How to Prepare for CA IPCC May 2020 Exam to Get a Good Rank


Cracking an exam is not a tough job unless you have the habit of procrastinating. Most of the students have doubt whether they can crack a particular exam or not. Many people say CA IPCC is difficult to pass.

Well, do not be disappointed by what you hear or read because saying that the exam is tough does not mean that the questions printed in the question paper are unsolvable.

Think how can the toppers score such high marks? If the examination was that tough then no one could solve any question asked in it.

So, what’s the point here? The point is that you need to be determined and it is you who will decide whether you crack the exam or not. Even then if you don’t find answers then simply follow the given below ideas for getting a good rank in the CA IPCC exams.

Experts always suggest students to follow these points during IPCC Preparation and if you are preparing for CA Intermediate course then you know

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Get the syllabus and relevant books

You need to get all the required materials for preparing for the exam beforehand. After registration, you have plenty of time to prepare for the exam. Make strategies to cover up every topic. Ensure that you mug up the whole syllabus much before the exam.

Prepare your own time table

In order to study every minute thing on time, you can prepare a chart that can guide you to cover up at least one topic of each and every subject. If you follow your routine strictly covering up a few topics every week then definitely you can cover up your syllabus before the exam date.

If you need some help to prepare your CA IPCC study time table than must read these time management tips for CA IPCC Exam.

Regular Study is a Must

Getting the syllabus and all the study materials ready along with your study time table won’t be enough. You will have to stick to the task each and every day using both parts of your brain i.e. along with reading a book you should also take notes. In this way, both the right and left brain would be active.

If you want to crack the exam and still do not want to study keep telling yourself that you need to study and take the right action otherwise it will be too late.

Consult Previous Year Papers

You can buy reference books that contain past papers. It’s not necessary that the same questions will be repeated the next year but you would at least get a rough idea about the kind of questions being asked in the exam. Once you get an idea you can create more plans to study wisely.

Download Here: Previous Years IPCC Papers with solutions

Join a CA Coaching Institutes

Today, many students go to coaching institutes in order to prepare themselves better. So, if you are having a tough time with studies then you should join a reputed coaching institute. Studying under the proper guidance of teachers is the best option to prepare for CA IPCC exam.

If any question arises in your mind related to your subject or you have some doubts then you should immediately clear them out either by consulting your teacher. If you do that, your concepts would be even stronger.


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Stay Relaxed and Confident

Don’t be afraid of the exam. It’s just an exam. Study regularly, stay focused and do not worry about the IPCC results. All you need to do is give your best shot and it’s for sure that you will get the best result.

The only way you can get success in CA IPCC exam or any other exam is to stick to the basics. And what are they? You know that very well

  1.  Study regularly.
  2.  Grab concepts.
  3.  Practice.

If you do all these daily and bring this into your daily routine slowly then no one can stop you to achieve good results.

Everything cannot happen in a day. Therefore, if you are appearing for the CA IPCC exam then start following a regular study routine right now. Good Luck!