How Can One Score A Single Digit AIR in CA IPCC, 2016 Exam

How One Can Score A Single Digit AIR in CA IPCC 2019 Exam

The prestigious CA IPCC, 2019 exam is on its way again! And again, thousands of students must be dreaming of a bright career by passing through this exam. Yet again, there must be many among those students who wish to get a single digit All India Rank (AIR) in this exam.

So what is the secret of achieving an AIR in CA IPCC, 2019 Exam? Is there some special formula? Well, find out yourself by reading further. But before we actually jump on our main point let us know some very important factors regarding the rank status in this exam.

How the Ranks are Awarded?

ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) follows a particular rule for ranking the students passing in the CA IPCC Exam. This institute distinguishes the meritorious students in intermediate and CA final exam by providing the ranks on consideration of combined marks in both categories (Group 1 and Group 2).

This is done on the National level in reference with the candidate’s score of at least 55% marks in one attempt without availing of any exemptions.

If you want to achieve an impressive rank in CA IPCC Examination, you need to fulfill the following criteria

  • You should have passed both groups (Group 1 and Group 2) in one go
  • You should have scored at least 55 percent marks
  • You should have scored in the Top 50 to attain a good rank

Now that you have understood the criteria for attaining a good rank, it is now time to unveil the secrets that lead you to attain a single digit AIR in CA IPCC Exam!

Devote 10-12 hours to Study

Good rank comes with a good solid effort. An impeccable score is the result of hard work and regular studies that you put in for the preparation of this exam. Therefore, the first secret to achieve a single digit AIR in CA IPCC exam is to devote at least 10 to 12 hours for study on a regular basis.

Study confidently, regularly and in a relaxed yet sincere manner. That’s the key!

Get Some Guidance

If you want to quench your thirst for getting a single digit rank, you will definitely leave no stone unturned! Right? Therefore, you should follow whatever and whenever you can for the right preparation of this exam.

Getting the right guidance is indispensable for achieving meritorious ranks in this exam. Take precious advice, important notes, words of wisdom and lots of experience from your teachers, seniors, reputed institutes, and of course, from the last year top rankers!

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Summarize Each Lesson

One of the best ways to remember your lessons and save your time on revision is summarizing each chapter. A summary should be written in form of notes. Moreover, these notes should be written simultaneously while reading any chapter. Hence, cover each lesson with a simple reading.

Then start preparing notes on the basis of each paragraph. Read one paragraph and stop for a while to jot down the important point that has been explained in that paragraph. In the end, you will recognize that you have prepared your own lesson that is much shorter and easy to understand.

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests give you a real experience. If you simply keep studying and do not practice mock tests, you will never be able to understand the real feel of the exam.

The mock tests do not only analyze your level of studies and preparation for the exam but they also prepare you mentally on how you will actually feel during the exam. Get enrolled at places that help you practice mock tests. This will even lead you to improve in your skills on how you solve various questions and in how much time!

Solve Last Year Question Papers

When candidates attempt this exam for the first time, they remain curious, excited and stress as to what type of questions will be asked in exams. And this is where the last year question papers come for their help.

Hence, collect as many last year question papers as you can and try to solve them. Remember, the single digit rank can be achieved only when you do every preparation step with perfection!

Therefore, set an alarm clock or set a definite time for solving the last year papers. Solve the papers successfully in the set time limit and judge yourself.

Value Each Subject

Do you know what the main difference is between the top rankers and the only-pass candidates of CA IPCC exams? Well, the top rankers make an effort in every subject and cover even those topics which are considered ‘not-so-scoring’ by others!

That is  why, the simplest formula for achieving a single AIR in the CA IPCC exam is to value each subject and concentrate on all of them with equal dedication. This will definitely give you an edge over others!

Decide a Smart Revision Plan

Plan your studies in such a way that you get ample time for revision of your entire syllabus. Here, it is worth mentioning that you should have revised your course for at least 4-5 times, before your main exam. Henceforth, the key is to have a daily revision, weekly revision, and monthly revisions so that you mug up everything well!

Scoring a single digit AIR in CA IPCC exam is not a ‘mission-impossible’! But of course, it is a mission for candidates who want to stay on top in this exam. Therefore, set your goals, aim high, follow all the above tips and no one can stop you from reaching the heights of success! Good luck!

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