Tips to Increase the Learning Power

Ways to Boost learning power of a CA Student in Examination

A well‐known fact is if you have strong memory so it depends on health and liveliness of  your brain. When you are a student and preparing for any competitive exam/ professional courses like CA so mentally sharpness is necessary for improving the performance and achieve success.

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How to improve learning power?

Memory is similar to the muscular strength which requires more energy and more exercise. If your brain workout regularly so it can able to do anything as per your needs and demands.  But as you know, each organ requires different exercise for boosting. Therefore, you have to break your daily routine and take a challenge to use and develop new and innovative brain ways.

Read this informative article which gives you various tips to improve learning skills and concentration to sharpen the mind and boosts the brain power.

1. Give time to your brain for workout

For boosting the brain, there are some major elements that will effectively work –

  • Most of the people do such kind of activities which are easy or they know very well about it. But, it doesn’t work for the brain, in fact, you have to do unfamiliar things that can encourage to do new things and it helps to enhance and develop the new skills of the brain.
  • The finest brain boosting activity needs the complete focus and attention. For instance, if you are learning any kind of game or activity, it’s challenge creates new ideas to overcome it with complete focus and attention using mental effort, which boost you brain to do activities efficiently.

2. No need to avoid physical exercise

As we know, mental health is a significant factor for brain’s health but it doesn’t mean that you forget the physical exercise. It keeps your brain sharp as it  increases the level of oxygen that reduces the risk for various disorders that enhances the chances of memory loss. Most of the people also said that they feel stress‐free after involving in it.

  • Choose such kind of physical exercise that pumps your blood like Aerobics. Generally, experts say that anything is good for your heart will be automatically good for your brain.
  • Physical Exercise needs brain‐eye coordination, that also helpful for brain building and developing.
  • No need to break the exercise session because it moves towards you in the afternoon slumps and past mental memories. If you don’t have time to do workout so you can just take a walk or jump few jacks to reboot your brain.

3. Sleep properly

There is a huge difference between the time you get to sleep and time you take to sleep. The brain and body are coordinated with each other so both require proper relaxation. If you don’t want to face any troubles during the examination so sleep well.

4. Have a laugh

Here are some ways to move towards the laughter which is good for brain and health while  examinations–

  • The finest way is to laugh at yourself by sharing some embarrassing moments with your friends. Most of the individuals said don’t waste your time by roaming here and there. But, the fact is that for refreshing the mind you have to take a walk or spend some time with friends and family.
  • Wherever you see laughter go there because it rejuvenates your mind. As well as, your memory power will also increase.

5. Eat balanced brain boosting diet

Most of the students are not aware of the healthy food that contains the vitamin. Eat Omega 3 enrich fatty acids because it is good for your of brain health. Fish is the main source of omega‐3 but if you are vegetarian you can eat walnuts, beans, spinach, broccoli, soybeans, pumpkin and so on.

Don’t lose after seeing the difficulty level of the professional course (CA). Keep following above‐mentioned tips for improving power while preparing for exams. It will surely help you to keep your memory power up and free from stress.

Nowadays, the internet is a major factor that distracts the student’s mind quickly due to some applications like Whatsapp, video calling, television, video games, etc. instead of adapting these things; students can adapt some amazing and peaceful activities – yoga, a meditation that will help to keep your mind calm and focused.

We hope you found this article helpful.