 17.59%
    Female 2438 533 21.86%
    Total 6315 1215 19.24%

    CA Foundation Passing Criteria 2022

    According to the CA Foundation exam pattern, students need 200 out of 400 marks to clear the CA Foundation exams. Furthermore, they also need to score at least 40 marks in each subject.

    Students who scored more than 280 marks or 70 per cent in total, will get a qualifying status of “Pass with Distinction“.

    Passing Marks for the CA Foundation Papers 2022:

    CA Foundation Paper Subject Cut Off Minimum Aggregate
    Paper 1: Principles and Practice of Accounting 40 Marks 50 Marks
    Paper 2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting 40 Marks
    Paper 3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics 40 Marks
    Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge 40 Marks

    Why is the CA Foundation Pass Percentage so Low?

    Out of 80000 students who appeared for the CA Foundation exams, only 30000 students could crack it. VSI understands the reason why the CA foundation result is so low. Knowing the real problem and finding the right solution is the key for VSI best CA institute in Jaipur, to give such a record-breaking result. The reasons why the pass percentage is so low:-

    The preconceived notion that CA is Tough

    Every aspiring CA who enrolls in CA course has this preconceived notion that CA exams will be tough and will be hard to crack. They indulge themselves in this pressure since the beginning of the course and always perform under this stress. This is the basic reason the students cannot give their best performance under continuous pressure.

    VSI strongly propagates that passing the CA exam is easier than clearing the 12th exam. They motivate their students from the beginning and make them believe that with focus and the right study pattern anyone can clear the exams.

    Unrealistic Approach

    Many students think that they can clear the CA foundation exam without giving ample hours of sitting to the course. They think studying only for a week or two is sufficient to pass the CA foundation level. Whereas the reality is that every student needs at least 2month dedicated time to study for the course.

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    VSI knows how ICAI has given weightage to marks and skills. We then prepare the complete study plan accordingly. We also schedule the timetable and motivate our students to do regular study and complete the CA Foundation course on time.

    Confused about the exam pattern

    There are regular updates and changes in the CA Foundation syllabus and exam pattern. Many a time students miss the right guidance and continue studying the wrong syllabus. The ICAI is also very particular about the format of answers and also provides the suggested answer to the students. It is mandatory for students to follow the guidelines according to the suggested answer sheet.

    VSI schedules the CA Foundation Mock Test regularly so that the students get familiar with the correct exam pattern and also acknowledge what is expected of them.

    Too much negativity around

    Out of 100 students who appeared for the CA exam, 70 students are among those who failed, who tended to be surrounded more by the people who failed. Hence it is quite natural to get negative feedback more than a positive outlook. It is best to listen to your teachers and focus on the positive aspect of the course.

    VSI is the first CA institute that boosts more on its students rather than on themselves. According to us the success story of VSI is mainly because we have focused more on developing student skills and attitudes rather than marketing ourselves. The personal grooming session with VSI helps every student of VSI to get the right attitude to appear for exams.

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    Commerce is an objective concept

    We consider CA to be an easy cake to eat. If you think you cannot keep a practical approach to the thing and are much more comfortable in memorizing things, then CA is your cup of tea,  then you are making a mistake. CA is a practical concept that is done daily. You need to be updated with the latest news, practices, and business news. Students make a mistake by assuming that the CA Foundation course is just memorizing ICAI study material, It is more about building commercial acumen.

    VSI ensures that all their students do a lot of practice with the CA foundation syllabus,  through CA foundation study material, CA Foundation Previous year question papers, CA foundation Revision test Papers, and have a deep understanding of the subjects.

    CA Foundation Classes for May 2023 Exams

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