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Pendrive Classes for CA Foundation, Intermediate and CA Final

Advantages of CA Pen Drive Classes –

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#1 Saves the Traveling Time – One of the most beneficial points of CA Online classes is that it saves the travelling time. Most of the students residing in other cities or far away from the coaching institute can get benefit from these online classes. They will neither have to travel long kilometres nor have to stay away from their home.

#2 Flexible Timings – Definitely, Online classes give everyone space. Students can enjoy CA online Classes at home and take the classes whatever time is best suitable for them. Many of the students doing a job along with the studies prefer to take the classes at night. For such kind of students, Online classes are the best rather than Live classrooms.

#3 Replay the Concept – Many of the times we miss concept or could not grasp it in a single shot. You can ask the teacher to repeat the concept in face to face classes but could not ask such a thing in satellite classes. Hence, here also online classes are better where you can replay the class and understand the concept until you are not satisfied.

#4 Play as per your Comfort – You can play the classes as per your comfort. You can pause it, you can replay it, you can rewind it, you can adjust its speed. Do whatever you want, no need to follow the discipline of satellite classes.

#5 Forget missing the classes – Loss of missing even a single class can make it difficult to understand the whole chapter. Online CA Coaching resolves this issue by providing lectures on your demand and according to your convenience. 

#6 No more bother for Clashing of Classes – One of the most common problem CA students face is clashing of classes. They found themselves in a dilemma which to chose and which to lose. So, why not plan your studies with both facilities the best faculties together. Online CA classes are the best medium where you won’t have to lose anything.

What is the Benefit of Ordering Pen Drive classes from VSI –

  1. VSI is the only institute throughout India which has given 7 Time All India 1st Rank in last 10 years. It covers each and every concept of your course in a smart way which could not be possible for any other institute.
  2. CA Pendrive Classes have cover past attempt questions, questions from Practice Manual, questions from study material etc. Which means that you don’t need to go through the institute material on your own.
  3. VSI smart compilers will also be provided to every student along with Pen Drive.
  4. The students will get connected on the WhatsApp group of the faculties where they can ask their doubts.
  5. All the lectures are given in simple and understandable language.

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    The procedure of Ordering the CA Pen Drive Classes –

    Directly get the classes by clicking on ‘Pay Now’. After clicking on ‘Pay Now’, you will be asked to fill some personal information. Then finally pay the requisite amount.

    CA Online Classes
    Account details
    A/c NameVidya Sagar Career Institute Limited
    A/c No.50200038833313
    BankHDFC Bank, Income Tax Colony, Durgapura, Tonk Road, Jaipur
    IFSC CodeHDFC0009532
    Registration fees for each course will be Rs 20,000/- (Adjustable in total fee)
    CA Course LevelCA Coaching Fees
    CA FoundationRs. 58,000
    CA Intermediate(First group)Rs. 55,000
    CA Intermediate(Second group)Rs. 50,000
    CA Intermediate (Both groups)Rs. 1,00,000 (In Lumbsum) Rs. 1,05,000 (In Installment)
    CA Final Both GroupRs. 1,00,000/- (Including Set – A – Corporate & Economic Laws & Set – B – Strategic Cost & Performance Management Self Pace Module)
    CA Final Both GroupRs. 85,000/- (Excluding Set – A – Corporate & Economic Laws & Set – B – Strategic Cost & Performance Management Self Pace Module)
    CA Final 1st GroupRs. 52,500/-
    CA Final 2nd GroupRs. 60,000 /- (Including Set – A – Corporate & Economic Laws & Set – B – Strategic Cost & Performance Management Self Pace)
    CA Final 2nd GroupRs. 45,000/- (Excluding Set – A – Corporate & Economic Laws & Set – B – Strategic Cost & Performance Management Self Pace Module)
    7 Times All India 1st Rank in CA Exams


     Jaipur CentreOther than Jaipur CentreOnline Classes


    (Study at your Home)

    Expected Role in CA Results
    (i) ClassesFace to faceRecordedRecorded10%
    (ii) Mock TestConductedConductedConducted40%
    (iii) Personalized GuidanceProvided TelephonicallyProvided TelephonicallyProvided Telephonically50%

    1. Classes

    Generally, It is assumed that the classes and faculties associated with the coaching’s play a major role in CA results. Therefore the students try to join the best coaching institute. But in the opinion of VSI, the role of classes in CA results is only about 10%. The reason is being that every student thinks that, “I am taking coaching from the best faculty”, but the result remains 8 to 10% only. Also, it is observed that two students studying in the same class, one may secure All India First Rank, and another may fail. If the classes and faculties have played a major role, all the students attending the same class might have either scored the first rank or might have failed. But this does not happen.

    2. Mock Test

    As per VSI pattern, the Mock Tests plays 40% role in C.A. results.

    There are three benefits of Mock Tests.

    • (i) Engage Students in Extra Study :
    • (ii) Enable students to attempt 100% paper :
    • (iii) Develops an ability to give a more relevant answer :
    • Features of VSI Mock Tests

      (i) Designing of Mock Test Papers :

      Generally, people believe that it is easy to design and conduct Mock Test Papers. But it is not so easy. Mock tests should be prepared and conducted in such a way that student learns various dimensions which are essential to clear the CA examination. Mock test conducted by VSI takes care of all these dimensions. In the same question papers, if the seriality of questions is being changed, it makes a lot of difference in results. Therefore, through Mock Tests we make the students learn which questions should be attempted first, how to maintain the quality of answers, and how to manage time to attempt all required question in scheduled time.

      (ii) Unbiased paper setting :

      The objective of Mock Tests cannot be achieved if the faculties associated with classes are setting the Mock Test papers. The question paper set designed by the concerned faculty members may become biased, and the base of the paper may become limited only to the questions which have been taught in the class. In such a situation the students securing very good marks in Mock Test may secure average marks in the Main CA Examination.

      3. Personalized Guidance :

      The students preparing for CA examinations have different levels of understanding, intelligence, knowledge and pick-up ability. Shri R.C. Sharma, Chairman of VSI, categorize these students in 50 groups. The distribution of the students in these groups is based on their performance in Mock Tests. Each category of students requires a different sort of guidance. Accordingly, as decided by the chairman sir, the counselors of the Institute provide personalized guidance to the students.

    How Classes Will Start?

    1. Once your registration is complete, you will be given the link of our Classes portal and software for streaming the classes.
    2. Download and install our streaming software.
    3. Download the classes from the portal.
    4. Run the Classes as per the schedule is given.

     How Personalised Guidance will be Provided?

    1. Based on the marks of the mock tests you will be guided personally by our dedicated counsellor as planned
      for you by our Chairman DR CA R.C Sharma
    2. Based upon your performance you guidance will change.
    3. You will be provided proper guidance on the following points
      • How to Read?
      • What to Read?
      • Time Table for study.
      • Study tips etc.

    Mock Test Pattern

    • You will be given Time Table for the mock Tests.
    • The question papers will be sent on the scheduled date.
    • Download the question paper and solve the paper in schedule time.
    • Immediately after the scheduled time scan the answer copy from the mobile and send the scanned answer copy to our mail
    • once the copies are checked you will receive your answer copy along with the answer key.
    • Match your answers with the answer key and check leakage of marks for further improvement.

    Study Material

    • Download the study material both of ICAI and VSI from the link provided.
    • Read the study material along with class lectures.

    How VSI Gives Best Results in CA?

    We don’t maintain records,  We Break Records!!

    CA Intermediate Topper of Dec 2021 Exams
    VSI CA Final 10th Ranker Pankaj
    Ever Highest marks Akshat Goyal and Atul Agrawal

    VSI again breaks the record of giving highest marks and top ranks for CA MAY 2019 Examinations. Our winners Akshat Goyal has secured All India 1st Rank in CA Intermediate May 2019 exams and Ajay Agarwal has secured All India 1st rank in CA final May 2019 exams with ever highest marks in the history of ICAI. VSI is proud of giving the highest CA results in India.

    CA Foundation

    CA Foundation

    Siddharth Parakh

    All India Rank 13th

    It’s because of VSI’s proper guidance, Ragular Mock Test and constant motivation that I was able score 13 rank in CA Foundation.

    CA Intermediate

    CA Intermediate

    Akshat Goyal

    All India Rank 1st

    With proper guidance of VSI anything is possible. All India first rank 740 Every Highest Marks in CA Intermediate May 2019

    CA Final

    CA Final

    Ajay Agarwal

    All India Rank 1st

    Faculty here at VSI is very cooperative and motivating. All India First Rank with ever highest marks in CA Final May 2019

    CA Foundation Pen Drive Classes

    For ordering and further information on CA Foundation online classes, you can contact us. The course fees for CA Foundation is Rs 58,000.

    CA Foundation and CPT Pen Drive Classes Syllabus

    • Paper 1:  Accounting
    • Paper 2: Business Law
    • Paper 3: Quantitative Aptitude 
    • Paper 4: Business Economics

    CA IPCC/Intermediate Pen Drive Classes

    Join the Best CA IPCC and CA Intermediate Online Classes. The fees for the CA Intermediate course is Rs
    1,05,000 (In Installment) and 1,00,000 (In Lumpsum) for both groups and the fees for the first group is 55,000 and for the second group is 50,000.

    IPCC and Intermediate Pen Drive Classes Syllabus

    • Paper-1: Advance Accounting
    • Paper-2: Corporate and Other Laws
    • Paper-3: Taxation
      1. Section A: Income Tax Law
      2. Section B: Goods and Services Tax
    • Paper-4: Cost and Management Accounting
    • Paper-5: Auditing and Ethics
    • Paper-6: Financial Management and Strategic Management
      1. Section A: Financial Management
      2. Section B: Strategic Management

    CA Final Pen Drive Classes

    Study for your CA Final at the comfort of your home by joining VSI’s CA Final Online Classes. The fees for CA Final is Rs 1,00,000 for both groups and for the first group is 52,500 and for the second group is 60,000.

    CA Final Pen Drive Class Syllabus

    • Paper 1: Financial Reporting
    • Paper 2: Advance Financial Management
    • Paper 3: Advanced Accounting, Assurance and Professional Ethics
    • Paper 4: Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation
    • Paper 5: Indirect Tax Laws
    • Paper 6: Integrated Business Solution
      • SET A: Corporate and Economic Laws 
      • SET B: Strategic Management

    Additional Charges

    S. No.Gateway Payment Mode by StudentCharges Debit Rs.
    1.Net Banking18 per 1000 rupees
    2.Debit CardNone
    3.Credit Card1.2% per 100 rupees

    Get a chance of becoming a part of a well reputed CA Institue by taking Online VSI Classes Franchise. 

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