Best Tips on Time Management to Crack CA IPCC Examination


CA IPCC Exam preparations is not an easy task for any aspirant. When you plan a schedule for your exams, then your time will be acting as a good friend, not to an enemy. So time management to crack CA IPCC exam is crucial. Around the entire world, students learn this thing sooner or sometimes later. It just seems like some trouble but once you get the professional degree in it, that time rest of the pain and troubles are out of the life. After that, you can live the entire life calmly, freely and enjoyably.

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We know very well that few CA aspirants take stress for getting higher marks in examinations and behave like frustrated individuals. There are several tips on time management that will give you expected outcomes when you follow them.

Track here some strategies which will create a massive impact on your academic career.

Organize Your Time: Life improves when you decide to do some things in a different way. The aim of this exam is to control over time, rather than, it controls you. Just see a clear picture of your upcoming days, weeks, and months and organize the time well.

Assess your time: Most of the individuals realize that they study a lot, but will not get results. Record every single activity from wake up to till you sleep. Firstly, discover how many hours you seriously study and try to balance your schedule. Eliminate the time bandits by making small adjustments.

“ In the morning time, you can read all the theory subjects because it is the finest time to remember anything. “

Set your priorities: The purpose of time management is to assign intelligently and appropriately. If you wanted to be a wrestler so, you have to practice for several hours, weeks and months. Similarly, in CA preparation, You have to know all the essential things of study. Every subject has its specific demand so keep it as priority wise so it will increase your chances of getting success.

Use a calendar: In addition to the schedule, make a visual reminder by marking some important dates like deadlines, due days, exams and so on. As a result, you will be more aware from the important things and also rearrange plans if it needed.

Create activities logically: Know about your body cycle and adjust your schedule accordingly. If you feel sleepy after having breakfast or lunch, then use your time of walking, listening songs.

Make some down time: Nobody is a robot so include relaxation time in your schedule. It refreshes your mind correctly, and you can study effectively.

  1. CA IPCC aspirants have to learn a single trick to solve numerical questions. The main reason behind that, there are so many actions present, but it may occur as various confusions. Follow the instructions suggested by your coaching institute & the official website of ICAI regularly because it will always give you latest updates.
  2. Indeed, they use study material and practice manuals that are issued by the University. The exam questions are prepared from these study materials, so no reason to avoid such significant things.
  3. After completion of your IPCC Coaching Classes, first of all, decide in your mind that you want to give both groups exams at a time or give assessments individually i.e. single group.
  4. In the morning time, you can read all the theory subjects because it is the finest time to remember anything.
  5. The Presentation is significant in the examination so always start a new question on a fresh page.

We hope this article will be useful for getting success in CA examinations. If you liked our information, then please share and spread the time management tips for CA IPCC students.