Download Class 12th MBOSE HSSLC Syllabus PDF 2022-23

If you are looking for the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus, then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get the detailed class 12 syllabus of the Meghalaya Board which includes the chapters and topics along with their marking scheme for the 2023 exams.

All the students must follow the MBOSE HSSLC 12th curriculum for preparation for the exams. In this blog, students will also get the link to download the pdf of the Meghalaya board class 12 syllabus.

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MBOSE HSSLC Syllabus 2022-23 Important Details

Given below are some of the important details of the MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2022-23.

Name of the Education Board Meghalaya Board of School of Education (MBOSE)
Official language English
Type of Education Meghalaya Board Governmental Board of Education
Standard 12th Class / Higher Secondary
Name of the Course Arts, Science, Commerce
Syllabus Meghalaya Board 12th Class Syllabus 2022 All Subject Pdf Format Download
Official Website

Class 12th MBOSE HSSLC Syllabus 2022-23

Meghalaya Board of School Education conducts public examinations for the students every year. The board updates the curriculum every year.

So, check the revised class 12 MBOSE HSSLC syllabus for the 2022-23 session. 

Class 12th MBOSE HSSLC English Syllabus 2023

English is a language subject. Students of all three subjects have to appear for an English exam. MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2022 for English is the same for all three streams. The English syllabus is divided into three sections.

Sections Units
Section A Reading skills and reading unseen pores passages and note-making
Section B  Advanced writing skills
Section C (i) English reader
Section C (ii) Supplementary reader

Class 12th Meghalaya Board Physics Syllabus 2023

Physics is a conceptual subject. Students need to make notes, solve questions, and try to do revisions as many times as possible. Every topic in the MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2023 is important for their exams.

Topics marks
Electrostatics 9
Current electricity 7
Magnetic effects of current and magnetism 10
Electromagnetic induction and current 7
Electromagnetic waves 4
Optics 14
Dual nature of matter 5
Atoms and nuclei 7
Electronic devices 7
Total marks 70

Class 12th MBOSE Biology Syllabus 2023

Biology is a subject that requires continuous revision. Students are advised to practice diagrams also. Given below is a detailed MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2023 for biology.

Units Chapters
  1. Reproduction in organisms
  2. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
  3. Human Reproduction
  4. Reproductive health
Genetics and evolution
  1. Heredity and variation
  2. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  3. Evolution
Biology and human welfare
  1. Human Health and Disease
  2. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  3. Microbes in human welfare
Biotechnology and its application
  1. Biotechnology: Principles and processes
  2. Biotechnology and its applications
Ecology and environment
  1. Organisms and populations
  2. Ecosystem
  3. Biodiversity and Conservation
  4. Environmental issues

Class 12th Meghalaya Maths Syllabus 2023

The detailed class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2023 for maths is given below. All the topics in the syllabus are mandatory for the preparation of the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC exam 2023.

Units Topics
Relation and functions
  1. Relations & Functions
  2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Algebra Matrices and Determinants
  1. Continuity and Differentiability
  2. Applications of Derivatives
  3. Integrals
  4. Applications of the Integrals
  5. Differential Equations
Vectors and three-dimensional geography
  1. Vectors
  2. 3 Dimensional Geometry
Linear programming Linear Programming
Probability probability

12th MBOSE Syllabus for Chemistry

The detailed class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2023 for chemistry is given below. All the topics in the syllabus are mandatory for the preparation of the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC exam 2023.

Units  Marks
Solid-state 3
Solutions 4
Electrochemistry 5
Chemical Kinetics 4
Surface chemistry 3
General principles and processes of isolation elements 2
P-block elements 6
D-block elements 5
Coordination compounds 3
Haloalkanes and haloarenes 4
Alcohols, phenols and ethers 4
Aldehydes, carboxylic acids 5
Organic compounds containing nitrogen 4
Biomolecules 3
Polymers  3
Chemistry in everyday life 2
Total  60

Class 12th MBOSE Economics Syllabus

Economics is divided into two parts- Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The detailed class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2023 for economics is given below. All the topics in the syllabus are mandatory for the preparation for the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC exam 2023.


Chapters  Topics
Introduction Meaning of Micro Economics, Central Problems of an Economy, etc
Consumer behaviour and demand Consumer’s Equilibrium, Theory of Demand, Price Elasticity of Demand
Producer behaviour and supply Production, Theory of Supply, Concepts of Costs & Revenue, Producer’s Equilibrium
Forms of market and price determination Forms of Market, Price Determination under Perfect Competition


Chapters Topics
National income and related aggregate Macro Economics, Measurement of National Income
Determination of income and employment Aggregate Demand and Supply, Propensity to Consume and Save, Problems of Excess and Deficient Demand, etc
Money and banking Money, Central Bank, Commercial Banks, reforms and issues in Indian Banking System, etc.
Government budget and the economy Government Budget, Budget Receipts, Budget Expenditure, Balance Budget, Surplus Budget, and Deficit Budget, etc.
Balance of trade and balance of payments Foreign Exchange Rate, Balance of Payment Accounts, etc.

Check the latest Class 12 Economics books for the 2022-23 session. Students can also download the pdf of the book.

MBOSE HSSLC History Syllabus 2022-23

The detailed class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2023 for history is given below. All the topics in the syllabus are mandatory for the preparation for the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC exam 2022.

Units Topics
History of Modern India India under East India Company’s Rule, Education under the Company’s rule, The Great Revolt of 1857, Changes in Indian administration after 1858, India’s Freedom Movement, India after independence – Socal, Economic, Scientific and Technological Progress.
Modern world history Renaissance, the American war of independence, the French Revolution, Industrial, and Agricultural Revolutions, the Spread of Colonialism, the Russian Revolution, the Rise of Fascism and Nazism, the Second World War, the Growth of Asian Nations China and Japan after the Second World War, UNO, Cold War.

Class 12th MBOSE HSSLC Syllabus 2023- Business Studies

The detailed class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2022 for business studies is given below. All the topics in the syllabus are mandatory for the preparation of the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC exam 2022

Chapters Topics
Organization Meaning and Types of Organization
Sole trader Meaning of sole trader, Special features of a sole trader, Merits of a sole trader, Demerits of a sole trader.
partnership Definition of partnership, Special features of partnership, Similarities between sole trader and partnership, Merits and Demerits of Partnership, Types of Partnership, Kinds of Partners, Rights and Duties of partners, Partner’s express and Implied authority, Partnership Deed, Dissolution of partnership, and more.
Companies I and II Definitions, Differences between partnership and company, Kinds of companies, a public company, a private company, Privileges of a private company, Differences between a private company and public company, Formation of a company, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Prospectus, Shares, Allotment of shares, DebenturesTypes, Differences between Shares and Debentures.
Stock exchange Introduction, Procedures regarding new Issues, Stock Exchange, Investors and speculatorsDifferences, SEBI, Mutual funds, Bombay Online Trading (BOLT).
Co-operatives Definition, Merits, and Demerits, Types of Cooperatives, Differences between companies and cooperatives.
Government in business Introduction, Types, Public Corporation, Government Companies, Differences between the private sector and the public sector.

Download PDF of Class 12th MBOSE HSSLC Syllabus 2022-23 (All Subjects)

Subjects Download Here
Mathematics Click Here
Physics Click Here
Biology Click Here
English core Click Here
English elective Click Here
Chemistry Click Here
Computer science Click Here
Informatics practices Click Here
Accountancy Click Here
Business studies  Click Here
Economics  Click Here
Physical education  Click Here
Bio-Technology Click Here
Political science Click Here
Engineering graphics Click Here
Entrepreneurship Click Here
Fine arts  Click Here
Home science Click Here
Geography  Click Here
History Click Here
Hindi aadhar Click Here
Hindi Aichchik Click Here
Legal studies Click Here
Psychology Click Here
Sociology Click Here
NCC Click Here

Steps to Download Class 12th Meghalaya Board Syllabus

Here are easy steps to download the class 12th MBOSE syllabus 2022-23 from the official website of the Meghalaya Board. 

  1. Go to the official website ie.,
  2. Select the “12th Syllabus”.
  3. A new window will appear on the screen. Select the subject and click on the download button.
  4. Students can download and save the MBOSE HSSLC syllabus for future reference.

MBOSE HSSLC 2022-23 Exam Pattern

MBOSE HSSLC 2022 exam is conducted for 3 hours. The maximum marks for each subject are 100. Students are required to get at least 33 per cent to pass the exam. 

Examination Duration Subjects
Part-I Language 3 Hours Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic, French, and German.
Part -II English 3 Hours English
Part- III any 4 subjects 3 Hours Any 4 subjects from general stream papers or vocational stream papers

Preparation Tips for MBOSE HSSLC Class 12th Exam 2023

Follow these study tips to prepare for the MBOSE HSSLC 12th exam 2023: 

  1. Make a plan of their per-day study and all the topics which have to be covered in a day.
  2. Go through each and every topic of the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2022. Each and every topic in the syllabus is mandatory to study.
  3. Make notes and try to finish their syllabus before time.
  4. Don’t just read the books, do written practice also.

The minimum passing mark for every subject is 33 per cent. If any student fails to achieve the minimum passing marks then they have to re-appear for the exam. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. From where students can download the 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2022-23?

Ans: Students can download the class 12th MBOSE syllabus 2022-23 from the official website or can download it from this page also.

Q 2. What are the important topics for the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC exam 2023?

Ans: Every topic which is mentioned in the class 12th MBOSE HSSLC syllabus 2023 is mandatory for the exam.

Q 3. Is Meghalaya Board following the CBSE curriculum? 

Ans. Yes, the Meghalaya board has clarified that they will follow the CBSE curriculum.

Q4. What are the top courses after class 12

Ans. The top courses after class 12 are mentioned on this page. Students can explore all of them by clicking on this link.

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